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As you know Korea is now filled with Cherry Blossoms because it's Spring! I didn't get to go to places specifically to see Cherry Blossoms, just because it is basically everywhere! But I did go to a place (or a street) called "Dalmaji-gil" in Busan. Located near Haeundae Beach, Dalmaji-gil is an area right above the beach, filled with Cherry Blossoms (in Spring, or just tree in any other seasons.) and also there's a lot of cafes and food there. The special thing about that place is only because it's located on somewhat a hill or something, you supposed to be able to see the ocean from up above. Which is almost impossible because of all the greens around.

Anyway, I went there for the first time in my 3 years long stay in Busan, and it was fun!


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And to update you guys, If you haven't noticed already, I'm finally a member of Indonesia Beauty Blogger (IBB) though I felt like recently I've been slacking off with my beauty posts. 

Anyhoo, this semester is kinda the most important time for me because I have to make my graduation project until the end of the semester. Putting that aside, I can finally focused on the graduation project since my one and only Korean presentation is finished! 

I know it's gonna be bumpy ahead but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make it through next year and finally graduate! 

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