REVIEW : The Faceshop's "Face it Artist Touch Lipstick" Creamy Matte Lipsticks

Guys, I felt so bad to not post anything recently, really. Not only the practice of Knock-Knock Indonesia (an Indonesian Night presented by Indonesian students in Busan, if you're curious ;) I'm one of the choir and the 'kecak' dancer...) and it took most of my evenings!! Grahh even if I have some time i filled it with watching Running Man while sewing my homework -.- two main reasons of not blogging : too busy for practice, and too broke to buy new stuffs. Yeap, if you're not around for long you might not know that this blog is filled with mostly reviews, and I done none for I don't know, WEEKS, because I don't have new stuffs to talk about! Now I hope I could totally catch up my schedule. Right now I'm supplying myself with vitamin C like candies because it's freakin H-3!!!!!! 


Today review is The Faceshop's "Face it Artist Touch Lipstick" Creamy Matte lipsticks that I got the other day, both retail for KRW 10.900. I'm not sure on how many shades available because it's not stated on the site. 

The shades I own were BR802 and PP402 사랑중 버건디 (In love Burgundy?), the burgundy color is actually a part of new The Faceshop's 2013 Fall Collection, along with another lipstick and a eyeshadow palette. I was recommended by my friend, Jess, to pick these up!

So the packaging is really simple, similar to the other Faceshop's "Lesson" line. The packaging is black with subtle shimmers. A little bulky, but I love them! So as you can see on the pictures above, I got two colors, one nude colored, one bright colored. 

The description on the box wrote : 

"Creamy texture enhanced with Light Powder offers vivid and long-wearing color that glides effortlessly with a velvet-smooth finish."

I like it when lipsticks have this writings on it's bullet, because it makes the lipstick looks worth more than it is :p And I realized that the bullet is curved to fit my lips' curve. Though I'm sure it gonna washes out over time. 

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy, if you don't see it already from the name, it almost made me forgot that it's actually a matte lipstick! You know, because matte lipstick usually have drier texture and it doesn't happened with this product! 

LEFT without flash RIGHT with flash

The pigmentations of these products are amazing! You see on my wrist swatch, the first two from the left is one layer and the rests are two layers. Both swatches didn't have big difference, right? For the color, I love the nude color so much!! And for the burgundy, I even thought that I picked up the wrong color because it turned out so red! Like, chili red with a hint of maroon. I really hoped that the burgundy color comes out a little bit darker :(

The products stated that it's a long-lasting product. Matte lipsticks usually do last longer than glossy lipstick. I realized that these product lasts for about 2-3 hours until it worn out. The burgundy color definitely lasts longer than the nude one! Which is suck because I usually don't put much attention when I'm using nudes, so it was all worn out until I reapplied.

Even though it's creamy when applied, after some times the creaminess started to disappear and could really dry up your lips. Especially recently the weather has been very dry, it's really uncomfortable for my lips it I didn't put lip balm before hand. 

Overall, this is an OK product. 3 out of 5. I love the colors, and the texture is really nice. The pigmentation is great and the lasting power is an ok too, I guess. I actually got these for half price in a 1+1 event, so I think I got my money worth. What I love the most (and probably most of you won't) is the packaging! It's so simple, all black, just, LOVE. Haha 

Oh yeah, using lipbalm before applying this lipstick is a big must! 

my go-to stripes cropped sweater from H&M. LOVE.

It's been a while since I review stuffs I got kinda awkward here. I warn you after this post, my blog will be filled with a lot of Innisfree products lol. I did some shopping recently after I got my allowance, so wait for the reviews guys! <3

So, until the next post! 

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REVIEW : Nature Republic "Fresh Steam Cream"

Hello! Today I'm going to review a product that recently really really helped my skin. It's Nature Republic "Fresh Steam Cream" which contain Shea Butter and great for oily skin. It retails for KRW 31.000 - super expensive, but if you got to buy these in Korea, it's almost always on 50% discount - so I can say it's retail for KRW 15.500.

It's said that the packaging is Limited Edition - I bought these since last year, and it's still available until today. I really need to rave about this product, because I used to hate it so much! Just not until 2-3 weeks ago, when the weather got real dry and it's the only moisturizer I have at the moment so I have no choice but to use it. And it works like magic!

This cream comes with 3 variants, and each have different level of 'moisturizing effects' as the Fresh is the lowest (and also help to stop excess oil), then the second is "Moist Steam Cream" (green) and the most moisturizing is "Ultra Steam Cream" (pink).

On the packaging it stated :
"This fresh cream combines shea butter with hot steam technology for oily and combination skin."

As I said before, I got this a while back and I don't have the picture of the box it comes with. And also it come with a little spatula for scooping out product - so it's good for the hygienic reasons. Although it's weird enough, I actually got no spatula! It contain 100ml of product which is actually quite nice.

The cream texture is doesn't actually resembles cream, it's more like gel-like texture. First when you apply it, it will feel very cooling and refreshing, then after you blend it to your skin, the steam started to work - it will started warming up. Especially near the nostrils, it almost felt like I breathed out steams :/ definitely not the best feeling ever. But I've definitely grow used to the feeling.

The product does have a light, citrusy scent. I can't smell it though after it was blended. After application I can feel my skin felt real smooth and moisturized! It's definitely a thicker moisturizer, because you can totally feel it on your skin, it's not really disappeared into the skin - that's why I liked these more for night usage.

Funny thing is, I never got recommended by anyone but two of friends also got this and we hated the product! Even they started to use it on their body just to get rid of the product as fast as they could! lol

Anyway, I was forced to use this product everyday because my skin cracked - yes, my nose was cracking because it is really super dry, especially in my room because we still use air conditioner. After only a few days, suddenly I realize my skin got cleaner! Less blemish, less acne, and the best of all, no cracks!

can you see Shin Sekyung sign over there?

I still not really fond of the 'steam' feeling after applied to my face, but it's proved that it is actually works in make my face less oilier and just making my face better overall! Now I got to wear lighter BB creams instead of heavy duty foundations <3 Right now I only use this at night, and still looking for a good day moisturizer for oily skin (I'm planning to get Dr. Jart+ once I got my moneeeh!)

Overall, I recommend this product! Especially it's one of NP's main product, you'll get shoved in the face with these when you come to the store anyway! And you don't want me to go preaching about the packaging - it's one reason why I want to get it in the first place, without even thinking. I'm telling ya, it's a good stuff!

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REVIEW : Innisfree Eye Primer

Hello! I'm back with another review from one of my favorite brand, Innisfree! It's their eye primer! I never knew that they have this product, it's either a new product or the Innisfree store I went often didn't carry these. But I saw them the other day and decided to get it! Retail for KRW 6.000

It doesn't come with any box, but it was sealed like in the picture above. As any other eye primer, it claims to provide creaseless canvas and to make the colors appear more vivid.

The product is actually quite small, it doesn't written on the tube how much product it contains, but on the website it's 3g. But you don't need much product for priming and prepping your eyes, instead putting to much will make your lid creases.

The applicator has a unique shape, it's flat on both side and it looks like a rectangle on the side. This shape makes it real easy to apply evenly with just one swipe allover across your lid! The primer itself has a little shimmer - definitely not transparent. It hardly seen if applied to the lids though.

Even though I have a very oily face, I don't have any problem on creasing on eye lids or eye shadows fading away like that. But I do have problem with eyeshadow color payoff - especially eye shadows with light color, sometimes they failed to show up vividly on my lid. And this eye primer really helps on popping those colors out!

Overall, this primer is quite nice! Sometimes I found out that putting eyeshadow over a primer will make it hard to blend, but it totally didn't happen! I do find that it didn't help with the creasing (as I have a lot of eyelid lines) but definitely not accentuates them in any way! I've been sporting this product almost everyday, and definitely been enjoying this eye primer! :)

[update] a lot of Innisfree fans apparently also liked this product a lot too : (all 5 stars!)

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IBB Make Up Challenge October 2013

Hello! After a few months hanging around in Indonesian Beauty Blogger FB fanpage, I never got the chance to actually participate in their Make Up Challenge (IBB MUC) :| But now! With the power of extra caffeine and Vit C overdose, I made these looks around 1am yesterday. Fortunately, my Monday is kinda different from everyone else's sucky one, I don't have any class today so I probably will do nothing for the rest of the day and (maybe will sometime open my Korean book and start reading those..)

So I didn't know that you could remake one of of the 3 looks - so I made 3 of them zz
This time it's sponsored by Lancome!

So here's my take on the October Make Up Challenge :

       Hypnose Star Eyes (Sophisticated Eyes Look)      

       Hypnose Doll Eyes (Wide Eyes Look)       

      Hypnose Drama Eyes (Spectacular Eyes Look)      

And so that's it! I just wish for the best and good luck to everyone that participated! <3 I did use a lot of blue for the drama look but I don't know why it doesn't appear as blue :(

   product used   

FOUNDATION the faceshop "aqua tinted bb cream"
BRONZER nyc "sun n bronze" & the faceshop "lovely me:ex you&face blusher"
BLUSHER maybelline "clear smooth" blusher
LIPS skinfood "coffee creamy sheer lipstick" in apricot peach (be001) & l'oreal "shine caresse" in venus
e.l.f "little black beautybook" - warm edition
innisfree "mineral shadow" in #3
nature republic "prism star eyeshadow" in sparkle mistic blue (bl706)
tony moly "backstage gel eyeliner" in black
nature republic eyelash curler

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REVIEW : Innisfree's Mineral Shadow

After excessive usage on this quad for my How-to posts, I decided to review on these quads from Innisfree! Mineral Shadow in 03 시원한 바다  and 05 노을지는 억새밭.

Retail for KRW 10.000 - and I believe Innisfree will soon remove these from their collection, to replace them with single eyeshadows that you can choose to make your own palette. (review coming soon! - it's the silver one in the picture)

I believe they have 10 sets and most of them have shimmer & glittery finish. That's why I got the #5 because it's the only quad that have 2 matte shadows. (And also it has a neutral color palette)

First, for the #05 quad, it has brownish color scheme and here's the description of the color (from the upper left corner) : light cream (matte), red tone bronze (shimmer), gold (shimmer), and deep chocolate brown (matte).

The second one, #03 has blueish color scheme and the color description (from upper left) : white (shimmer), light purple-blue (shimmer), pale light blue (shimmer), and dark navy (a lil bit of glitter)

The color payoff is really uneven, some of the colors had great pigmentation, but some are really poor. Like from the #05 (brown) quad, the white and gold color are both really hard to show up. For the #03 (blue) quad both light blue colors seem different on the pan, but when applied, they look pretty much the same and both colors have a poor pigmentation too. As you blend the color, they seem to turn into this white-ist blue and it's kinda hard to tell the colors. 

As you can see, these quads have an nice deep and dark color, but not for the lighter / glittery colors.
The shimmers and glitters had excessive fall outs, so I always tap on my brush first before applying anything. 

I'm using Innisfree's Eye Primer for the swatches! That definitely helped to maximize its pigmentation. So here's the things about these quad (that I hate) :
  • the pigmentation is uneven, the shimmer is flaky. 
  • there's no separation or anything between the colors, and because the texture is so flaky, its very vulnerable and easily breaks. Once it's broke. it's almost impossible to fix (or even keep the color separated, because it will be mixed together.
On the other side :
  • the packaging is very compact and travel friendly. Maybe that's why (even though I don't really like these) I kept on reaching for them
  • the staying power is nice. When I'm not using any eye-primer, I can still say these shadows lasted pretty good on my lid.
  • the price. Recently Innisfree is trying to get rid of these so they kept putting these product on sale (1+1) and for a KRW 5.000 eye shadow quad, I'll give them an ok
Overall, unless you can get them 1+1 / KRW 5.000 each, then don't get them. Even though it looks nice, there's a bunchhhhh or products that are much much better with the same price, even lower.

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HOW TO : Under Side Eye Look

This time I am remaking a look from Beautycrush @ youtube, because she is just so gorgeous! 
You see, I'm remaking them, my style so it wont be the same! Because the colors she was using is so damn gorgeous so I've tried to look for colors that are similar

The colors I'm using is mainly from E.L.F Little Black BeautyBook in "warm edition"
As per usual, the product detail is after the how-to! <3 (and link to the review)


First before any eyeshadow and stuff, make sure to cover the darkness in your under eye area! (Even though I didn't do my best here but definitely cover them well!

Then for the eye shadow, I'm taking a shimmer eye shadow that is similar to my skin tone, and to deepen the crease color, I used a matte brownish taupe over my lid.


Next! Use a flat shader brush, take a deep mocca brown color and apply it along your lash line. Wink them out, imagine that you're making an upside down eyeliner wink!


Next, still using the same small brush i used earlier, dipping it in a violet burgundy (shimmer) color and just went over the shadow I did before and slightly brings it lower.

You can either use a burgundy color like i did (and Beautycrush's Sammi did) or keep it brown by adding more (lighter) brown!


To deepen the look, I'm taking my brown gel liner pencil and apply it over my lower waterline. You can either use a black eyeliner, but I prefer brown because it's subtle.


Last shadow step! Taking a frosty light beige color from the pallete mixed a little bit with frosty white color from my Innisfree Quad on my inner corner!

Then my favorite thing to do, eyeliner! Line your upper lash line, line them thinly and don't bring the wink too long because we want the focus on the lower line.


To finish everything off! Apply your favorite mascara and a frosty nude pink lipstick. I did almost nothing to my cheek, I just contour it very lightly :) also the sides of my nose too!

                the result               

Annnnnd we're finished! I think this look is simple yet different from a lot of eye looks out there. It's really easy to recreate! This look is very alluring and Beautycrush did say that it looks great for green and brown eyes. Wellll, I can't say I have an au naturel brown eyes, but this eye looks look great with my contact lens don't you think?

Kudos to Beautycrush to make the tutorial and inspired me to recreate this look!
P.S - she retweeted my look :p

Ok, so let's end the post here! I'm really trying to steal some time here and there because this had been so so hectic lately. And starting tomorrow I think I have to start working with my mannequin again, or I'll have a very stressful weekend - which is very very, upsetting. 

And and and the one that keep me entertained are 'The Big Bang Theory' and 'Heirs' - both are ongoing and that's good because I won't be procrastinating watching those in one day. Oh please 'Heirs' don't disappoint me and keep the good work!! 


   product used   

POWDER innisfree 'no sebum mineral powder" & holikaholika "luminous silk aura pact"
BRONZER nyc "sun n bronze"
LIPS nyx "round lipstick" in sky pink
e.l.f "little black beautybook" - warm edition
innisfree "mineral shadow" in #3
ipkn newyork "semi-tattoo pen eyeliner"
nature republic eyelash curler

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