My lip products HAUL!

Talking about December, all the sales and all the presents.....FIUH it's such a wonderful month to spend, PLUS we survived the 2012 apocalypse so YEY!

So, winding back to my previous post about getting more productive, I actually gonna clean up and posts things I always delayed (typical me). But actually delaying these Haul post gave me sometime to actually try them and could share to you my honest opinion as a consumer! ha!

I did make more efforts as I got more time in my hand right now. I'm so glad I decided to brought back ALL my makeups home. Eventhough I only have like, 2 months here, I already planned some ideas to put on my blog, so keep on that!

Without further a do, here's my lip products haul (korean brands)

Now presenting you the 'in your face' picture of my lips! I thought on showing you guys the true color so I decided to use it on my lips, Here I'm showing you my lips without anything so you could kinda imagined the color on your lips natural color :*

Natural Republic - 'Mango Bebe Lip' collection! 

Did I tell you guys I was obsessed with Natural Republic brand these days? Not only the got so much better packaging (nice design? SOLD), They also working on expanding their collection. Of course, with cheaper price! 

Apparently Japanese do like this brand (I guess either it is because of Jang Geunsuk...or the brand is actually nice for them). Well even if it is because to JGS, then it means they make used of their 'money' well to attract customer! Recently they also using JYJ, even my friend would go coconut at Nature Republic just for the paper bag!

 Mango Bebe Lip - Care Stick SPF 15 in Red Mango

Mango Bebe Lip - Lip concealer

I got two out of 4 stuff in their line. As you can see above, a lip balm and a lip concealer. 

The lipbalm is actually a repurchase. I really like how the color is showing nicely on my lips, but actually it does not doing a goodjob moisturizing. The lip concealer is also not a necessary buy I guess. Because 1. I don't really use a lot of lipsticks that needs extra concealing before it could actually showing up and 2. You can always use your concealer, after you moisturize your lips well. 

Price : KRW 4.400 
Where to Buy : Gmarket (Sorry, cant find the red mango ones TT_TT, so linked to the white mango instead!)

Next is still for Nature Republic,
Eco Crayon Lip Rouge 

 Eco Crayon Lip Rouge in #4 Peachy Pink

Eco Crayon Lip Rouge in #2 Rouge Pink

I purchased them separately, first I get the #2 first and starts using it and it felt nice! So I went back again to get something more light for everyday use, and I bought #4 which ends up not as nice as the redder one :/

The lighter pink just does not glide nicely on my lips and it accentuates my lips fine lines! Making them look dry when they're not! 

Just remember, different from any other similar products, these are more to a lip color than a lip tint. So they won't stain your lips so you might want to reapply them during them day. The plus point is, because they're not a lip stain, it actually doesn't make your lip dry (except for the pink one, where it MAKE your lip looks dried out..)

Price : KRW 6.000

Still from Nature Republic (gosh........)
Adding another petite sticks from my post here 
Petite Cherry Rouge!

 Petite Cherry Rouge in H11 Real Black Rouge

Petite Cherry Rouge in C34 Creamy Espresso

To summarize this products in one sentence : CHEAP AND SMALL. Yep. Which actually quite a solution for people like me that wanted a colorful lipsticks to try, but don't have the confidence to actually finish the sticks! For example like the vampy lips in my first picture? I might be only wearing those once a year!! So having a small stick and a cheap price doesn't burden me! haha

Price : Original for KRW 3.300, but I always got it on 50%disc so KRW 1.650! 
Where to buy : Sorry, can't find the online one you have to go to the store :(

Is the product I really excited about, not from NP! 
Aritaum's World Glam Lip Gloss

 World Glam Lip Gloss in #17 Shanghai

World Glam Lip Gloss #4 New York

You might ask, World Glam?? Wut?? 
If you click down belom, right after where to buy space, I've put down the link to the gmarket page where you could see all the colors in the collection. Basically, Aritaum named the glosses with the images of big cities in the world!! 
Cool idea huh??

I've already wanting the 'Shanghai' as Aritaum launched it as a part of their Christmas collection. I tried them on store and I just really like the consistency, and the color of course! But suddenly they went on sale for 3 days (Aritaum doesn't really go on sale!) So I was panicked and it truly was an impulse buy. I planned to only buy one, but the pink one also looks nice..... so..... lol

Actually they're really creamy for a lip gloss, but still can't be used alone. Because of the texture it's kinda hard to blend away if you had no foundation before (like lipsticks/lipbalm). But still the packaging it's nice. Reminds me a lot to Mac's Dazzleglass bottles.

.....and which I just knew that it is also NYX's soft matte lip cream's name concept. Coincidence? I bet it's not.

Super duper mega cute signs on each bottles!! I like how the really tried to match every city with a color. I personally thinks they're quite true to the images! 

Price : KRW 12.000 (on the store, I don't know why but the Gmarket one was more cheap!)
Where to buy : Gmarket. also click there to see more color! 

Actually I still have one more to go, but I think I'm gonna combined it with my another Face Shop haul!! I hope that my post is in anyway informative. I've started to think to blog a new series of Howto's related to living life in Korea, so I hope you could stay tuned to that!


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