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another illustration post! 
I'm dying with all these project, presentation, and all school stuff.

I'm going crazy.


It's Midterm and I'm posting this when I should actually study.

So..... Innisfree went on sale last week I guess, I went crazy O_O

Innisfree is one of Korean brand that I talked a lot here and I'm sure some of you might be familiar.
Again, Innisfree is one of the Amore Pacific brand, its also covers Etude House and Aritaum and yada yada. Look up wikipedia for more brands under Amore Pacific.

Recently (No. Been a long time actually) Innisfree comes up with their Spring collection and their focus is on their new formulated creamy tint lipsticks. I believe they have a total of 10 shades (both glosses or tint, and lipsticks) and the colors are really vibrant and vivid, only 2 of them are more neutral. Which is somewhat unnatural because we know Korean make up concept is natural and sweet and all that stuff.

But following the 2013 SS trend colors, they have bright fuschia pink, orange-y red, red pink and etc etc so it's kinda new.

This product is really popular! For only KRW 10.000 for the gloss and KRW 12.000 for the lipstick, they sold out almost in all the first month after their launching. Seriously, gais, it's a big thing here. And when innisfree started on its scheduled sale for members, my classmates are in chaos deciding what color to buy.

I bought the neutral-est color out of the, ehem, 2, this is the #6 발그레 살구꽃 and no don't ask me to translate that. The color is just a nude pink coral shade and it is creamy (in a good way). It's easy to apply and even though the 'bullet' looks like it's matte but it's actually not that matte but I won't say it's glossy as well.

I think for a lipstick it's last ok and it's been my go to lipstick I bring this all the time.

I didn't buy the gloss but you can totally compare it with L'oreal Caresse Lip gloss. They have the same applier and consistency, and probably the same concept. But I could say that the innisfree's is more tinted and the neutrals actually come a bit creamy so it could show up in your lips better than L'oreal's. I might not buy the gloss because I have 4 of the L'oreal Caresse and I don't know what to do with them lol.

Next is also from their spring line, Eco Premium Gel Nail. They said it is "Without UV lamp, just air dried or hair drier for glossy Gel nail!" something like that. Actually when I saw "GEL", I hope that they last long, like gel nail! But apparently this is only gives you that 'gel nail look', glossy and somewhat thick.

But one thing that make them different from other nail polishes, that it dries so fast! Especially the top part it just harden like in seconds. I might be over-reacting but I'm kinda suck at waiting for a polish to dry. The top part seems to always either scratched or pulled off and stuff like that so I'm really looking polish like this.

The not-so-good part is, the price was (compared to other Korean brand's nail polish) expensive. It's KRW 8.000 and they only have 5 color + 1 base and + 1 top coat. Look forward for more colors! <3

The next product is mineral shadow in shade #5. The reason why I chose this quad is because it's the only quad that have MATTE shadows! Ugh. After I got into makeup and stuff, I began to realized how Asian countries LOVE bling-bling and sparkly and glittery eye shadows more than matte, cream more that powder, highlight more than bronzer!

As my face is more to the oily side, I prefer matte and clean look so bling-bling eyeshadow is just a no. And finding a eyeshadow quad with a atleast one matte shadow is definitely a hard task. I'm quite happy with the product and the color payoff is actually good. The colors tone are more to the warmer tone and the bronze color actually matches my hair color. I don't actually like the idea of matching my shadow with my hair color so......yeah.

Last thing is my innisfree (duh) Mineral Stick Concealer in #2 Natural Beige! It's creamy, easy to apply and it's cheap! I think it's about KRW 8.000 (same price as the nail polish). Stays ok and the color match my skin good! Nothing to complain really.

I got all the prices 30% off and I only paid for KRW 30.100 for all this items! (+ a comb, but I forgot to take the picture) Just a reminder if you bought cosmetic in Korea on sale, usually they don't give out samples like they usually did.

OH and one thing I wanna share. I've been OBSESSED with this song

I was always so skeptical about vocaloid. But, sometimes karma'll bite you, in a nice way. ha. I LIKE IT.




I was completely in love with Lee Hi  - Rose video clip recently... So this piece was inspired from her.
If you haven't see the video clip, SEE NOW
I just love everything, the music, the cinematography, everything!! 

Media : just an ordinary ballpoint

It's my first time showing my illustration haha 
I'll try to keep up and make more! 



If you don't know it yet, I have another video!

This video is about an outfit inspirational video, when I edited it I was deeply inspired by ClothesEncounter's channel.
So why chilly? Because Korea, or Busan in particularly is still very chilly AND windy. I won't complain any longer because I know a lot of countries are still snowing by now.

It's basically our second session, you can find the first one under this post! The member changes and unfortunately we were not able to shoot the first one :(

BUT we're sure we're gonna made up another one ASAP! (......definitely after midterms)
Now I'm gonna post the pictures! 



Spring is HERE!!

with the cherry-blossom in the season, spring is officially come to South Korea!
Luckily I don't have to go far away because my university have LOTS of Cherry Blossom tree already.
For almost two weeks I went to classes with flowing petals everywhere <3

My school should pay me to promote them. Even edited to make them look prettier. HA! The flower in Korean actually called 벚꽃 or 桜(さくら)in Japanese. One of my friend in Japan actually say that Korean cherry blossom looks the same as Japanese's sakura. No wonder actually because they're neighboring country.

But I don't see a lot of people do 'hanami' 花見(はなみ)or picnic under cherry blossom tree like in Japanese drama movie manga anime anywhere!!! :( And yeah I had to cheat on the saturation because in actual picture the flower turns out rather white than pink.

And the result of group of vain people and pretty cherry blossom, this is like our annual thing, we decided to dress prettily and took some pictures over the weekend!

the participant! 

I must say our skill in posing and mixing up our clothes have been significantly increasing since last year's. Especially since last year we did not planned the 'photo session'. I was looking for some pictures from last year to compare, but I'm to ashamed to do that lol

As a fashion entusiast I totally encourage us to have this kinda session at least once a month! Recently a lot of people near me got a really good fashion sense even me as a fashion design student sometimes ashamed of self for not dressed nicely.

Funny thing! I wore set of bracelets that almost same colored as the cherry blossom petals! Honestly speaking as a Japanese culture fan of almost 12 years I have dreamed to see 'Sakura' (Starting from elementary, addiction to Cardcaptor Sakura gave HUGE support on my craziness over Japan)

On me :

Sweater and Bracelet : Forever21
One Piece (inside the sweater + skirt) : Bought in Nampodong, Busan
Shoes : Gacina Shoes (a street shop near my dorm haha)
Thigh : Uniqlo
Jacket : Cosset (A vintage shop, means I thrift this)

Believe me, thrifting in Korea is so much fun, because the stores are really nice and stuff! Like a legit clothing store! I didn't know at first 'vintage' shop means second hand shop! I thought they only sold vintage style clothing! Aaaa! So people, vintage store in Korean means : thrift store (even their price is not so 'thrift'y)

Conclusion, we had so much fun. We got a lot of nice pictures taken with nice camera (new profile pictures! And instagram!) The weather was really nice and of course we can't let our styling work to come to a waste. After posing in front of the camera (eaa) we had a nice lunch together. And fyi, we might do this again this weekend! FUN!

Thankyou for reading! Flying kisses to you with sprinkles of cherry blossom petals

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