REVIEW : ESPOIR Lipstick No-Wear Glam in RS101G


It seems that lately I've been into face makeup and didn't really interested in buying lips / eye makeup stuffs. I'm afraid that I'll bore you guys with my another foundations / bb cc / concealers review, so instead I'll talk about this lipsticks that I'm obsessed with for the past weeks.


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no wear glam

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KRW 18.000


"Espoir" might categorised as "street shops", the same category as Etude House, or The Faceshop, and other Korean Brands you might know. But Espoir price is definitely up there, that's why I almost never bought Espoir products because they're much expensive. But this time, I took a chance in the 50% sale and decided to try the lipstick! My friend also recommend me to try the lipstick because apparently it was amazing.

Almost all the shades are sold out, but luckily the one that I want is still there! So the one that I purchased is RS101G, a warm rose pink shade. The "No-Wear" line stated as light-weight, long-wearing and great pigmentation. 

The first thing I realised upon application is this lipstick is very smooth, but in the same time it's not drying at all. I can't say it's moisturising, but even when I skipped my lip balm it's doesn't chapped my lips.

I'm not really fond with the packaging, because of the transparent cap. Usually transparent cap are only used on display sample, so I didn't expect that the "real" cap to be transparent as well. I think the cap make this lipstick cheaper than it costs. 

It doesn't have any scent, the pigmentation is ok too! I don't really agree about the long-lasting statement because it didn't seem to last that long - especially after meals / drinks. It doesn't have a slight stickiness to it and it does felt like wearing nothing! 

This lipstick's texture really remind me with the NYX's Round Lipsticks. I found that I have a similar shade, it's "Tea Rose" from NYX Round Lipstick. NYX's have more vivid pigmentation, but less lasting power. And as much as I love NYX's Round Lipstick's, they melt rather easily and broke easily too. But this Espoir lipstick is much more sturdy but still maintain it's smoothness! 

Another thing that I like from this product is that it's apply evenly on the lips! 

The Verdict : I super duper in love with this lipstick. Though the lasting power is a bit of a problem, I could easily apply this with a mirror because of it's neutral shade and it could goes on sheer. Still kinda hate the packaging, but I think this product deserved it's price!

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  1. Thank you for your review ^^

    Do you know about kpoptown? Should I buy this lipstick there?

    This is the 1st time I buy at kpoptown and I wonder if it have fake item :(

  2. warnanya cantik :)
    kalau boleh tau espoir ini beli dimana ya?

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