REVIEW : The Faceshop's "Face it Artist Touch Lipstick" Creamy Matte Lipsticks

Guys, I felt so bad to not post anything recently, really. Not only the practice of Knock-Knock Indonesia (an Indonesian Night presented by Indonesian students in Busan, if you're curious ;) I'm one of the choir and the 'kecak' dancer...) and it took most of my evenings!! Grahh even if I have some time i filled it with watching Running Man while sewing my homework -.- two main reasons of not blogging : too busy for practice, and too broke to buy new stuffs. Yeap, if you're not around for long you might not know that this blog is filled with mostly reviews, and I done none for I don't know, WEEKS, because I don't have new stuffs to talk about! Now I hope I could totally catch up my schedule. Right now I'm supplying myself with vitamin C like candies because it's freakin H-3!!!!!! 


Today review is The Faceshop's "Face it Artist Touch Lipstick" Creamy Matte lipsticks that I got the other day, both retail for KRW 10.900. I'm not sure on how many shades available because it's not stated on the site. 

The shades I own were BR802 and PP402 사랑중 버건디 (In love Burgundy?), the burgundy color is actually a part of new The Faceshop's 2013 Fall Collection, along with another lipstick and a eyeshadow palette. I was recommended by my friend, Jess, to pick these up!

So the packaging is really simple, similar to the other Faceshop's "Lesson" line. The packaging is black with subtle shimmers. A little bulky, but I love them! So as you can see on the pictures above, I got two colors, one nude colored, one bright colored. 

The description on the box wrote : 

"Creamy texture enhanced with Light Powder offers vivid and long-wearing color that glides effortlessly with a velvet-smooth finish."

I like it when lipsticks have this writings on it's bullet, because it makes the lipstick looks worth more than it is :p And I realized that the bullet is curved to fit my lips' curve. Though I'm sure it gonna washes out over time. 

The texture of the lipstick is very creamy, if you don't see it already from the name, it almost made me forgot that it's actually a matte lipstick! You know, because matte lipstick usually have drier texture and it doesn't happened with this product! 

LEFT without flash RIGHT with flash

The pigmentations of these products are amazing! You see on my wrist swatch, the first two from the left is one layer and the rests are two layers. Both swatches didn't have big difference, right? For the color, I love the nude color so much!! And for the burgundy, I even thought that I picked up the wrong color because it turned out so red! Like, chili red with a hint of maroon. I really hoped that the burgundy color comes out a little bit darker :(

The products stated that it's a long-lasting product. Matte lipsticks usually do last longer than glossy lipstick. I realized that these product lasts for about 2-3 hours until it worn out. The burgundy color definitely lasts longer than the nude one! Which is suck because I usually don't put much attention when I'm using nudes, so it was all worn out until I reapplied.

Even though it's creamy when applied, after some times the creaminess started to disappear and could really dry up your lips. Especially recently the weather has been very dry, it's really uncomfortable for my lips it I didn't put lip balm before hand. 

Overall, this is an OK product. 3 out of 5. I love the colors, and the texture is really nice. The pigmentation is great and the lasting power is an ok too, I guess. I actually got these for half price in a 1+1 event, so I think I got my money worth. What I love the most (and probably most of you won't) is the packaging! It's so simple, all black, just, LOVE. Haha 

Oh yeah, using lipbalm before applying this lipstick is a big must! 

my go-to stripes cropped sweater from H&M. LOVE.

It's been a while since I review stuffs I got kinda awkward here. I warn you after this post, my blog will be filled with a lot of Innisfree products lol. I did some shopping recently after I got my allowance, so wait for the reviews guys! <3

So, until the next post! 

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  1. Absolutely love the nude color on you! Looks very nice! Too bad it doesn't last as long ~.~ Great review! :)


    1. yes, I have to check myself out everytime! :( thankyou! <3

  2. That is a lovely shade of nude! Looks great on you!


  3. cakep banget warnanya :) tapi sayang bibirku kering :'( ga berani coba hiks

  4. never bought any face shop's products again because of the boring packaging :|
    but this one looks nice, it looks super pigmented ya, Fil :D

    hahaha can't wait for your innisfree products review :p

    1. hahah ceee kita emang beda banget! :p i love simple packaging like theeeese

  5. I've never tried The Face Shops lipsticks before!
    I love the orangey coral coloured one the best ^_^


    1. it looks really nude real life but it turned out to be more orange in the pictures tho :)

  6. Secara ajaib kemaren gue ke faceshop demi beli lipstick merahnya tapi kok ga lihat hahaha. Harus balik ternyata... =))

    1. kenapa lw juga secara ajaib bisa di blog gw lol! *very awkward* balik sana gih lagi diskon kan!! :D

  7. PP402 looks beautiful on you. o.o

  8. Waaa, samaa! Aku juga cobain Lipsticknya Face It yang RD301 :)
    Itu yang nude bikin ngiler deh ce x)

  9. Thank you for posting this :) It's really helpful! I'm actually interested in buying this.
    Also, I'd feel honoured if you check out my blog, I have newest review of Etude House x Disney collaboration! (so far only nails & all eye shadows) but soon I'll get the lipsticks and fake lashes!

  10. The lippies look creamy and pigmented. All shades are lovely!
    ~Pauline @ http://www.kallony.com.ph/brand/aveeno


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