OOTD : Last Cherry Blossom


A week ago me and my friend planned to visit another filled with cherry blossom kinda spot, but sadly the rain washes some of the flowers. Rather than an hour trip with subway to somewhere far, we decided to just went over a uni next to our uni, because they have prettier park and stuff. Well, the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.

My friend had this assignment which he has to pick two friends that he thought is fashionable and do some reports about him and her. It's really an honor that he picks me for his assignment. So here are the pictures he took then.

TOP h&m | JACKET thrifted vintage
SKIRT tally weijl 
BAG gmarket | SHOES bought in hongdae, korea

Now all the Cherry Blossoms had fallen, time to embrace summer's sun!

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