..Because of cheap ticket i got stuck in Hong Kong Airport for 20hours++. Yes, pathetic.

I wanted to go out but then again, my negative point Chinese language skill and sudden drastic lost of English listening ability hot weather in the midsummer, me decide to not going anywhere.

But Hong Kong airport is quite awesome!!
in spite of my no money condition, it's has been 8 hours and i've been handling this quite well!!

Good internet connection and monopolizing the charging center, (I'm going to be here till 3am guys, so BE IT CHARGING POINT IS MINE AND MINE ONLY! :)) also some comics I brought and this Kompas TTS book, I've been able to keep myself busy!

almost shutting down my brain, but i survived :)

I arrived at 5am and heck no shop was open,
i was really really really thirsty and i had no friggin' coin to buy water from the vending machines.
Heck i waited 3 hours++ to actually can devour something!!!

Tasted like god's nectar.

Then, window shopped in Disneyland store,
and you know those overpriced and overcute stuffies are begging me to buy them

Bring me home, Mommy *puppy eyes*

~~~Hot Choco will taste better in these~~~ *hypnotizing

OF COURSE, there is a reason why i called them 'overpriced'

When i get back from Busan, i transited at Hong Kong airport, and i bought these super-cute Minnie Mouse's big red bow bracelet with golden chain around it

Yeap, this 120 HK $ sh*t bracelet.

When i show these to my friend, and she said,
'Why you even bother bought these? My sis bought these kinda disneyland stuff too and the color faded!'

I DIDN'T believe her at first. Then a week later, 70% of the gold colour changed to, friggin' ugly grayish chain. 

I do what my friend said, no water, keep it dry, BUT eventually SWEAT does the magical color-change thingy. AND it only took a week, i don't even sweat that much. and i only used it max 3 times. 

But there is something magical about how bad Disney's stuff is, but you still wanna buy it anyway

Buy our stuff to keep fireworks comin'! YEY

My other friend had just get back from HK trip and kindly telling me where-where to go
(even though in the end i stuck in the airport), she told me she saw MAC's fluidline is only RP 100.000

and i was, O_O have to pick up one!! 

i changed my money, searched the store, to find out the price is actually the same as when i bought it in Indonesia. ok. thankyou, friend. and i think she didn't even pick up one either. oh fml
but i buy it anyway!! :DD

and also, in my desperation of computer-ing I also bought an adapter to match my macbook's with Hong Kong's adapter.
119 HK $ and it will fill my whole 12 hours ahead. 

totally forgot we had different adapter. Fudge.

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