Cafe 101 - #1 Table Modern Service

After dinner in 봉대박 spaghetti house on the post before. We still on the hype so we went to an underground coffee shop called


I don't friggin' know why they named this cafe that. But it sounds modern, so it was acceptable.
The stairs going down to the cafe is quite scary, more like an underground night club than a cafe. But when you open the door.. VOILA! A nice wide space with a unique sense of interior inside

is that a house? inside a cafe??

inside the house! 

YES IT IS! It is a house, inside of a cafe! That's why i mention 'unique'. You don't quite see it but it is made of blurry glass and inside of the house, there is the longest and widest table along with chairs for around 6-7 people. It was nice sitting there, I want to sit there but it's really difficult to call the staff so we decided to move out :(

The other unique thing is how the chair are different one and another. So example you're with 3 of your friends, around 1-2 people gets the comfy, the other get the rock hard one lol

anyone designing this is genius!!  


isn't it cutey baby?? You guess which one is the comfy and the rock hard one! :D
And we order some coffee! Caramel macchiato for Wanda and vanilla latte for me! I always had this thing with vanilla, can't resist!!

caramel macchiato~!

very ordinary vanilla latte~! humph. could do better tho.

Not only coffee, this store actually sold paintings! I think it was from various artists, i believe most of them are still a college student. But the paintings are all gorgeous, even though it didn't really fit in each other..

This one is total cuteness!! ₩ 70.000 if anyone interested!

When we got to the cafe, only 2 staff were present, one is the bartender, one is i believe just a part-time worker. I can't lie the bartender is really cute!! But we can't get a good look of him so i decided to pretend to take picture of the bar, instead taking picture of him. When we get there, the bartender must felt danger so he flew away :( lol

Then we looked at the bill...........

He's the manager! No wonder he was good looking

I got a picture of a word. So basically all the places in the cafe have name, something like 'Modern Living Room' for the house part. SOOO try to guess what is this means!!


Female toilet! got it right? lol




Today i woke up and feel the urge to eat some cheese!!
I know everyone had that at least once in their lifetime huh? :)

So we go to a spaghetti restaurant in the middle of Pukyong and Kyungsung univ, not very far. And i'm on my date with my very own Yoon Mi Rae look-a-like girl, Wanda! I and her are on our buka bersama trip, but ends up being only two of us, but it's all GREAT!

it was this nice! Can't resist!

We went to Uongola Spaghetti House or in Hangul they wrote it BongDaeBak 봉대박, overall it was FANTASTIC. The place is nice and cute, the food is delicious, offer a lot of free services, and on the top of that it's friggin' CHEAP!

She brought me here! Thankyou darls :*

Menu on the left, services menu on the right, and how to eat in order! :)

We ordered 'Cream Vongole Spaghetti' 크림 봉골레 스파게티 to be exact. But, before i even touch the menu book, the ahjumma (the store auntie) already served us with cold iced water and MARSHMALLOWS!

Superb cute yummy marshmallow with pink-colored spirit lamp! WHADDUP!

Had to be eaten like that. My first experience roasting marshmallow on a spirit lamp...

But because Wanda is still fasting and jam buka is still like half an hour to go, we ask the ahjumma to come back later. But about 2 minutes later an ahjusshi come and ask us to order. Yes, Korean is as not patient as that. Because it's rather difficult for us to explain the fasting part, we ended up ordering anyway. 

Then another service came!!!

sweet garlic croissant!!!!!!!!!

I must say sweet because anything garlic flavored food in Korea is sweet! Not salty, not butter-flavory, it's definitely sweet!!
I can't hold on anymore so i ended up munching up the croissant. Sorry Wanda, they tempted me!!!

And our main course! :DDDDDD

Noticed short message on the side of the plate. Wonder who is 선영이?

This cream vongola spaghetti is so unique! It was creamy but also spicy! Not pepper spicy, but chili spicy. Get what i mean? I mean, they put something i believe chili cabe rawit on it!! Notice the red stuff. It's not tomato, it's a cabe rawit! My friend said it's a pasta, with a touch of Indonesian taste. Perfect review ever! But it was too spicy for me i had to order a coke. But it was really delicious!!! 

After a fantastic rounds of services don't stop right there. Because it's summer, they gave free desert! Pat Bing Soo! Pat bing soo is a red bean ice, somewhat is a Korean national food in summer. Me not likey, Wanda too not likey. But this pat bing soo is awesome!! Just because it don't have a lot of pat (red bean) in it ;p

Pat bing soo with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk! 

And if you noticed on the window of this restaurant, there are plenty of post-it sticked in there! I think it's just Korean tradition to go to a restaurant, and writes whoever you're with and the date, and the message.  Just wondering, could you find you're own writing in thousands of post its? 

Yes! Even on the tree! 

Sometimes they puts those 'milestone' directly on the wall. If they do that usually it'll come out really dirty. It's a nice gesture from the store to allow only post-its! You'll find this tradition in a lot of resto/cafe/ anywhere else. Just go and drop some 'Blah-blah was HERE' lol! 

If you're coming to Korea for travel, it might be nice to put some memories behind... in a post-it! LOL

Yay for blurry selca! #fail

Oh yeah, about the cheapness. How cheap? It's ₩ 6.900 per plate!!!!! Or about 56.000 IDR!!! With that a lot of services, it was more than worthed!! Usually an average spaghetti houses priced around ₩ 8.000 to ₩ 12.000 but this one... it is superb!! Student price FTW!! lol



Heaven on KIM-BAB

Wake up in the afternoon and have to moved out to another room *sigh
But we're super hungry! I was too lazy to move, so i want to just eat ramyon and enjoying a lazy dayyy

Then everyone is going out i don't want to be a left out :(
so without shower and without proper cloth changing from pajamas to outgoing clothes,
We went to Kimbab Cheongug! 김밥천국 is basically a food chain-store that existed everywhere! Not just kimbab, the sold everything Korea can gives you! ha-ha!

I want to go there just because i want to eat ramyon.

Soooo i ordered a cheese ramyon!

kinda tasted like cornflake. I think my taste buds are still sleeping.

And before go to Korea you should know,
Every restaurant will served you 'banjan' 반잔 that basically is a small side dishes. It's free and a LOT.
Usually it filled with kimchi, radish kimchi, seaweed, bean sprout, and sometimes fried egg, tofu, ddokbokki, odeng (fish cakes), or pajon (leeks pancake).

Banjans and Kimbab Cheongug's tuna and cheese kimbab!

So right now I'm going to watch Running Man 50 in Thai! SOO LAMEEE i know. 
But internet are so lame in Indonesia, too lazy to download lah! 

my companion for today watching watching event :D



day 2 in Busan was quite busy! To tired doing anythingg so wake up at afternoon, took shower, and go down stairs to eat samgyopsal! :9

Funny thing, my friend, Nindy asked me do I want to go down stairs and eats at student canteen? And i say, Yes, I want samgyopsal, or chicken katsu! And she said, Silly, we don't even know what the menu is. And she checked the menu on the internet.....


'............WTF??' <--- is exactly how i can explain Nindy's face that time. I'm such a psychic lol

After lunch,
we decided to go to Zara in front of our Uni (Yeah we have one oh yeah)
And bought these awesome pants fo₩10.000 and ₩20.000. BARGAIN!!!

But that wasn't the highlight, 

i took photo with YONGHWA from CN BLUE!!!!!!

Gotcha!!! Cardboard Yong Hwa with a fat obsessed fan. jk :D

I thought it was gonna be windy, the wind was like so strong when i go out for lunch. But cheat one!! It was really really hot!! And i haven't unpack my stuffs, i took anything available. The result? Sweaty like hell inside those jumper!

anyways, then we took subway and go to Busan Station to pick up our girls from Seoul!! 

random Korean plastic surgery ad. 3 days and you're ready to go! 

It's my first ever to Busan Station!! You can buy KTX tickets to Seoul here, and board the train from here.

This is Busan Station, you go to Busan by train, this is were you're gonna show up

Busan have China Town!! 

It said, International Market or sth about place for foreigners to shop.
But my friend said there's a lot of pick pockets and prostitute, but idk, never been there :p

you can take this bus too.

rarely seen coffee bean!!!!!! <3

Continued our journey to buy KTX ticket for incoming Nindy's family!!
and also waiting for our buddies to come back! 


But! some unfortunate thing happen, i wore flip-flop all the way
and some cutter knife snuck in!! :(

Didn't realize it was a friggin' cutter knife for like an hour. wth

AND because waiting sucks, we make it fun by
chillin' at coffee bean!! 
There's also some coffee shop around Busan Station inside the station on outside.
but we decided to go to CB anw because it was RARE! 


 My iced vanilla latte <3 had a crumbled unmixed vanilla powder inside. LOVE IT.

 vanilla latte <3

Nindy's mixing her Mocca latte with cinnamon powder. So i can't take a sip. CHEATER! lol

So COLOURFUL!! ₩17.000. anyone give me? please? *puppy eyes

After chillin' for a while and meet my fellas again, we planned to have dinner with them,
BUT they have other plan so we decided to get dinner near 경성대 by ourself (again)

She asked me what to eat, and i said 'CHICKEN!!' andddddd 
we went to 촌닭 and ordered barbeque sauced chicken and fried one! 
we thought we would NEVER finished our meal. but............


It's a whole chicken and we totally go for it!!

new cafe! used to be Charlie Brown cafe

I believe that Charlie Brown cafe is featured in GoGirl Magazine when they had this travel column to Busan. They said it was good and stuff, i never been there tho. My friends said it was cute and stuff, but it was friggin' expensive! lol. Maybe that's why it was closed. Because around there, many cheaper cafes and cuter cafes are available. Me too prefer there :p lol

KyungDae at night :)



In the end i have to go back by myself all alone :(
im such a scaredy cat i walk really really fast and makes sure no one followed me :)

aren't anybody did that once in their lifetime? lol

SO that's it my other little adventure in Busan! look forward to next post! :)


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