So! Last weekend I went to Seoul, not for holiday, but to perform at a travel exhibition and stuff. That was the longest weekend I ever experienced I think, it's just not the happiest and indeed the most tiring. Anyway, me and my friends succesfully stole some time to take some time strolling around Hongdae, and what is Hongdae without Style Nanda?

Even though Style Nanda has their store in Seomyeon, Busan, and it's also reachable via online, shopping in the Flagship Store is just very satisfying. I always think Style Nanda is a 'souvenir' that I could only buy in Seoul lol.

The Details :

1. "SQUARE MINI HAND MIRROR" krw 7.000 - just because it looked cute and sleek, and I somehow just wanted a hand mirror like this!

2. "PORE SILKY BALM" krw 13.000 - I initially wanted the pore velvet primer but it's sold out! :( So I picked this one instead, and I don't have product similar to this even though I found some brand do have similar product. I'm going to review this later, so stay tuned? :D

3. "NAIL LACQUER" @ krw 4.000 in PK14 and TOP COAT - I was looking for a nude nail polish because my innisfree one is not in a good condition anymore. And the Top Coat, I picked one up because I'm out from my favorite top coat ever from Innisfree (Gel Top Coat) and this one is cheaper and prettier <3

4. "ONE COLOR SHADOW (MATTE)" in #cinnamon krw 11.000 - The color is just matte grayish brown, and it's really versatile, I am thinking on using this for eye contouring and also filling in my brows! I'll let you know what I think more later.

There's still a lot of stuff that I wanted to try from 3CE, but considering it's price, I have to really consider something before I decided impulsively to purchase them! Nevertheless 3CE is one of my favorite brand, and I do have high hopes for their quality!

Just to remind you guys, if you resides in South East Asia and Australia, you can 3CE products from luxola.com CLICK HERE to see the whole 3CE products collection available in luxola!

Thankyou so much for reading! x

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So, as I told you on my Bobbi Brown Foundation review, I took my yearbook picture last week. And I'm gonna share my #FOTD and also the makeup I use. Also I want to share a little bit of my 'unique' experience on yearbook photo session here in Korea.

For the make up, I decided to go really easy on the eye shadows and stuff because we're doing a outdoor photo session. I focused more on building a perfect canvas and contouring and highlighting. I did heavier eye brow to make sure they're not washed away and also I put on some fake lashes because usually my lashes aren't visible from up front because of my eyeliners :(

For the lips, I decided to go with pinky rose. I mixed two products, tint water and moisturizing lipstick to make this shade. I use the tint first to make sure the colour stay longer, and moisturizing lipstick because sometime lip tint could accentuates dryness.

Makeup I used (links to reviews I made) 

"Candy Doll" Shading Powder
"E.L.F Cosmetic" Contouring Blush and Bronzer
"Milani" Baked Blush in Luminoso 
"Real Technique" Beauty Sponge

"Lorac PRO" Eye shadow Palette
"3W Clinic" Eye brow pencil
"Lorac PRO" Liquid eyeliner
"Kiss Me" Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara #03
"Shu Uemura" Eyelash Curler
"Aritaum" Fake eyelash in #02 Petit Volume 


For the outfit, I go with the classic Black and White look. We are given free dress code, and I still chose black and white because it won't be outdated - and I do want to keep the yearbook forever. My black skirt and shoes are from H&M and my white shirt and necklace are from Forever21. 

So, our picture are taken twice, one outdoor and it's a group and individual shoots, and one in the studio with all the toga and it's individual. The Yearbook photo shoot is not mandatory, you can choose to not participating. In my uni, the yearbook will be given to all student free of charge. All the photo shoots are free of charge too. 

The photo shoot this year are held much later than past few years, we guessed it's because of the 'Sewolho' ferry accident because most of the events in all Korea (yes, ALL) is either cancelled and delayed until further notice. 

The announcement for the photo session schedules are released only a week before - we, Indonesians - or most are, or at least me, have already put in mind that we'll gonna take a yearbook picture, so we've prepared the outfits and stuff. While most of the Koreans are not ready for the photo shoot, even in my friend's major there're only 4 people showed up, and all of them are the foreigners. We have 60++ seniors in my major, and 17+ came, and that's considered a lot! Even the photographer ahjusshi has to convinced the students that they're going to photoshop the pictures anyway so we shouldn't be worried about the pictures. 

I think, despite how ugly the picture will come out at the end, yearbooks are important. Again, this event (where most people didn't want to have yearbook pictures) is a big cultural shock to us. 

So here's the picture that my lovely 동생 took! (Thankyou Clarissa muah muah :* )

lower heart pose that the photographer suggest all the student to pose in. Funny huh?

Even though we took the pictures now, we won't be graduating until next year lol. So wish me luck and thankyou so much for reading gais! xx

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REVIEW : Clio "Kill Cover" Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

It feels like it's been a while since I made my last review post. Isn't it?
Anyway, today I'm going to review something that I had for a while now, It's Clio "Kill Cover" Pro Artist Liquid Concealer in #3 Linen


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Kill Cover" Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

      type of product      
Liquid concealer

#3 Linen

KRW 16.000

club clio

As you can see, the packaging is very sleek, just matte-coated with black cap, so my style. The 'Kill Cover' line from Clio is promoted for people that want full cover, flawless skin. They have liquid foundations (with awesome 6 shades available!), powders, primers and fixers, and of course, various types of concealers to fulfil your specific needs. Browse HERE for the whole "Kill Cover" Collection, it's in Korean tho :"

I was really intrigued with this line since the first time they started to show up, but their price is really up there so I didn't really bothered to even look. But, recently I think Clio has done so good that they have more stores opened, they just opened a big one just in front of my uni - and now they started to do sales for 30-50% off. 

The liquid concealer came in shades #4. My initial shade in the foundation supposed to be #4 Ginger, but I picked up #3 instead because I think concealers just look better in lighter shade. But it turns out Linen is not as light as I expected, so.....

Linen has more yellow tone, so it's matches well with my skin tone.

This liquid concealer came with a typical wand applicator, which is one of the reason why I got this concealer type out of all types. Liquid concealers are generally easier to use and to travel, and I can use this to cover everything, from under eye and blemishes. Also, the packaging didn't look and feel cheap at all. The cap has that secure 'click' sound when closed, I think the packaging truly represent on how much it cost (heavy cough)

The product is heavily claimed to be able to cover in one layer, which I can't agree more. One layer is enough to cover everything, like everything. Because the texture is quite heavy, a little bit does go a long way. Maybe because of the thick texture, it's really easy to over apply which could cause extreme creasing and even fading. I also notice that some of my eyeliner smudges to my under eye.

So, what I like to do is rather than applying the concealer directly to my face, I put some on my hand first then I grab on some makeup sponge and dab it all over. That way, the concealer will apply better and won't crease as much (for undereye). On the other hand, it's totally different with my initial reason on why I pick this one up, easy application.

I found that I can only apply this for my under eye area and on some blemishes only.

Why? This concealer's lasting power is so poor around oilier area. When I tried this product, it was quite ok around my under eye (except a few creasing problems and defined line problems - I have a deep eye bags, so it's really easy for concealers to crease) but around my nose - the product seems to be magically disappears, and left chunks of redness showing up. I also tried to put this concealer underneath my foundation, and it even erases the whole foundation layer above it! And I noticed that only happen in the places I put the concealer. 

From my experience, the lasting power, especially for people with oily skin, is super, super bad. You can see the redness only in 2 hours after application - even with powder and primer. Even though the finish is skin-like matte, it didn't stay that way the whole day. This product might be better for people with drier skin because it's stays well under my eyes which are drier comparing to the t-zone. 

OVERALL, I didn't find this concealer at all super amusing or whatever. The only things that I liked is the packaging and the super high coverage. For the price point, i think 3CE full cover concealer is much better! 2.5 out of 5! But I still have to use this because of my heavy under eye because my sleeping routine have been messed up lately :(

Thankyou for reading! x

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REVIEW : Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation


Today I'm going to take a break from all the Korean products and Asian related stuff and go ahead and review this foundation I got around 3 months ago. I was on the look for a high-end, fancy-smancy foundation for my graduation picture session (which in 2 days KYAKK) - and my decision goes to the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation. 

I completely forgot how much is this but I bought it over in HK airport in the duty-free. This is like my best 2014 splurge. 

Bobbi Brown

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation"

      type of product      
Liquid foundation

2.5 Warm Sand


"Comfortable and hydrating, this medium- to full-coverage, oil-free formula never looks cakey or “masky.” Glycerin and shea butter keep skin feeling moisturized while a gel base creates a lightweight finish that stays color-true. This formula lasts for up to 12 hours even in the most humid conditions and protects skin from future damage thanks to broad spectrum SPF 15 with antioxidant vitamins C and E."

The 'Warm Sand' shade is a perfect match for me, one thing that I like from high-end and western brand in general is their wide range of shade. The Warm Sand shade has a strong yellow tone, which is a good match for my warm tone skin. 

This foundation has a SPF of 15. The packaging is very minimalistic, very me. The bottle is in matte coating which differentiate it from BB's other foundation. This foundation come with a pump (yey!) and the pumps work really well. I usually use around 1.5 pumps for my whole face. 

This foundation often get mixed reviews on the internet, people who loves this, loves this, and people that hates this, hates this. For me, I LOVE THIS. 

This foundation is so long-wearing, I still use my primer and of course my setting powder upon application though. This foundation looks almost the same when I applied first and in the end of the day. The texture is very blend-able, buttery, glides on your skin, super nice! As someone with a very, very oily skin, it's not really oil-free for 12 hours, especially in my T-zone, but I can still consider is an oil-free foundation. 

The finish in my skin is not 100% matte, and I feel like it gets sticky after it sets. It doesn't feel sticky per se, but when you touched your skin, you can feel there's something there. So, even if you like the finish it gives, I think it would be wise to just lightly brush over a finishing powder so that your hair didn't stick to your face when the wind blows. 

As for the coverage, it's has medium coverage and my skin still looks like skin. It didn't look anywhere 'makeup-y' and I can still see my skin through the layers of the foundation. Two layers will give you more coverage, the coverage is really build-able. 

If you want heavy coverage foundation, this is now for you. You can totally build this up to achieve coverage you wanted, BUT you will get through this foundation SO FAST. As you can see, this foundation is nowhere cheap - so probably think more if you prefer high-coverage product. 

As for me, I just go through another layer in parts of my face that needed more coverage. 

There's one thing that definitely intrigued me, it's their strong scent. This foundation has a strong lavender scent, and I think it is infused with lavender oil so something like that. Some people said they like the herb scent, but for me it just reminds me of massage oils. After several application, I think my nose just became dull and the scent didn't really lingers. For some people, (well my sister) probably it's a super turn off. Also, some people is sensitive to lavender oils that their face broke out after using this foundation. So, becareful! Luckily it didn't affect my skin, just my nose seems to be a little bit uncomfortable at first lol. 

Overall, this foundation is definitely something I never regret investing in. I did take a leap of faith there, because the reviews didn't show absolutely love toward this product. Now I just shared my opinion about this foundation and I hope it helps you guys to make a better decision. 

Now I just use this foundation on special occasions, or on days where I know I want to look good for a looooong time. During my trip to Japan, I only brought this foundation with me because I know I won't have time to retouch at all that stuff but I still want to look good in pictures! 

That's it you guys, thankyou so much for reading, have a great day xx

OH OH a little bit of info here, my friend (beauty obsessed friend) decided to make a blog too! Check her out in jessicaarifin.blogspot.com 

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How I Fight My Oily Skin


..And before I do my post, I want to say that I changed the commenting system in this blog from Google+ comment to Disqus comment. I know that this change means I will lose all your comments from previous system (Google+). Your comments are precious to me, all of them! But the whole old system make it kinda hard to reply your comments, and it's hard for people to see my reply and such - I considered using Disqus comments system since like, forever, but I really regret why I didn't do it sooner. 

Ok, to the actual post!

As someone that fights for oily skin for like, everyday - I want to share things that I did to make my face less oily during the day. I always have oily skin for as long as I can remember. I even have oily scalp for God's sake. I recognise a lot of my readers have similar skin problem with me. Here's a simple tips and products that it's working for me, I hope it could help your problems too!


Some people thinks that they didn't need to moisturise because of their oily skin condition - that's totally not true. I used to think like that the whole high school - why the heck would you want to apply cream to places where it's has oil all over already?

Moisturiser is important! Not only it gives more nourishment to your skin, but it also helps a lot with my redness and somehow make less breakouts. This is my current favorite moisturiser for the summer. I like this a lot because even though it's a cream - the texture is gel-like and it felt really refreshing when applied. This is totally a necessity for the upcoming hot summer!

Find a moisturiser that is specifically marketed towards oily / combination skin. Don't go for the dry skin one (duh). And if you do have your moisturiser already, try to avoid applying / lightly apply in places where the oils usually shows up, like for me it's my T-zone area. And also an important point to look out when looking for a moisturiser is look for the one that's not sticky (ugh), light weight and fast absorbing to the skin.

Other than the moisturiser, 2 other things that are essentials in my skin care (and I think totally helps with my oily skin) are the Innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum and Mamonde's Green Vital Fresh Skin Softener. I think toners and serum/essence to help with redness and acne (that usually comes in package together with oily skin. grrr). Toner helps me to reduce excess oils and the serum just overall helps to improve my skin condition.

Cleansing foams are also as important. Try to look cleansing products that could take all your excess oils, makeups and also dirts from your face completely. Personally I like cleansing foams the best, but don't afraid to try cleansing oils even if you have oily skin - cleansing oils are the best to clean out everything! My favorite cleansing foams are Hadalabo ShiroJyun Ultimate Whitening Face Wash and Etude House's Every Month Cleansing Foam


Believe me or not, no matter how expensive your foundation is, no matter how good it is, it will last longer (and look better!) with primer underneath!

Primer not only will smoothen out your skin, but good primer will make your makeup last longer. One big problem that occurred with us, oily-skinner, is how our face makeup most likely melts during the day. Even when I used matte / products for oily skin I still use primer especially on my t-zone and my forehead.

Good primer will make a mediocre foundation works wonder. haha. When looking for primer, look for one that promotes long lasting power, usually they won't instantly makes your skin "dry" - but look for one that gives velvety finish.

So here's my favorite primer, for face primers I (super) love my Banila Co. Prime Primer in Classic Matte and also my Benefit's Porefessional. I decided to include my eye primers too because I know some people with oily skin sometimes has oily eyelids, and eye primer is the answer! I personally didn't really have oily eyelids, but I have some trouble with creasing and so my favorite primers are Innisfree's Eye Primer and E.L.F Mineral Primer


Among all ways on applying base / face products, the best tools for oily skin is makeup sponge!! Not only gives a air brushed finish, makeup sponge also helps to not apply too much of the foundation. Some says that sponge also helps to absorbs excess oils, but usually in the morning - no matter how oily you get in the day - before makeup the skin is not as oily, right?

Anyway, even on days where I use brush to apply my foundation, I like to pat the sponge to just even everything. This is my favorite beauty sponge, Real Techniques Makeup Sponge (the softest, soft, soft sponge EVER). There's a lot beauty sponges on the market now, with various price range and even shape.


Primers are important, but choosing right foundation is, go figure, as important. Things to look for a good foundation for oily skin are : light-weight, sets fast, preferably sets into matte / semi-matte (personal preference really, but I think most people with oily skin will prefer matte finishes), and according to your needs, great coverage. Here's my favorite face products.

Etude House BB Cushion, Revlon's Colorstay Foundation for combination / oily skin, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation, and Kate Powderless liquid for Cover foundation.

To complete your base makeup, powder is always a must! Try to search a light, loose powder to set your base product. Even if you're satisfied with your base finish, you should do a thin layer of powder focused in the place you get the oiliest, just to make sure everything could last all day!

Although, powder to matte finish is good, too matte could make you look older. Also, too much powder could makes lines in your face 'shows up', like lines under the eyes, lines in the sides of your nose and mouth. That's why applying lightly is the key. In the other part of my face with less oils, like my cheeks and my forehead, I like to pat it down (not brush it) with big fluffy brush to make sure it sets my foundation.

Here's my favorite stuffs : Innisfree's No-Sebum Mineral Powder and Rimmel Stay Matte powder for setting my foundation, and my Majollica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover for touch ups on the go!

So that's my way to fight my oily face. Of course, the wonder will not happen over night, but as long as you keep on your routine daily, I'm sure it's gonna be better day by day. Thankyou so much for reading this post! <3

Have a great day everyone! xx

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DIALOG #6 : Mr. Galaxy 니마음대로 해라.


Kali ini postnya akan bener-bener rambling tentang EXO dan kejadian yang baru dua hari yang lalu terjadi. Singkatnya ini post-nya akan bener-bener tentang EXO dan Kris - so if you know nothing about them, absolutely skip this post and I'll be back with more posts tomorrow! :D

Jadi, seperti kita tahu beberapa hari yang lalu, tiba-tiba, engga tau darimana ada kabar kalo Kris mengajukan tuntutan buat terminate his contract (ini apalagi ya bahasa Indonesianya.) Dan ada beberapa orang yang nanya gimana keadaan Korea, do I know something about this. dan lain-lain.

Pertama-tama, tenang dulu semua Exotics! Tenang! Ini bukan bencana nasional. Jelas gue kaget dan heboh pas tahu tentang berita ini. Iyalah ya, orang engga ada kentut engga ada badai topan, tiba-tiba si fan-fan ini minta keluar dari EXO dan SM. LOH. Dan sedihnya kalau dilihat dari situasi sekarang, kayaknya semua ini benar akan terjadi. Kris EXO akan kembali jadi Wu Yi Fan :(

Buat kalo ada yang tanya gimana keadaan Korea, ya semua baik-baik aja. Ingat, tidak semua orang adalah fans EXO disini. Kejadian ini bukan seperti kejadian tenggelamnya ferry Sewolho! Yang nge-fans pastilah terguncang, tapi gue rasa sebagian besar heboh di Internet doang.

Dan satu hal yang gue tahu : apa yang mereka tahu (sebagian besar) itu juga sama seperti yang kita tahu. Maksud gue fans-fansnya, kalo orang dalem SM segala macem mereka pasti tau lebih lah yah.

Dari penglihatan gue, orang Korea banyak yang lebih main 'bias' daripada fans international. Misalnya di internasional banyak yang udah mulai kampanye 6+6=1 segala macem, orang Korea lebih mikir "ini Kris ngapain sih, bikin bias gue susah" atau "aduh si Kris ternyata gitu toh, bias gue gimana nih!" atau "omg Kris sakit banget nih, jangan-jangan bias gue juga sakit!". Ini cuma beberapa loh ya, ingat! Jadi lebih ke arah biasnya masing-masing, yang sial yah yang biasnya Kris. Namanya juga pendapat dan opini, engga salah juga sih itu.

Gue engga tau dengan fans-fans ababil lainnya, tapi buat fans-fans yang sudah cukup berumur (seperti gue. ehem, ehem) kebanyakan besar cuma bisa nunduk-nunduk dan bilang, gue support lo kemana aja deh, Wu Yi Fan. (Ada juga yang masih galau support atau engga, tapi ya engga tau lah ya itu masalah pribadi orang...) Kenapa? Karena hal ini engga terjadi sekali dua kali di SM Entertainment. Jadi apa, kebanyakan udah terbiasa! Apalagi, noona fans kebanyakan adalah lungsuran dari fans TVXQ dan Suju, mungkin malah dari HOT gitu ada kali. Kejadian ini sudah pernah terjadi!

Satu hal yang bikin gue sedih banget, pas gue iseng-iseng baca artikel Korea tentang Kris, banyak yang ngejelekin SM, tapi engga sedikit yang ngejelekin Kris juga. Ada yang bilang kalau Kris itu engga terima kasih lah, bikin EXO hancur lah, orang gila lah (dan semua ditambah dengan variasi kata-kata kasar), jujur gue kasian banget sama Kris dan berharap sampai mati dia engga usah baca itu semua. Sedang gue tahu most of the Internet said that's all SM faults.

Memang image EXO, terutama FANS-nya, di Korea itu engga begitu bagus. Orang yang gatau EXO jumlah membernya ada berapa aja bisa bilang fans-fansnys terlalu gila, freak, ganas dan cuma bisa berharap anggota EXO cepet-cepet aja pergi wajib militer. Yes, I heard it someone spoke to me like that, not once, not twice, so honestly I prefer to not tell people that I like EXO (I think most Korean do too) or if we do, we have to hear all nasty things about them. Dan kalo gue denger itu gue selalu jawab, pergi aja wamil, orang bias gue orang Cina. Weeek :p

Ok, maaf para fans EXO-K tapi benar bias gw Lay dan Tao! haha. Kalo lagi-lagi gue liat situasinya orang Korea masih lebih engga bisa terima dan mereka sepertinya lebih susah menerima Kris diluar EXO. Jadi kita liat aja gimana perkembangannya.

Ok, untuk seterusnya gue cuma akan ngeshare opini gue. Jangan di-bash ya ini cuma pendapat saja :)

I didn't considere myself as EXO biggest fan. Tapi gue tetep update dengan segala berita Kris dan gue ga tau lagi berapa kali sehari gue ngerefresh instagram buat liat instagram mereka. Gue jujur sangat susah buat berenti mikirin ini semua, dan ini hal yang paling engga gue sangka-sangka dari EXO.

Baru dua tahun mereka mulai aktifitas sebagai EXO, disaat puncak-puncak popularitas mereka, tiba-tiba semua seakan engga nyata banget. Kayak apa ya, mimpi buruk? Sayangnya ini real banget.

Masalah "cuci-otak" para member lainnya, gue rasa itu dari masalah masing-masing individu punya cara pandang. Misalnya Suho atau Tao atau yang lainnya lah, menganggap SM itu sudah memberikan mereka suatu berkat yang adalah debut dan menganggap tanpa SM - they're basically nothing. Tapi buat Kris yang besar di Kanada, semua itu bisa cuma kekangam dan apalagi sistem yang engga transparan itu (yap, I'm sure there's something wrong in SM) engga bisa dia terima. Kelakuan Kris bisa jadi dianggep sama member lainnya engga masuk akal dan "kok bisa-bisanya dia kayak gitu", dan mereka ekspresikan dengan cara update SNS mereka. Menurut gue ini lebih masuk akal daripada SNS mereka di hack atau di kontrol sama manager mereka.

Lalu yang masalah Tao bilang dia merasa dikhianati - well, ya iyalah dia merasa dikhianati. Maksudnya Kris pengen keluar tanpa diskusi dengan member-membernya. that's just harsh - they're been together all along and never talked to his friend about this lawsuit, if I were EXO member, I would felt like Kris betrayed me too. no offense. Mau bilang SM yang salah juga, SM yang buat dia keluar juga, menurut gue cerita sebelum bertindak begini kepada temen-temen lo dulu engga salah kok.

There's no good time to do a lawsuit, tapi kenapa sih mesti sekarang banget nuntutnya? Engga boleh ntar-ntar aja ya? Pas lagi engga ada aktifitas, atau, oh I don't know, EXO SOLO CONCERT? Kalo memang dia bener sakit, ok emang itu berarti harus dituntut sekarang banget. Tapi kalo engga ada alasan lain, gue rasa sekarang itu bukan waktu yang tepat untuk nuntut, kenapa? Lo ga kasian apa sama itu temen-temen lo yang mau konser. Maksudnya, emang lo bisa enak aja karena lo akan keluar, tapi emang lo engga mikir apa temen-temen lo yang akan tetep ngelanjutin jadi EXO? Ok, untungnya konsernya engga dibatalin, itu dilema juga sih, harus sedih apa seneng. Kasian juga member-membernya lagi 'ditinggal' sama satu temennya, harus latihan buat konser (I guess some parts of the choreo has to be changed since Kris is not there anymore) - tapi kalo kita mikir perasaan, itu engga profesional dong? Tapi manusia kan punya perasaan?

Makanya, semua ini rasanya engga ada yang bener, rasanya gue sendiri di dalam berantem sama diri gue sendiri. Kok gini, harusnya gitu, tapi kalo gitu, jadi gini dong! Semua ini jadi lebih susah karena apa, kita ngomongin seorang 'selebritas' - yang pekerjaannya punya efek samping : semua tentang dia harus disebar ke umum, dan kadang perasaan dan kondisi dia bukan lah yang #1. Dan menjadi seorang selebritas, engga bisa seenak jidatnya lo bilang, "ok guys, can't I just stop being famous? Can't you guys just stop talking about me?"  ya kali. Sekali jadi 'bintang' lo engga bisa lagi lari dari pandangan masyarakat. ok ini ngomongin apa sih.

Anyway, gue engga terlalu suka juga dengan pidato kemenangannya Suho di Mnet Countdown. Karena gue merasa kata-kata dia itu terlalu.. apa ya, mementingkan EXO secara keseluruhan dibanding kepentingan individu, yang adalah seseorang yang lo selalu bilang teman dan segala macam. Rasanya kayak dia bilang, gue engga peduli problemnya apa, tapi We are One lo balik gak ke EXO sekarang juga. Gue engga peduli dengan interviewnya, karena itu bisa jadi dibuat-buat sama Osen - tapi kalo itu beneran Suho yang bilang, then he contradicts himself. Teriak-teriak We are One but you're talking sh*t about the others without knowing what happened. Mari kita berharap itu di-fabrikasi.

Kalo kita lanjutin tentang ini semua, ini engga akan ada habisnya. Karena selama 2 hari ini yang gue ocehin adalah tentang hal ini doang. Maaf ya buat yang nyari info apa yang terjadi, langsung aja ke tumblr #exo karena disana sudah lengkap. Gue ingetin aja, jadilah fans yang PINTAR. Jangan percaya rumor yang engga ada basisnya karena udah keburu kesel sama SM. Ya kali ditampar si Baekhyun, itu mah udah jatuhnya kriminalitas - masa iya engga dilaporin kalo emang terjadi, he's a grown adult man! Mari kita tenang dan gunakan kepala kita, keep calm dan sortir mana berita yang mengandung fakta, atau berita yang cuma mau manas-manasin fans aja.

Menurut gue salahnya pasti ada di dua pihak, karena nasi sudah jadi bubur, let's just hope for the best, and keep open our mind lah. Dan sekarang waktu adalah jawabannya haha sok bijak banget gue. Oh iya, jujur kalo misalnya nih Kris beneran keluar bablas dari SM - I'm sorry to say, I might can't support him as much as I support him in EXO. Ini pendapat gue sekarang loh ya! Kalo ternyata nanti dia di Cina atau di Canada super keren jadinya pendapat ini bisa berubah!! Kalo memang dia lebih seneng ketika dia diluar EXO, kenapa mesti kita paksa-paksa dia di dalam EXO. Memang dia terikat kontrak (dan mestinya dibaca baik-baik itu kontraknya biar jelas!) tapi ya makanya ini susah juga ya kondisinya. AGH pusing. Pokoknya, buat kalian fans-fans Wu Yi Fan, keep strong!! xx

Maaf ya panjang dan isinya ga penting. Tidur dulu gais! Pusing! Ciao!

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REVIEW : Laneige "Skin Veil" Foundation #23

(Oh yeah I'm on a rooollllll baby!) 

Yes, today I'm going to review a foundation I got sometime ago - the Laneige "Skin Veil" Foundation in #23


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Skin Veil"

      type of product      
Liquid foundation

#23 Sand Beige

KRW 27.000

laneige official site

I think Laneige have this very simple, classic packaging - that goes really well with its concept. And as a brand that does have higher price range I think it does important to look more 'expensive' with the packaging. 

Anyway, there's only 3 shades available in the Korean website (#13, #25, #23) but in the description paper inside the box there's 7 shades that actually available? (#10, #13, #21, #23, #25, #31, #33) Well, I don't really know about that because there's also only 3 shades available in the store. 

There's no English description anywhere, not like the skincare line where's a full information about the products in 3 more languages. Maybe the word foundation is self explanatory, but anyway. This foundation has SPF of 26 PA+, and OH the full name of this product is Skin Veil OIL FREE Foundation - I think I just remember why I purchased this foundation! 

There's a slight fresh scent to it and I quite like the scent. I never tried other Laneige face product so I'm not sure if it shares similar scent to other products too. 

It came with a pump, that works perfectly well. I usually used a pump and a half (max). I like to work lightly with this foundation because I found that it's take a long time for this thing to actually set on your skin. And even with powder (A lot of powder, and primer too!) this product have a serious transferring issue - I'm not even kidding. 

Especially after some time, when my skin starts to get oily, and when I unconsciously touched my face / nose, suddenly my finger left some marks on my freakin' book! That's totally uncool. The foundation feels like it didn't really absorbed to your skin if you know what I mean...

The lasting power is not awesome either - I thank my primer for its help! I started to see unpleasing oil on my nose atleast 4 hours after application. Well, I have a very t-zone area, almost no foundation could go 'not-oily' on my face for the whole day.

As for the coverage, I'll say it could go from low to medium, and I might as well warn you that the coverage is not buildable. I blame the setting time that could take forever - even if you layered the product it won't drastically change the coverage. 

It sets to a semi-matte, not exactly dewy, and I definitely still need powder! The shade #23 is a very good match with my NC25 skin tone - though sometimes it could make my face looks a little bit dull because it makes my face go matchy-matchy with my neck. I see some Korean in the website that complains about how the shade go a little bit darker than the 'normal' #23 or #13 shade

I took this pic at the end of the day, I probably wore the foundation for 6+ hours already.

Overall, as my skin condition is great lately, I like to use this for daily look. The coverage is not the best (but considering I don't need much for daily) and the transferring does get in the way, but as long as you're (i'm) careful not to touch my face, I think it's an ok product! 

I don't really recommend this for people with super oily skin, I'm really thankful for my primer because it helps me A LOT. Seriously, Laneige should just erase the 'oil-free' part from its name. (Also some Koreans complained about the lasting power in the comment section, I guess it's mainly because of how much it's transferring everywhere.) 

Despite of all the bad points, recently I find myself using these more, maybe because my skin is in its good side lately <3 I'll carefully say that's all because of my new cleansing foam :")

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