REVIEW : Innisfree's Shadow Pencils (#2 and #4)


I promise you to get through all my 3CE's product review by this week!! ;") But first, let me go through this Innisfree's Shadow Pencils that I got weeks ago :)


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Shadow Pencil"

      type of product      
Cream Eyeshadow

#2 / #5 부드러운 밀크티 & #4 흩날리는 벚꽃
(#2 / #5 Soft Milktea & #4 Fluttering Cherry Blossoms)
- these are my own translation!

3.5g / KRW 7.500

innisfree official site

Last year, I reviewed a shadow pencil also from Innisfree, but in different shade (and from Jill by Jill Stuart Collection - they said it's limited edition, but I still see them around) and I was completely disappointed mainly because of the super glittery effect it gives (and it gets everywhere. ugh) 

Anyhoo, I was not at all excited when Innisfree's going to released a few more shadow pencils for Summer 2014 collection - but wait! Did I saw something with 'milk-tea' on that stuff?? (jk - I wouldn't buy something just because there's a 'milk-tea' word on it - really, no - don't judge me!). I saw Pony's Beauty Diary. obviously she was sponsored by Innisfree for her video, and one of the shadow pencil really got into my eyes (that's the #2 / #5 soft milktea) because it's just looks so good on her!

The 2014 Summer collection products have this blue dots surrounding it's tube - and you can see that one has dots and one didn't. This is kinda confusing - but I think I got the brown one in the old packaging (ugh.) and also the old one says the 부드러운 밀크티 (soft milktea) shade is #2 - but the 

It really is annoyed me because there's 2 Innisfree stores around my uni and apparently both trying to get rid of the products in the old packagings because I didn't see the #2 in the new packaging!

Anyway, the #2 / #5 shade is a cool tone beige shade - it has shimmery finish, almost like metal. When I spread the color it does contain glitter shimmers, but it didn't smudge and goes anywhere. The shade is really neutral and I think it'll look flattering on anyone. 

#4 shade is a special one - it's dual type one. There's only 2 shades in the whole collection that has 2 shades in one pencil like this, #4 and #9. This one is half cream vanilla color on one side and a soft pink on the other shade. The pink has slight gold iridescent shimmers and it's really pretty!

I do like the concept for this one, you get 2 shade in one product? Call me in! One thing that disturbs me is that the shades are not parted exactly in the middle - everything I use the pink side, I always get the cream side on the top! 

When I swatch the 2 sides on the store, the SA told me that I should mix both colors. And I was like, wutttt girl, if you want me to mix the shades, why don't you make it in one shade? I mean, it was made like this to serve a purpose!

Fortunately, since the parting was not perfect, the cream vanilla shade got more color than the pink and that's actually pretty nice because I could use the cream color to line my inner corner.

LEFT TO RIGHT - #2 soft milktea, #4 fluttering cherry blossoms cream side, pink side

As for the texture of the shadow pencils - they're really smooth, the glides really easily on the lid. Though the shades are not that pigmented, I'm pretty much ok about that. Again, pigmentation is more to a persona preference, some people prefer high pigmented product, and some are not - but I think this would be perfect if the could just raise the pigmentation by, idk, 30% higher?

You can see from the swatches on my hand, they had quite a visible shimmer chunks, but when applied on the lid, they look so natural! That's I like! Especially for the #2 / #5 shade, I found myself to always reach out for it because it looks really nice on my eye - and I don't need another eyeshadow! 

Once the shadows are applied and sets - it won't budge. Like really, the SA said that it's waterproof, it won't budge la la la - but it really is!! Also I tried waterproof test, and it didn't budge even the littlest shimmer didn't move at all. After it sets, it's like stained your lids and won't budge until you decided to take them off your eyes. 

When first applied, the texture is so creamy, almost watery, but once it sets, the creaminess just gone away and it's almost like dried and stamped into the lid!

One thing is, it does take sometime for the product to set. Give it a good 1-2 minutes, preferably without blinking, and it will stained your lid. If during the 'setting' process you blinked, or smile, or do anything that involves moving your lid, it will settles into your fine line :(

Great lasting power
Won't budge once sets
Glides easily, very creamy
Compact, travel friendly
Great shades selection

Low pigmentation 
Didn't contain much product 
(the products are approx. 3 cm long only) 

Overall, I was happy with my purchase in Innisfree - the Long Wear Cushion works really well for me and also now the Shadow Pencils are working good, I'm ready for summer guys! :D :D 

What do you think about the products? Comment down below! :D 

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  1. I love the shades on the duo pencil, so pretty it reminds me of something sweet <3


  2. I love the milktea shade! but if only it was more highly pigmented like you said then it'd be perfect!

    haha I'm also loving the gifs ^^

    Steph | datewithsteph.blogspot.co.uk

  3. the idea of having 2 shades in a pencil is so nice omg!! thats like killing two birds with one stone (am i even sayin this right) ans both colors are so pretty D:


  4. Aku dari kemaren mau yang pink tapi belom kesampean~ hahaha, tapi memang pigmentationnya sejelek itu ya? Beda sama produk dia yang ini yang sebelumnya?


  5. It's amazing how waterproof and smudgeproof it is! Thanks for putting it into .gif :D



  6. For what it is I'd definitely would love to have one!! I love shadow sticks and especially if it's super waterproof and doesn't budge they make great bases! It's too bad you don't get much product, but that's what it's like!

  7. pretty coool!!! wow its crazy waterproof!!

  8. I've been having my eyes on these for a while. Pingin bgt beli tapi masih gak kesampean :(
    I really like the GIFs by the way ! (❛ ◡ ❛)❤


  9. Haii boleh tau beli dimana ya?

  10. Ini saya belinya pas lagi di Korea


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