REVIEW : Innisfree's Mineral Shadow

After excessive usage on this quad for my How-to posts, I decided to review on these quads from Innisfree! Mineral Shadow in 03 시원한 바다  and 05 노을지는 억새밭.

Retail for KRW 10.000 - and I believe Innisfree will soon remove these from their collection, to replace them with single eyeshadows that you can choose to make your own palette. (review coming soon! - it's the silver one in the picture)

I believe they have 10 sets and most of them have shimmer & glittery finish. That's why I got the #5 because it's the only quad that have 2 matte shadows. (And also it has a neutral color palette)

First, for the #05 quad, it has brownish color scheme and here's the description of the color (from the upper left corner) : light cream (matte), red tone bronze (shimmer), gold (shimmer), and deep chocolate brown (matte).

The second one, #03 has blueish color scheme and the color description (from upper left) : white (shimmer), light purple-blue (shimmer), pale light blue (shimmer), and dark navy (a lil bit of glitter)

The color payoff is really uneven, some of the colors had great pigmentation, but some are really poor. Like from the #05 (brown) quad, the white and gold color are both really hard to show up. For the #03 (blue) quad both light blue colors seem different on the pan, but when applied, they look pretty much the same and both colors have a poor pigmentation too. As you blend the color, they seem to turn into this white-ist blue and it's kinda hard to tell the colors. 

As you can see, these quads have an nice deep and dark color, but not for the lighter / glittery colors.
The shimmers and glitters had excessive fall outs, so I always tap on my brush first before applying anything. 

I'm using Innisfree's Eye Primer for the swatches! That definitely helped to maximize its pigmentation. So here's the things about these quad (that I hate) :
  • the pigmentation is uneven, the shimmer is flaky. 
  • there's no separation or anything between the colors, and because the texture is so flaky, its very vulnerable and easily breaks. Once it's broke. it's almost impossible to fix (or even keep the color separated, because it will be mixed together.
On the other side :
  • the packaging is very compact and travel friendly. Maybe that's why (even though I don't really like these) I kept on reaching for them
  • the staying power is nice. When I'm not using any eye-primer, I can still say these shadows lasted pretty good on my lid.
  • the price. Recently Innisfree is trying to get rid of these so they kept putting these product on sale (1+1) and for a KRW 5.000 eye shadow quad, I'll give them an ok
Overall, unless you can get them 1+1 / KRW 5.000 each, then don't get them. Even though it looks nice, there's a bunchhhhh or products that are much much better with the same price, even lower.

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  1. I hope I can found those items ._.

    1. I think there's a lot of online seller in Indonesia that is selling these :| but these aren't that good anyway haha

  2. The brown quad has very beautiful and usable shades :) It's a pity that there's no separation :// I would totally accidentaly mix them (I'm a bit clumsy:D)

    1. That happened to me everytime I'm using them!! lol it's really annoying if you accidentally mixed the light color with the dark color :|

  3. They're pretty but pigmentation issues bug me. Thanks for the detailed review. <3

  4. Wow, what a nice review!
    Think that I'm gonna try that product XD

    Anyway, I've been following your blog.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Thank you!

  5. I also thought it was kinda pricy for a small palette to retail for 10k won ._. I wish theres somekind of 1+1 thing here ;_;


    1. they should make sales and discounts globally if they really want to attract foreign markets!! :|

  6. The colours are very pigmented! I hope they don't remove this collection because i love quad eyeshadows! They're worth the money, unlike single shadows which are pricey !


  7. the colors are awesomeee<3
    Nice review^^


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