Heaven on KIM-BAB

Wake up in the afternoon and have to moved out to another room *sigh
But we're super hungry! I was too lazy to move, so i want to just eat ramyon and enjoying a lazy dayyy

Then everyone is going out i don't want to be a left out :(
so without shower and without proper cloth changing from pajamas to outgoing clothes,
We went to Kimbab Cheongug! 김밥천국 is basically a food chain-store that existed everywhere! Not just kimbab, the sold everything Korea can gives you! ha-ha!

I want to go there just because i want to eat ramyon.

Soooo i ordered a cheese ramyon!

kinda tasted like cornflake. I think my taste buds are still sleeping.

And before go to Korea you should know,
Every restaurant will served you 'banjan' 반잔 that basically is a small side dishes. It's free and a LOT.
Usually it filled with kimchi, radish kimchi, seaweed, bean sprout, and sometimes fried egg, tofu, ddokbokki, odeng (fish cakes), or pajon (leeks pancake).

Banjans and Kimbab Cheongug's tuna and cheese kimbab!

So right now I'm going to watch Running Man 50 in Thai! SOO LAMEEE i know. 
But internet are so lame in Indonesia, too lazy to download lah! 

my companion for today watching watching event :D


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