I actually had already prepared like, thousands, hundreds, about around almost 5 blog posts that I should be doin' during this winter holiday,

but f*ck those I'm too lazy. I blame the rain!!!!

I'm sure pretty much of you (probably) heard about flood disaster in Jakarta, Indonesia which is still actually happening right now. Some areas in Jakarta still drowning in 1 metres or more depth and I'm just really lucky to still have my home to sleep in and the area around is just wet, not anywhere near flooding. Everything is normal, too normal actually.

I live in Tangerang, which also one of the flooding area but as I said before, I'm just really lucky. And me my mom and my sister already packed some of our unused clothes (in great conditions of course) to be send out for donation.

Anyhoo, I was just writing a kinda depressing blog posts, no fun no happy no makeup no fashion no smiley post, its something that I've been storing inside my heart for, apparently too long by now and I decided to pour those feelings into the blog, but! I'm not gonna put anything more depressing than the massive flood so here comes the funny one!

I don't know if its just me, but I like, I mean, REALLY ADDICTED to screen caption anything, anyone, any something that is either hilarious, handsome, inspiring, and stuffs like that. I have my own folder titled 'screencap' just for my collection of pretty cute guys on Korean drama I watched screencaptions!

But recently, my HD is acting up, EVERYTHING IS GONE, my songs, pictures, video, just, gone... 800GB worth of files, just GONE. I dunno what happen but once a year my HD always slips on its way to anger me!! GRAWWW

Now to the screen caption festival!!! Starting off with the 'Gentlemen's Dignity' Special

in his 40 and still doing the puppy eyes 

I don't know why but everytime I saw scenes like this, it just crackled me up!  

*ehem* BL *ehem* festival *ehem*

 Right angle and right moment. Why did I shipped BL so much?

 HAHA Don't know why I really loved this episode of Modern Family! 

Why.Did.I.Have.This. Tasty.Brothers.Why.You.So.Tall.And.Pretty

Random Idols! 

Babo-est face. Lee Joon, Thank God you're pretty. 

This is the time I fell in love with BAP. Really cool performance act by Zelo, which apparently the same age as my little bro. *pedo alert*

 HALF WINGED EYELINER. No really, check out his right eyes, real wings inspired!! remember my blog post?

Anyone want to guess why I screen capt this scene?

As a circle lens wearer, I cringed, So Hard. 

Running Man! 

His face was like the perfect ERHHMAHHGERD expression lol

Ha! No caption lah you know why I captioned this 

The only reason why I captured this is : their caption!!! 시끄럽고 도움 안 되는 구멍 광희 which translate to Noisy and definitely-not-helping black hole Gwang Hee. Seriously I can not love Gwang Hee!! 

Shinhwa Bansong! (Shinhwa Broadcast)

I don't normally watched them weekly anymore :( And a lot of my screen capts were from their early episodes :( I think right now they learned too much variety skill already and they lose the sense of spontaneity, everything seems to be calculated (*ehem* RM too actually *ehem*) but I do still enjoy frequent watch of SB! :D  

 THIS is the most hilarious episode, I think when they get to be Asia-Europe team? hahahahah that's just friggin' funny!!  


I had a lot of his screen capt I could make his own sub title! 

This disgust me, but I have to screen capt this because his side profile is....... 

 Koala Punch! or something. Really? one of the weirdest drama I've watched

captionless. He's just pure cute.


Seriously though if I want to make a folder full of Arashi Screen capt, it wouldn't be enough. They're just, the most incredible idols I've ever seen

Epicness when Sho tried to back flip under Nino's false hipnosis.  

The other 3 scenes were captured because they were such a beauty I can't waste them up.

Random Pretty Boys MEN ! 

when a J-rocker start to act silly. That moment! 

ahiru guchi desu!

*gasp for oxygen* 

Some of my Kim Jaewook collection survived!!!! <3 

Current obsession : Ezra Miller. This scene is taken from 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' which is the most psychotic movie EVER! But seriously you need to check out 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' 

Freak enough?
If only I still had my HD I could slap you more with my Hyde / Kim Jaewook / Gongyoo / Arashi goodness. DAYMNIT!

another thang to show off

 My school Dormitory webpage! why...............?

and just to make you guys out there jealous. My internet connection in Korea <3


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