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It's been 2 weeks from my arrival in Indonesia. And a friggin' week after New Year, and I must say none of my New Year resolutions are accomplished. Yay for procrastination? Honestly though, I kinda hate myself now...

After 2 weeks cursing on my broken HD (I'm just kidding, please go back to me my love) all my plan on watching all these drama I've downloaded and kept literally will only be a dream. Meh. You could say it's also procrastinating if I only watch drama and did nothing. But BAM I'm watching it without a friggin' subtitle It's also learning I suppose.

But once again It's all a dream now.... unless my HD decided to come back alive anytime soon.

Anywho, today I'm gonna blog about cafes!! Which I think I haven't been blogged about for ages!! Re-thinking about my blog name which I actually first dedicated to my coffee addiction. Now It's just make up and 'kalap'-an all over #bigsigh

Anywho 2
The cafe I'm going to talk about now is HELLO KITTY CAFE! Oh yeah. You Jelly huh?
If you're a evid fan of Chessie or Xiaxue You'll recognize that they are sponsored to go visit Taiwan's Hello Kitty cafe, by Hello Kitty airplane and stuffs like that. I followed them on Instagram and how they raged about how disgustingly bad tasted the foods are. They're cute though!

Luckily this Korean Hello Kitty cafe is so far delicious!! Not only shaped really really cute until you rather freeze it over and use it a statue or something than eating it, they actually tasted great!

Actually this was my second visit to the cafe, and the big difference they made is of course Christmas Decorations!! I was going to combine everything (my first and second visit) But my HD drive shuts down before I could move all my pictures....... TT_TT

Cutest sticker ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel 

 a Christmas Special cake or someting.. 'Snow falls on Hello Kitty's House'

Don't be fooled by the pictures. They'll served you with paper cups.  

I must say they have a lot of beverages and food choices even Hello Kitty merchandises. But the prices......... for a cup of coffee, in a paper cup.....ckck I wish they served the coffee in a proper mug. I suspected a lot of people stole away their mugs and spoons and other stuffs they stopped using those instead. But really, bringing up the coffee (you have to pick up your coffee in the first floor) in a paper cup it's just too much. It will always spill around

I believe people are only coming here because they are just want to try and see the cafe. As I said before the prices might be more expensive, but it's worth the price. If only they cleaned up more.. The place is rather filthy, my first visit was worse than my second.

Nao I present you all the #foodporn #foodgasm pictures!!

So cute ornot!!! Hello Kitty Rare Cheese Sponge Cake with a holly berry! You have to make sure you come around Christmas or not it will just the kitty

The whole order. Seriously though I fell bad to those who got the ribbons. wth 

Hereby I present you this picture titled 'Kitty Mutilation'. It happened so fast........

I got the Kitty Lady profile! This one is the prettiest <3 

Things that should not forgotten, pictures!

Remember how I said a lot of Korean cafe have post its / scribble all over their wall? In Hello Kitty, you definitely no scribbling allowed but! you can scribble on their white stones. The old ones are kept in cute hello kitty jar 

This Hello Kitty ins located in Hongdae street. I can't tell you exactly where is it because if it's in Seoul I'm also a foreign tourist you know. It's kinda tricky because it located not on the main streets and Hongdae is kinda big soooo... But I'm sure a lot of people could tell you if you ask for direction!

Closing up with pictures of signs celebrities that have been there, There's T-ara and Dalshabet for ya!
After this I'm either gonna post about makeup shopping (again) or Suju Yesung's MouseRabbit Cafe!


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