HOW-TO : Daily Neutral Eyes!

as I have nothing better to do, I made another simple - might be even un-useful for a lot of you,
but anyway! (this is the look I did for the EH's rosy tint lips review!)

I had this photos for a while now, but every time I upload these into blogger, something just went very very very wrong. If you noticed some of my swatch pictures - anything that has my skin tone color in it - turns magically into a super contrasted (and ugly) even though it was ok in my computer.

Found out that Google+ is messing with me with its 'auto-enhancer' and excuse me, do you mean by 'ugliness-auto-enhancer'? Thank God I've fixed it and re-uploaded some of the pictures that are not really nice in the eyes before.

Anyway! It's a very easy eye makeup steps - that I like to rock daily. Or sometimes I skipped all that and just used a eyeshadow sticks / creams all over and eyeliner! Because I'm that kinda girl that would never go to class without makeup. That's also the reason why I could do my whole face in under 20 minutes - daily.

You can pair this with any lip color that you want to wear! Even with lipbalm only you will still look stunning!


First, I'm taking my base, which was Banila Co. Acid Color in 04 Bronze City and apply them only in the place I want the darker color to be. So I put them only in the outer "C" - basically is that you make a "C" shape into your crease.


And then I'm using my Innisfree's Mineral Shadow in 05 and taking the darkest color (dark brown matte shadow) and taking a smaller brush - I apply that to the area I put the stick shadow before.

Leave the lip empty and apply it little by little - because it's easier to add than to erase! After applying the dark brown color, I take my fluffy brush and blend them like crazy.


For the lid, I'm taking the lightest color out of the Innisfree's Mineral Shadow quad, it's a light cream color and pat it on the lid. Also swept some under my eyebrow there.

You want a concentrated color, so make sure you pat the color! You can also put a shimmer shadow instead if you don't like the matte!


Because I have a serious 'puffy eyes' - I took it to my advantage. Using Banila Co's Acid Color in Gold Wave, I'm applying them in my inner corner until halfway, and using the darkest color I used before and apply in to the other half. 


Finally, my favorite step - eyeliner and mascara! I just tightline my water line, both upper and (half) below with a gel eye pencil and did the upper lash line with a brush-pen eyeliner. Both eyerliner are from Creer Beaute - Rose of Versailles collection! (review coming soon! - yes it's from that manga!). Last step : apply your favorite volumizing mascara! And you're done<3


   product used   

CONCEALER mac "studio finish concealer"
BRONZER etude house "aloha v-line slim maker" 
EYEBROW etude house "color my brow" #2 & elle girl "soft touch brow pencil" #1 
innisfree "mineral shadow" in #5
creer beaute "la rose the versailles"
creer beaute "gel starry eyes pencil"
nature republic eyelash curler

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  1. so pretty, fil :*

    And... I also have the same problem with my pics! I thought it was only me then you mention it here.. How did you fix it, Fil? I'm really stressed because of it :(

    1. ke google+ home > settings > un-tick automatically enhance new photos!
      Tapi kalo yang udah keupload, di un-tick juga engga berubah :/ harus reupload....... hiks

    2. huhu iyaa.. aku akirnya upload pakai photobucket dulu.. stlah km blg br deh cb lg aku untick.. hihi..
      thank you for the info, fil :*

  2. I love this look. I'm still getting into neutrals and it's nice to know how other people use them.

  3. such a pretty yet effortless looking eyemakeup look!♡

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