REVIEW : Nature Republic - Magic Remover

Hello! Today I'll review a Nature Republic "Magic Remover". It's a makeup remover tissue that is very convenient for everyday. It retail for KRW 5.500, and it contain 60 sheets. If I use this everyday, it could last me approximately 2 months.

They have 2 types available, one is the that I'm holding here and the other one is a travel size that contain 15 sheets (KRW 1.800). Because Nature Republic is always on sale, i never bought these stuffs in their original prices.

On the packaging it states "This gentle cleansing tissue conveniently cleanses the skin with soft feeling" and the product also contain 100mg of Camomile Essence that serves as moisturizing element for the face.

the travel size

The packaging is convenient because it had a sturdy opening that allows you to store it properly. You know, because you're going to use this for quite some time. The thing that I notice with these kinda product is how the top sheets will be drier than the sheets on the bottom - that's why I store them upside down to let the product spread evenly!

The sheet itself is really nice, very soft and doesn't tear easily. For the product it was ok, like right in the middle. I didn't find them clean my makeup instantly (the Biore facial wipes did that for me) but they did a decent job either way.

I've repurchased this facial sheets for several times already. I like the way this wipes didn't left that oily feeling on my face and didn't felt sticky too afterwards. It also smelled fresh and felt really soft on the skin.

 From TOP to BOTTOM : 1. all the makeup stain 2. one (pretty hard) swipe 3. second swipe 4. after several swipes back and forth until all erased. 

After the first swipe

What I like to do with these sheets is after I apply my Banila Co. Clean It Zero (a sherbet cleanser) and massaged it all over my face, I take a sheet and wipe all the excess products and take all my makeup off. I just found that using a facial sheet (you can use a regular / baby wipes to wipe the Banila Co. Clean it Zero excess too!) makes it easier to erase some parts that I might missed when I apply the sherbet cleanser.

Overall, I like this product, only if I combine this with other product. Actually it did a decent job removing my makeup - it's just I don't really like the idea on swiping the sheet back and forth especially near my eyes. But this is definitely one of the cheapest and worked pretty good! I will keep to purchase this in the future! :)

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  1. nice review ^^


  2. so nice to live there as they have lots of discounts while we intl people have to buy everything more expensive ;;;;;; for the price, it works pretty nice actually! i wish i lived in korea cries ;;;

    ....................btw, you havent actually followed me (im sorRY THIS IS SO SHAMELESS BUT YOU MENTIONED THAT YOU HAVE)


    1. I did!! I followed your blog through blogger! But i forgot to follow you on bloglovin and now I just did!

      Well i did followed you since the time i commented that i followed you because your posts always shows up on my blogger! :)

      Sorry i totally forgot to follow you on bloglovin, if that what you mean!

  3. Hmm.. that would be pretty harsh on the eyes though huh? I guess you could use it on the rest of the face then use an eye makeup remover with it. :) Great review =D


    1. Yes! That's why I need to use another product to completely cleanse my face ;)

      Thankyou for coming by!

  4. asiknya yg slalu dapet diskon T.T
    aku agak skeptis sbnrnya pake remover tissue ky gini fil, bagus ga sih fil? takut banyak alkohol (*pdhl ga tau ada kandungan alkohol atau engga hahaha) ._.
    aku ada yg shara-shara tp jarang pake, klo bs pake cleansing oil dkk aku lebi milih pake itu..

  5. Ini ga bs buat hapus waterproof make up ya ce?
    btw, ak udh follow di blog, bloglovin, g+ :) follback ya :)

    1. dibanding engga bisa, lebih ke arah kurang begitu bisa :) coba cek watson Biore punya itu baru ilang semua! haha

      I've followed you back darl ;)

    2. Iya deh, ntar dicoba x) *penasaran >< btw, belum dpt follback via blogger :( hihi

    3. I definitely followed you alr! >_<

  6. Have you tried Tony Moly Floria Cleansing Tissue? I'm having a hard time deciding which cleansing tissue I should purchase.

    1. I only have tried this Nature Republic Magic Remover and The Faceshop, forgot the name, the green one, and I'm not really 100% satisfied with both! As I said before, if you can get your hands to Biore's one then definitely get that one instead :)
      thankyou for coming by i hope that helps!

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