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Today I'm going to share stuffs I collected the last winter holiday. As you might know, I live in Korea now, and to get my hand on some western drugstore products here. To cut the story short, I didn't waste my time and picked up some stuff on my wishlist! Some of them are gifts from awesome people too <3

disclaimer : I bought all the stuffs with my own money, unless stated! (heck, I almost never do sponsored post, why do I even bothered to do this.)

SLEEK I-DIVINE EYE SHADOW PALETTE IN STORM 578 honestly, I did not need another palette, but seeing the raves on youtube, I can't really get over this stuff! Finally I made the order along with my sister's palette and contouring set, also from sleek, in luxola.com. I think this palette has a superd pigmentation, super blendable - though I think the shimmer shades are a bit too shimmery comparing to the picture displayed in the website. Personally, shopping in luxola. com is very easy, but the shipping time isn't the best. IDR 191.400

WET N WILD EYESHADOW IN COMFORT ZONE quite excited to hear about wet n wild is coming into Indonesia a while back, not really pleased with the whooping prize still. But, as a makeup enthusiast, totally can't stop myself from not grabbing on one of these. Completely amazed with the creamy texture, I might purchase the 3 shade eyeshadows when I'm back to Indonesia again. IDR 169.000

REVLON PHOTOREADY CONCEALER IN 002 this is definitely not something I planned to buy, but I've been curious about this product. I must say this cream concealer is not the best, but this stick concealer is probably the best one among the other stick concealers I currently have for my under eye circles. Yes, stick concealers and under-eye circles might not the best combination ever, but I sometimes use it especially when I have horrid under eyes. IDR 75.000

MAYBELLINE THE ROCKET VOLUM EXPRESS MASCARA favorite. ever. This mascara is waterproof - but erases off whenever it need to be removed! One complain : the wand is too big and spiky, sometimes it tickles my waterlines, not in the nicest way ever.

MILANI BAKED BLUSH IN LUMINOSO & ROSE D'ORO this is a gift from the lovely ce Kath from dailybeauty89 (Check her blog out, she's also a beauty blogger and she made great videos!)

MAYBELLINE INSTANT AGE REWIND ERASER DARK CIRCLE IN LIGHT one suggestion : never watch too many youtube videos - or you simply end up like me. Again it's something that I wanted to try for the longest, and I finally found it in Indomakeup.com. I love shopping there! The shipping was fast, and it was real easy, again. I was lucky when I stopped by all the stuffs I wanted are in stock. Check out their instagram to see back in stock stuffs because they update it there! IDR 128.000

NYX BUTTER GLOSS IN TIRAMISU it's worth the rave, glides like a butter, smells like one. I have to get more of these. IDR 100.000

RIMMEL STAY MATTE IN 001 TRANSPARENT for someone with oily face, I always seek the answer to my problem. To put it simply, it didn't answer my problem :( again, bought from indomakeup.com IDR 118.000

YESTO POMEGRANATE LIP BALM this is a gift from a friend in SF! Thankyou Shya! :D the lip balm didn't actually worked well from the first time application, but if you let it sit for night, it'll left your lips without flakes for the next day!

L'OREAL HYPER SHARP EYELINER love it, but then hate it. My aunty gave this liner to me as she got it from free. Also, it disturbs me that it doesn't make any sound when I shake it, like other normal brush tip pen liners.

REVLON COLOR STAY FOUNDATION FOR OILY / COMBINATION SKIN IN 180 NUDE you might see I used this foundation in my full cover foundation routine in my youtube channel, I love the coverage and it really could stay put in my oily face for a good hours. This is the second lightest shade available in Indonesia, though sometimes I felt that it's too dark, but it's all good once it's blended! IDR 115.000

and, again from indomakeup.com

COASTAL SCENTS THE BRUSH GUARD this I wanted since the first time I watched Michelle Phan, which dated back in around 2009? or some around there. Can't held my excitement when I saw these in indomakeup.com. I bought 2 packages, one the kabuki/powder and one for the eyeshadows. IDR 78.000 / each

AND, still more, ce Kath from dailybeauty89 sent me (along with my Lorac Pro Palette, I mentioned it in my high-end haul HERE) a BUNCH OF MAKEUP STUFFS XD It's like Christmas all over, super love love love! I haven't even try all of them because there's a lot of glittery makeup, and I'm totally saving them for special occasions :p

Thankyou ce KATH<3

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