REVIEW : The Faceshop's Styling Auto Gel Liner in #1 Edgy Black

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Considering how long I’ve used this product, it’s really weird that I never wrote a review about this particular item. It’s The Faceshop’s Styling Auto Gel Liner Pencil in #1 Edgy Black. This matte-black pencil is my HG and I used this everyday. 

the faceshop 

      PRODUCT NAME      
Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner

      type of product      
Gel Liner pencil

#1 Edgy Black

KRW 7.700

Putting things simple, this product is a pencilized gel liner. No more messy brush and liner jar, you can use this gel liner as you would use a pencil. Recently a gel liner pencil showed up everywhere, western product, asian product, everything!

I must say gel liner pencil is an upgraded version of a traditional eyeliner pencil. It’s smoother, greater pigmentation, longer lasting power, and overall just better quality!

I’m someone that’s always curious of beauty products and always tried something new from time to time. I’ve tried several similar gel liner pencils or just an ordinary eyeliner pencil here and there, but I always got back to this product! This is my second pencil btw and it is that good!  

This pencil is retractable and it comes with a small sharpener at the end to sharpen the pencil’s lead.
This product is definitely super creamy and smooth, but let it sets for a few second, it won’t move anywhere. The pigmentation is awesome; you don’t need to go run it back and forth because it only need one swipe. Good thing is, I tucked my eyes less with this pencil because I only need to apply it once!

I like to use this in my (upper) waterline, and for sure it’s stays the whole day! Bald waterline (or so what I like to call it) is my pet peeve and I make sure I filled in my upper waterline everyday.
Comparing to the actual size of the pencil, the amount of the product inside is definitely not as much. Despite that, I still say this product lasts me a long time!

Overall, I almost can’t found anything bad about this product! The shade option is superb too, though I haven’t had the chance to try the other shade (I definitely going to!).

What do you think about this product? Have you ever tried it?

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  1. I tried this in the khaki shade one. oh my I agree with you this product is super good. the first eyeliner ever that dont smudge. I have oily eyelids and even liquid liner from clio wiill smudge my eyelid a little. but this dont smudge at all! amazing! it is like magic! plus it is gel. Awesome product!!^^


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