REVIEW : Creer Beaute - La Rose de Versailles Eyeliner

Anybody know 'Rose of Versailles'?

So today I'm going to review Creer Beaute's La Rose de Versailles - Oscar Impact & Cool Eyes - because who would resist having eyes that is big and shiny like Oscar's?

Ok. I admit it, I didn't read the manga until the end - definitely not because I won't, I can't! I never seem to get my hand on these Rose of Versailles manga in full volume. Anyway, I knew how the story went and I was really surprised to see this sets in Olive Young.

This is their limited edition for their first brand launch to Korea. The eyeliner retail for KRW 18.000, but this limited edition is a 1+2 set, so I got 2 of the gel liner pencil too. This is crazy! And the price is KRW 18.000, just like the normal price for the eyeliner pen alone.

This product stated a lot of things : 1. super black pigmentation 2. long-lasting (24 hours? - No Panda Eyes!) 3. Flexible brush 4. Tight cap that prevent drying out 5. "Secret Bottle" - lets you use the liner until the last drop.

First, talking about the packaging, outside the 'Oscar' picture there I love the simplicity! Just black with its brand in gold ink, and a rose.

Also it said that the brush has 0.1mm thickness. I didn't doubt that because I could made a super thin line, but the color won't be so pigmented. I think this eyeliner has darker black than Dolly Wink's pen liner, but definitely not as dark as TCFS Eyeliner

This eyeliner has a brush tip, which is my all time favorite! Here's the problem with the brush - it's too flexible for my taste. I draw my eyeliner quite thick and sharp so I prefer something with stiffer end. Though the brush do give me a sharp end, not like felt tip brush which I found kinda hard to work for sharp edges!

For the waterproof part, well, I thought that this is quite waterproof at first BUT I just did a test on the palm of my hand. I swatched it and spray some water - it got erased with the slightest sweep ever!! Though I never experience an actually extreme smudge or even significant color fading while I'm testing the product, this is quite a shocker!! 

Next is the Creer Beaute Gel Starry Eyes Pencil in Starry Black and Starry Brown. Because I got this literally for free in the 1+2 set, I'm not really sure how much it cost individually (Just looked out the webpage - KRW 18.000!!!)

Anyway the packaging of these eyeliner is definitely not my taste, even the product itself because it's full of glitter! But after swatching them, I'm really glad that the glitters are really subtle and didn't really stand out so I'm all good!

Since both of them had these 'plastic' pencil type of eyeliner, I thought that these are retractable - but they're not! You have to sharpen them manually with your sharpener! First my thought was, how can I do that easily, I mean, it's plastic tube!! Surprisingly again, it's really easy to sharpen them, it's even goes smoother than a pencil eyeliner!

Similar to the eyeliner pen, these gel liners have stated a lot : 1. Vivid color payoff 2. Long-lasting 3. Adhere to your skin - won't erased even after applied back and forth 4. Smooth Application 5. 3D-pearl-effect. I got to agree to number 1-4, for number 5 I don't really think so because the glitters aren't that much, which is a better effect for me really.

I really like the black eyeliner because even when I put it on my lower lash line, it didn't budge and smudge! It did slightly fading away because my waterline is constantly wet (contacts wearer -you fell me?) So it did a great job hanging on there for some good hours!

Black Gel liner on upper waterline, Brown Gel liner on lower waterline, Eyeliner pen on the lash line.

Overall, I can't recommend you the eyeliner pen, but the gel liner is definitely a yes! Creer Beaute is a Japanese brand that counts as the 'cheaper' one - it will be so much better if you can get your hand to the set that I have here. Even though I think that the eyeliner pen is not that good, for the price (18.000 divided by 3 = 6.000) it is still a good deal to try. 

Even for some time now, I didn't get significant problems and still uses them time to time! :)

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  1. I'm heading to Korea soon!
    I really like the look of the brown gel liner, so might try to find it while I'm there. ^__^
    Thanks for the review! You have a lovely blog.
    ♥ Bec

    1. Try to look for these in Olive Young! :D Hope you had a pleasant trip (and lots of haul, definitely!!)
      Thankyou so much Bec<3

  2. aku juga pengen banget beli itu hahaha

  3. I've always loved the packaging. Haven't gotten around to trying out the brand myself, yet. Tend to stick to Korean products more these days. I'm not usually a fan of brown pencils, but that's a really pretty colour.

  4. The packaging is so pretty. I love that kind of design :D

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