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Banila. Co products and Forever21 beauty pouch

Banila. Co is one of Korean brand that you internationally not going to hear as loud as Etude House, The Face Shop, etc but I'm not strange with the name as some people have actually recommend me to try Banila. Co products.

I know the name is actually quite ridiculous. A lot of my friends here actually thought the name was supposed to be 'Vanilla. Co' but because Korean don't have a 'V' in their hangul, their pronunciation turned into 'Banila. Co'. So when I actually get into their store, I was like, 'wait, so your real brand name is Banila? like, Banila?' Now I know how my friend Vania's feel, to be called Bania in Korean. That's just......................... off.

Outside of their weird brand name, I like every things that I purchased from there!!
Well, as I said before some people did recommend me some stuff, or actually the brand only because they never stated the specific products to get. So.........

..And it's kinda hard to get Banila. Co in Busan, comparing to Seoul.

Arggggggh I kept on typing Banilla. Co instead Banila. Co. forgive me for future typo.

The first thing that I got from Banila is this BB cream. Actually I got them for sale (duh),  they retail for about KRW 30.000 but I got them for KRW 21.000. I was kinda torned with their other BB cream, I think it was the Let Me Bebe Naked BB cream? just because it was so much cheaper + the sale discount. As I look around, I found these and decided to try and bought it.

Real Face Natural BB cream SPF31 PA++ in Real Natural

I don't have a swatch pic, but anyway the BB cream is definitely on the sheer side, blend really well and actually doesn't have a grayish tone like most of bb creams. It felt really thin and almost like my skin's second layer. I TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT. I do need some coverage, but some concealer did the job.

The second stuff is their face primer, 'Prime' Primer in classic. This packaging is a limited edition packaging for their 7th(?) anniversary. Aside from the packaging, the amount and the price is slightly higher than the original packaging. It cost me about KRW 22.000, the original one is KRW 18.000.

The reason why I ended up getting the limited one is :

                    What's is more cuter than a pink-illustration packaging????

I did wanted the classic matte one but f*ckit I'm taking these baby home.

Short story, after the BB cream purchase, we got back to our guest house (That time me and my sister were in Seoul for short weekend to accompany my aunt and nephew sister) and my sister begin to try the bb cream we bought together with the primer sample. She said it was tooooo good she beg to get back to Banila to actually get the full sized primer. Plus, she did a search on the products and it was said a Korean primer must-have.

Actually these primer come in 4 other type for each skin types : classic (combination typed), classic matte (oily skin), Hydrating (dry skin), Hydrating shimmer (dry skin). So choose carefully for your skin type or it might not work as good :D


She did get her primer, but the staff talked me to buy the primer, and the primer powder. Gosh my ears are so thin. 

The last thing on my purchase were this 'Prime' primer finish powder. I know it's not stated here but it's for the oily-combination skin. The dry skin one is the white one! Take precaution if you want to get one!! Price : KRW 22.000

I didn't get the brush, i got for free (woot woot!). Another one of their 7th anniversary sale special, buy the limited edition primer + this primer powder, get the kabuki brush for free! I guess that's another one plus reason for why I did get the pink limited cute one. Still confused why they put these on their primer line, because powdering is totally not a primer-ing step of make up. But once again, judge any Korean makeup by their cuteness and effectiveness, not by their Engrish.

These combination, primer + BB cream + translucent 'primer' powder = PERFECT

GOOOOSH my makeup stayed all day!! I'm a student you see and I put on makeup almost everyday and for almost 10+ hours per day. So creasing makeup (read : losing some of your foundation on your T-zone / acne spots) is not a new thing for me. But these baby kept my BB cream still!!!! I also tried them with my Revlon Photoready Foundation and it still worked really well! Money well spent, Filia, well spent.

The kabuki brush were also beyond expectation! It was reaaaaaally soft but still dense enough for the micro powder applies and sets nicely :)  I just lookover their site, the brush retails for KRW 14.000!! That's where the quality came from :o

For the samples, they gave me one of their best selling products. I think it was their cleansing cream (above) and a face mask. Haven't tried them and I think I'm gonna liking every Banila. Co products shoved into my face. So getting excited to try them! :D 

Conclusions are, I really like Banila. Co face / base products. They do have higher price range comparing to other Korean brand, but if you would like to invest on a nice, long lasting BB cream I would totally recommend these! Some things though I did notice on my twice visit on different Banila. Co shop (and several by just looking through the window) is that they always have one male staff. I don't know why but male staffs always successful talking me into buy their products!!!. Cute one have much bigger effect tho. I think it's one of their sales strategy :/ 

Anyway I'm gonna do another hauls of makeups and Christmas packagings! :D Stay tuned!!


forgot a thing, go ahead to www.banilaco.com for products list and info. I know it's in Korean, but you could check out their best selling stuffs and ...other...stuffs there!


  1. Hai Filia,

    Aku lagi nyari2 review Banila terus aku ketemu blog kamu. Soalnya jarang ada yang review Banila ya. Kamu udah pernah coba BB Cream terbarunya? Aku lagi cari2 reviewnya hehe. Thanks ya...

    1. haloo:D
      iya jarang sih emang ka orang review banila.co.. aku belum pernah cba sih yang baru dan pas ak cari ternyata bb cream yang ini udah nggak diproduksi lagi >_< cuma overall banila co itu bagus si, soalnya dia ga abu2 gitu kayak kebanyakan bb cream dan jatuhnya tipis di muka! trus dilihat dari harganya jg kalo dibanding sama etude house, faceshop, dll emang lbh mahal, tapi aku sih lebih rekomen banila co! baunya enak lagi bb creamnya haha

  2. iya, aku juga udah cocok sama Banila Co. mau titip temen yang lain tapi takut gak cocok hehe. kayaknya sih yang kamu beli ganti packaging aja kalo aku banding-bandingin. Well anyway thank you yaaa :)

  3. Wah, ak ga pernah denger ada produk ini. Yg primer lucu banget packagingnya >w<
    Jd pengen cb beli product dr situ abis baca review km. hahaha XD
    Thanks ya reviewnya, it's really informative :D

    Join my international giveaway,

    1. iyaa haha emang brand ini namanya kurang gede dibanding brand2 korea lainnya >_< tapi yang primernya udah ga bs dibeli lagi soalnya limited huks (dan skrg ak pny udah habis juga huks)
      I really like your lolita style<333 Following your blog!! >_< haha

  4. Sugar cofee have you ever reviewed the it radiant bb cream


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