REVIEW : The Faceshop's "Radiance Concealer" Dual Veil NB21

Hello! Yes, as you can see I'll review The FaceShop 'Face It' Radiance Concealer Dual Veil in NB21. Retail for KRW 10.900, it's a dual concealer, both liquid and stick in one product!

It is one of The Faceshop's No.1 product, as it placed #1 in 'Get it Beauty' Concealer Blind Test - which surprises me a lot because its rival was all high end brands!

This has been my wishlist after I tried my friend(s)' product and promote them even though I haven't actually purchased them. But now I did! Yey! I could now really recommend it and I'll compare it with my The Faceshop's "Oil Cut" Pore Concealer Dual Veil that I purchased earlier.

ingredient list for both liquid and stick concealer

a instruction in case you can't differentiate the concealers (NO.)

I like the fact that I got 2 products in one product? If that make sense. I personally use both concealer type, I like liquid type for my under eye and the stick for my blemishes, so basically this is a perfect product (+ it is super travel friendly!)

The packaging stated :

"The perfect duo of liquid and cream stick concealer for flawless skin"
Moisturizing cream concealer seamlessly camouflages minor imperfections while the stick concealer perfectly covers up more visible pigmentations and dark spots for flawless skin

The 'cover stick' shaped like a lipstick and the liquid concealer shaped like a gloss applicator! I can't stop stressing on how compact and convenient these are!

The liquid concealer's texture is very soft and almost velvety, It really glides on really smooth. The coverage is medium to high, I like to layer it over my Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream for more coverage as recently my darkening near my eyes are really really bad. I like to blend them with my fingers, but synthetic brush is also good too.

For the Cover Stick, I like to apply them in my blemishes, acne scars and the side of my nose. Its coverage is definitely higher than the liquid. And I realized that the cover stick doesn't cake up even after some layering. It stays quite a long time, though I see some fading (especially around my nose) after a few good hours, I must say about 5-6 hours?

The Cover Stick is definitely very creamy, and also glides very smoothly. But the stick itself is not easily broken, that's a super good thing because usually something creamy that comes in stick like these doesn't last long, but this I can guarantee, will last long.

Now, I will compare the "Radiance Concealer" Dual Veil with the "Pore Concealer" Dual Veil :

First, I have a very oily skin. I thought, why do I want 'Radiance' for my concealer? So I went with the 'Oil Cut'. Because its purpose is to fight 'oil', the liquid concealer dries quickly and creases so badly on my under eye area. And the 'Stick Cover' also accentuates my dry patches, you know on some blemishes sometimes there're dry skin all over it (urghh..) and these concealer successfully made those shows better on my face.

Guys, you don't need the 'oil cut' formulation for your oily skin, go with the radiance it's so much better! Wiuh. That felt good.

Both of mine are NB21, but after swatching them side by side, it did have a slight difference.

As you see above, the swatches of 'Oil Cut' have more yellow tone on it, while the 'Radiance' have more pink tone in it. Because the liquid concealer could be use for the under eye area, the tones are slightly lighter than the stick!

Overall, go with the radiance, not with the oil cut. That's it.

Thankyou so much for reading!:)

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  1. softlens cantik #salah fokus
    pakai apa itu?

    1. hahahah! #gapapa lol itu ak pake freshkon kah yang bikin gede yang brown :)

  2. It was nice that you compared the two products.
    With the Radiance concealer, did the liquid accentuate any fine lines under your eyes? I'm always worried about concealers making my lines/wrinkles stand out more.

    1. Hi terri! I do have fine lines too (in fact, alot!) under my eyes, and even high end products creases on me. this concealer did a lilllll bit settled on my line, but definitely not accentuate them! :DD

  3. Its pretty awesome to have a concealer in a lipstick form hehe :P
    It has really good coverage!

  4. interesting. I wonder if they have this in malaysia.
    Thanks for the review. will try to find it around :)


    1. I think you can find it in almost every 'The Faceshop' store! :D
      Good luck!

  5. This looks like such an intersting product. Especially it semms to be comparable to other highend products.Nice review!

  6. wee, emang lagi hunting concealer nih :), kisaran itu brapa yah ?

  7. bahaya nih setiap baca reviewmu jadi kepengen terus hahahaha

  8. nice review. lagi ngetrend ya ini concealer. lagi banyak yang ngeraved.


  9. This looks really good! I think the liquid part really helps blend the stick out. It didn't even look like you were wearing that much concealer in the photo!

    Beauty Challenged

  10. i've been looking for a comparison between the two of them, and this is the first one that i've found after a lot of research. thanks!!!!

  11. Been looking everywhere for a travel friendly concealer which could be used both on under eyes and blemishes. At last, I found it. Thank you for the review! :)


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