Mini Reviews #1

After cleaning around my laptop, I just found out a lot of photos for future reviews - but I ended up not reviewing them! Instead of being lazy, and throwing away things that i've edit and stuff, I've decided to make a 'Mini-Review' series.

Basically I'll just collect products, more than one and combine them in one post. Because I found that a lot of the products I ignore is because simply I don't have a lot of stuff to talk about. Mainly it's a skin care, or body products - unlike makeups I think they have less 'interesting' stuff to talk about really.

And I just wanted to share my opinions to you guys!
So here's the first Mini-review post!

          Innisfree "Tangerine Blossom Perfumed Body Jelly Mist"          

"A feminine and elegant fragrance of the white tangerine blossom shyly bloomed under jeju's warm spring sun" 

I don't know about you but I didn't really get how 'white tangerine blossom' supposed to smell like, but for me it 100% smelled like sugar-apple or srikaya in Indonesian. I just love everything that is fruity-scents so even though it looks really weird (gel-mist?) I decided to get it anyway.

On the directions, it said that I should use it after getting off shower, and when I'm still half dry, spray the product and gently massaged it into the body. I always spray them to my bare skin, not always after shower though. I must say the gel texture do make the scent last longer - but it goes away for like less than an hour. The scent is not as strong - I believe because the ingredients are organic, so the scents are also very mild.

One thing is the gel texture sometimes left a slight tacky feeling to the skin, especially if I apply it before I take the shower. I thought the product has a moisturizing effect in, but it just had this cooling effect similar to aloe gel that didn't last long though. I would love to try other product from this line, the scents - I just can't get over with!

PRICE krw 10.000
RATING  ☆ ☆ 
REPURCHASE maybe...uhm no?

          Aritaum Premium "Blending Sponge"          

Yes, let use please talk about this beauty tool! It's Aritaum's Blending Sponge - a dope for Beauty Blender. I've used this for several weeks and I love it. I haven't had the chance to actually try the "original" beauty blender, either way this one works perfectly for me! 

As like other blending sponges, this gave me a flawless finish and the egg shape could reach narrower area like the sides of my nose, under my eyes, and I even use the flat bottom to apply my finishing powder sometimes. 

Like any other 'beauty blender' - it's kinda hard to cleanse them back into the smooth pink-fuchia color. After a few observations through youtube beauty video and such, this Aritaum's is surely smaller than the original beauty blender, and stiffer - but still very squishy if you get what I mean. This purchase is 100% influenced by Pony's Beauty Diary, I saw her used this once and decided to get it right away. 

I've before used EH's blending sponge (the cute one with Russian Doll image over it) but I definitely prefer this one. (I got it very very cheap on Aritaum Sale Day, I got it for around KRW 3.000+) 

PRICE krw 7.500
RATING  ☆ ☆ ☆ 

          Nature Republic's "The First Eye Cream"         

First of all, this is a purchase that I made by mistake. So a while ago I got samples from Nature Republic for their eye cream. I really really liked it and uses all the samples I got and decided to buy the full size. When I got there, I was surprised because the product isn't there - I believe the changed the name. Unfortunately I also don't have the samples with me anymore and there's 1 thing that I remembered from the product is - the scent.

Long story short, I ended up sniffing one by one, all eye creams they have (and they have, a lot). After a while I come to a realization - NP's eye cream all have similar scents! Because I felt so bad if I didn't pick up anything, I decided to pick the one that smelt closest to the in my head.

And yep, I totally got the wrong one.

Anyway, the product contain 30ml of product and the glass jar is definitely not travel friendly. In the other hand it does make this product looks quite expensive. The formulation is quite thick and it's transparent once applied. It does have a slight cooling effect - and also faint scent to it.

After trying out this product for quiteeee a while, I found this product doesn't really did much, except for moisturizing my under eye area. What I like to do is to apply another eye cream that actually works, then layer it with this cream after the eye cream I put before is completely absorbed. Comparing to the price and the formulation, this is a super no.

 krw 22.000 (I think I got like 50% off this one)

I hope you enjoy the small reviews here and there! Feel free to leave me comments / questions down below and I'll get back to you ASAP! xx

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  1. wow the eye cream is quite expensive :O
    but lucky you, you got 50% off :D
    i am curious about the jelly mist, fil, the name is so unique XD

  2. Replies
    1. innisfree's eco science wrinkle spot essence is a good eye cream! :)

  3. pengen eyecream nyaaaa :)
    thanks for the review ya~

    btw I've just followed ur blog, mind to follow back? :))
    chelchellatte.blogspot.com thanks~

  4. kalau dicuci spongenya ninggalin warna pink2 gitu ga? hehe


    1. aku udah coba cuci berkali2 emang susah banget kayaknya kalo bisa jadi sebersih pas baru pertama kali beli ^^;

  5. really nice products sweety!!!! perfect review!!
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  6. Did you wet your beauty blender before application? If not, that may be the reason why you think yours is significantly smaller than other YT-ers! Hope that helps :)


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