Today I'm going to share on how I dyed my hair! There is one question that people like to ask me, it's how and what product I used to dye my hair. So I hope this post could answer your curiosity! :D

I started to dye my hair after I graduated from high school (like most of highschool in Indonesia, my school didn't allow the students to dye their hair) and my #1 reason to dye my hair is to make my scalp less oily :( As Indonesia is so hot and humid, my oily scalp really makes bad day worse. Dyeing my hair really helps my scalp to atleast look less disgusting and oily, now I have to commit on dyeing since the dark roots will keep growing.

There is sometime where I dye my hair in hair salon, but that's like, so rare like once every 2 years. When I dyed my hair by myself, I always use this product, it's Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam hair dye. Schwarzkopf do have some variations, and the one that is foam hair dye is the one with white background! (and the black ones) - not the yellow / gold ones.

Among all the shades available, I've tried like, a tons of them, I've tried Honey Blond, Lemon Blond, Airy Ash, Rose Macaron, etc, and my long time favorite is Vanilla Beige.

This is my first time dyeing my hair to a darker, ashy gray color. I do adore grayish shades but I've failed to achieve that :( so I decided to pick the 'ash' shade and it turns out to be super dark gray! But I'm really sick with my black roots and I just want to even out my hair shade.

There's a lot of mixed comments from people, but most pretty much liked my new darker hair. I personally think the dark gray hair makes my overall complexion brighter and it felt really new to have a much darker hair since like, 4 years ago. Actually the one I'm going to show you is the second time I dyed my hair (in the same shade). Because in around 2 weeks, all the dark gray almost faded and in 3 weeks my hair almost turns to normal. So this time is me re-dyeing my hair!

Here's the inside of the Schwarzkopf foam hair dye pack. There's 2 dyeing guide, one in Japanese and one is in Korean, because I bought these in Korea, I guess the one in Indonesia or South East Asia's are written in English? I forgot. I know that you can get this Schwarzkopf almost everywhere in Indonesia, drugstore, supermarkets, and I'm pretty sure it's much cheaper in Indonesia - but they came in less shade variety.

And then the dyes and the foam, and also the pump. Plastic gloves and the after dye treatment conditioner. To add on (it's written in the information packs tho) I suggest to prepare a towel that's dirty-able (hmp. you get me?), hair clips (big one), and also a shower cap. The foam hair dyes are probably the easiest way to self-dye your hair, but still for a first timer, you probably want to ask someone to dye your hair for you / to supervise as you miss some areas and that will made the result uneven.

To mix the dye, simply pour the dye inside the black bottle to the bigger white bottle and install the pump. DO NOT SHAKE IT. You don't have to shake it to produce the foam, the pump will do all the job. After all that stuff, we could start dyeing! Don't forget your gloves!!

The box could be used as a stand to make the bottle secured. The foam will come out somewhat whitish, but as it oxidise and exposed to the dye, the color will slowly darken to gray. AND when dyeing your hair you have to be in a place where the air circulation. If you do it in your bathroom, open the door or you'll be gasping for air.

I usually keep the dye for around 35-40 minutes. NEVER GO MORE THAN 40 MINUTES. I speak from experience! You don't have to cover your hair, I usually just let the clip secure my hair and I proceed to my computer with towel on my shoulder. haha.

After that, rinse your hair, no need for shampoo! And then apply the treatment conditioner. Again, this is a must-do step, or not your hair will feel frizzy and dried out.

I think my gloves had a hole or something, because the hair dye totally dyed my nail here. This is the first time it's ever happened to me :( Now it's almost gone tho.

Here's the fresh-from-the-oven result! Yippe! Sorry it's half dried, I didn't really like to blow dry my hair.

Here's my hair today. As I showers the shade did fades, I can see the colors in the shampoo foam. Right now, especially under the sun, the brown shade of my previous shade started to show up again. This time if it's fading again, I might just dye my hair to total black.

I usually dye my hair every 4 months to 6 months. Now since my hair is exposed to dyes TWICE, it started to became dry and frizzy, especially in the ends :"( I've stopped using my hair mask as the weathers getting warmer here, now I'm going to probably use the masks once every 2 days to protect my hair's health :(

Anyway, thankyou so much for reading. Tbh I've been really lost interest in writing even though I have a lot to write about!!! I really in need of summer holidays :((((

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  1. You look so different... in a good way! :)
    It's funny, usually people go lighter for the summer hehe.

  2. HAHA looks like I'm ready for another winter! It's too hot in Korea these days ARGHH

  3. HAHAHA THE THING WITH JUST-GRADUATED GIRLS IN INDONESIA bc i just graduated and i ombred my hair. i've always been wanting to try this particular hair dye in ash (whatever color as long as it's ashy lol) but ive yet to be dare enough to be committed bc my hair is literally (liTERALLY!!!!!!!!) falling out right now like it's so bad even when im not brushing my hair i can see my hair everywhere. ombre is good bc it doesn't touches the root i guess.

    you look better with darker hair btw! your darker hair reminds me of.....winter tbh. it still looks nice on you though!


  4. You make it sound so easy! I had my hair dyed at a salon once but I always wanted to try it myself. I like your dark hair too! You're right, it makes your complexion look bright :)

  5. wah emang banyak juga yang bilang Fresh Light ini gak awet ya.. kamu pernah coba merk apa aja? mind to make a comparison review ttg brand brand yang pernah kamu coba? :)

  6. This colour really suits you!


  7. I used the same product for the apricot color one but it didn't out on my hair.. ㅠㅠ I colored my hair with orange yellow color and it's turned out brown T__T


  8. I never dye my hair, i really want to do it TT , any suggestion for the color for a beginner like me?
    I really enjoying to see someone with ombre or colored hair, this darker hair color looks good on you


  9. aku suka fil rambut hitam mu, kliatan lebi cerahhh :D

  10. 왜 오색해ㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐ 다들 이쁘다고 그랬는디ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 이거 실패하면 완전 블랙으로 염색할꺼야! 기다려! ㅎㅎㅎ 더 어색하게 만들어줄테니까ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it doesn't work on you because your hair is naturally super black hahahaha

  11. aku cuma pernah coba ini sama l'oreal, and the l'oreal one fails badly on me TT^TT trus masuk ke fase trauma dan skrg masuk ke fase susah move on dari Fresh Light ini hahaha :D

  12. Maybe it sounds easy because I did this atleast four times a year lol :D thankyou Shana! :D but really once you get a hang of it, it's really is easy (and cheap!)

  13. HAHAHA! I do feel after I dyed my hair some are definitely weaker and falling apart D: and my hair is significantly thinner than when I used not to dye my hair D: but I chose to dye anyway because the greasy hair is just, too horrid to be seen haha. hahaha I know, as Indonesian that experiences 20+ years of summer, I'm ready for another winter tbh :D :D

  14. I suggest you to try the mocca shade!! Because you never dyed your hair, the color wouldn't came out as bright but it will still gives you a nice mocca/brown shade! :D so don't be afraid hehe thankyou dear! xx

  15. makasi cc!! hehehe tapi ini luntur lagi ya ampun abis ini kalo luntur lagi aku langsung cat semua hitam fix! :D

  16. We use the same hair dye. My favourite shade is Melty Cherry. Sadly, reddish tone don't last long on asian hair. Plus, layering foam hair dye on coloured hair may resulted on uneven color.

    dark hair suits you better, I must agree.
    I'm thinking of getting the same hair color as yours.
    Plus you looked awesome on your yearbook photo ;P

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