HOW TO : Under Side Eye Look

This time I am remaking a look from Beautycrush @ youtube, because she is just so gorgeous! 
You see, I'm remaking them, my style so it wont be the same! Because the colors she was using is so damn gorgeous so I've tried to look for colors that are similar

The colors I'm using is mainly from E.L.F Little Black BeautyBook in "warm edition"
As per usual, the product detail is after the how-to! <3 (and link to the review)


First before any eyeshadow and stuff, make sure to cover the darkness in your under eye area! (Even though I didn't do my best here but definitely cover them well!

Then for the eye shadow, I'm taking a shimmer eye shadow that is similar to my skin tone, and to deepen the crease color, I used a matte brownish taupe over my lid.


Next! Use a flat shader brush, take a deep mocca brown color and apply it along your lash line. Wink them out, imagine that you're making an upside down eyeliner wink!


Next, still using the same small brush i used earlier, dipping it in a violet burgundy (shimmer) color and just went over the shadow I did before and slightly brings it lower.

You can either use a burgundy color like i did (and Beautycrush's Sammi did) or keep it brown by adding more (lighter) brown!


To deepen the look, I'm taking my brown gel liner pencil and apply it over my lower waterline. You can either use a black eyeliner, but I prefer brown because it's subtle.


Last shadow step! Taking a frosty light beige color from the pallete mixed a little bit with frosty white color from my Innisfree Quad on my inner corner!

Then my favorite thing to do, eyeliner! Line your upper lash line, line them thinly and don't bring the wink too long because we want the focus on the lower line.


To finish everything off! Apply your favorite mascara and a frosty nude pink lipstick. I did almost nothing to my cheek, I just contour it very lightly :) also the sides of my nose too!

                the result               

Annnnnd we're finished! I think this look is simple yet different from a lot of eye looks out there. It's really easy to recreate! This look is very alluring and Beautycrush did say that it looks great for green and brown eyes. Wellll, I can't say I have an au naturel brown eyes, but this eye looks look great with my contact lens don't you think?

Kudos to Beautycrush to make the tutorial and inspired me to recreate this look!
P.S - she retweeted my look :p

Ok, so let's end the post here! I'm really trying to steal some time here and there because this had been so so hectic lately. And starting tomorrow I think I have to start working with my mannequin again, or I'll have a very stressful weekend - which is very very, upsetting. 

And and and the one that keep me entertained are 'The Big Bang Theory' and 'Heirs' - both are ongoing and that's good because I won't be procrastinating watching those in one day. Oh please 'Heirs' don't disappoint me and keep the good work!! 


   product used   

POWDER innisfree 'no sebum mineral powder" & holikaholika "luminous silk aura pact"
BRONZER nyc "sun n bronze"
LIPS nyx "round lipstick" in sky pink
e.l.f "little black beautybook" - warm edition
innisfree "mineral shadow" in #3
ipkn newyork "semi-tattoo pen eyeliner"
nature republic eyelash curler

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  1. you look gorgeous too ;)


  2. I like the heavy undereye look too!! But instead of using eyeshadow, i use eh proof 10 auto pencil on my under waterline and it smudges like crazy so it creates such look lol!! Gorgeous btw i love beautycrush too~ looks nice for fall


    1. haha! lol its a good thing (?) YES I love beauty crush!! I just love her videos is very informative and just great to watch! <3 Especially this tutorial, I watched it 10++

  3. i really love how your lashes look, fil.. that's what i want with my lashes! *salah fokus >.<

    1. hahahah! ce tau engga itu pake Etude Lash Serum - bener2 numbuh loh!

  4. I like your aegyosall~ really! x)

    1. thankyou! I have a slight complex to that "aegyo-sal" to be honest :(
      it really boost my confidence Elin!! xxx


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