I see wings!!!!

If I have to list my obsessions :


and the third one, is super related to my ultimate one :

3. WINGS! 

If you not know who the hell is number 1, no he is not Dr Jekyll's Hyde. Nor Hyde park.

Right is Jaejoong's, Left is Hyde's <3 credit pictures to google.com

Jaejoong is also one of people in the world I consider, too pretty to be alive, I've met him real life at JYJ concert and in the cinema for his film, read them here. I don't actually even know that JJ had his tattoo upgraded with some wings! Did I liked people according to their obsession on wings? Curious, curious.   

Anyway, i fell in love with wings not long after I fell for hyde! And i just think they're pretty and artsy and if someday I decided to get a tattoo, I WANNA WINGS!!! 

As a wings lover, I still choosey on my favorite wings stuffs. Not all wings I like lah, I also see the designs. But but but recently I made a certain purchases on Accessorize in Seoul that I super super super love!!!!!!!! 


I don't usually would bought something from Accessorize in Korea, I know they're not that expensive in Europe, but in Korea they're really not kidding. The prices were like, .......wow

But honestly the products inside were so cute x 100000000000!!! I could only stare and burn my heart with jealousy over European or anywhere where Accessorizes stuffs doesn't cost you a $30++ for a hairpin.

ALSO!! Matching with my earrings


I'm still can't wear it until now because it would drown in my scarf. I'm totally bringing this baby home to forever summer Indonesia!!!!

And, one thing. The price!! The earrings cost me about KRW 5.000 and the necklace were KRW 12.000. WHAT A STEAL!! Really I stare to the jewelry section to see if there's any of these wings collection I might be missing.

I really like these!!!!!! AAAAAAAA the gold was perfect!!! And the wing sizes are perfect!!!! MORE PRODUCTS PLEASE!!!


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