BIFF APAN Blue Carpet 2013 Event

Hello! Two days ago on Friday, 4th October I got the chance to go to BIFF's Star Road / Blue Carpet and saw a freakin lots of actresses and actors. Ok, I admit I (also thousands and thousands of people)
just want to see EXO because they're also scheduled to walk down the carpet.
I was lucky enough to be born as a foreigner because apparently there're seats exclusive for foreigners and they're free! I got the seat in far back but I got to move right behind the VIP seats - I was lucky. Basically whilst walking down the carpet the actors are holding a rose and a signed little bag - there's chocolate inside. And the spot in front of me is like, the main interview stage. 

Anyway, most of the stars stopped and did the interview in front of me - except for two : TOP, Kim Yoojung & EXO. Which made me super upset because they passed in front of me like in seconds. Other than that you'll see who else I did saw on the event. I also was super excited for Lee Soohyuk & Yoo In-ah. And got more shocked because of Lee Hyun woo & Tasty surprise visit!! (Their names are not on the list. THIS I like. Oh there's Taecyeon too if you're wondering)

After the shock of how fast EXO went by, a lot of the fans on the seating area are so disappointed - the situation became very very awkward. Because the people are focusing on EXO they're not even clapping hands for the actress that is having an interview after EXO. I can't blame them too, I was also at a shocked and angry state, too angry to even appreciate whatever is there in the stage or whatever. Also a lot of fans just ran chasing for EXO after they left. 

Maybe the staffs of the APAN / BIFF / whoever arrange the event should really think twice if they want to invite the hottest idol right now. BTW I did took all the picture myself :) (And I'm just showing you the good one!)

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  1. aku iri padamuuuuu :D

    hai! aku followers mu yg ke 101! :) oh ia, ada yg bilang ngga kamu mirip lee hi? ngeliat foto kamu jadi keinget lee hi, dan menurut aku kalian mirip >.<

    1. welcome to the blog!! :D Thankyou for following :*
      hahaha engga pernah sih ada yang bilang di real life - tapi beberapa pernah comment gitu di post2 blg mirip :") kayaknya kebagusan deh Lee hi haha I love her tho!! :D

  2. ahhh ini kayaknya seru banget ya :D liat foto TOP sama DO mau aku cium aja layarnya lol xD anyway, thank you for sharing :D

  3. You are super freaking lucky! I would have totally loved to see TASTY! Ahhhh! Would have been great if EXO had been up there too. ~.~ Maybe one day I will be able to see them *sigh*.

    1. Tasty was not in the guests list - you have to see how much in shocked I am that time!! YES please I want to submit complains to the staffs for not putting EXO on the stage.

      The worse part is they even ran near the end of the carpet line - that's just so wrong..


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