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REVIEW : Etude House's Sugar Tint Balm

Still trying to get myself together and post more reviews! Eeeek!

Now, a long delayed review of Etude House's (used to be) new collection "Sugar Tint Balm" :) 

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Sugar Tint Balm"

        type of product        
Lip balm / tint

#8 RD303 blackberry jelly 블랙베리 젤리

KRW 8.000

Etude House Official Site (ko)

I think this is a very "calmed" EH's product packaging, comparing to how pink and ribbon-y the other collections are, it suits my taste more than the other with typical Etude House design! 

You have to turn the cap to open the product, not at all revolutionary, but it's so effective! One problem I always encounter with lip balms is when I tossed it to my bag and the cap get loose and totally ruined the product - I'm pretty sure it happened to every girl. So, a cap with a retractable cap? Oh God yes! 

Like most tint / balm product, this product is smooth, not as pigmented as lipstick and pretty much more moisturizing than regular lip product. Though it is said "balm" on the name, I don't think it's enough to make this a replacement to your regular lip balms. 

It has a natural shiny finish, like when you top your lips with lip balm, exactly like that. It has a sweet berry scent, not a strong one though and it slightly lingers to the lips. 

Now, about the "tint" side, I do think it stains the lips a littleee bit. Even though mine is the darkest shade, you can see the swatch too, it doesn't swatched as dark as the bullet look. And on the lips, it won't stained crazily too, I still need to watch and maintain the shade like on every 2 hours. Probably the lighter color will stay on the lips much less? 

This product is great for people with dryer lips, still need lip balm tho! Or for those who feel lipsticks are to restraining and high maintenance, this might be the answer for a little bit color on your face. And just remember with you can make this shade goes on more sheer with lip balms. 

I like this product, they're smooth, moisturizing, the pigmentation isn't bad, and the cap, best lip balm packaging design ever! I can compare this to Aritaum's Honey Melting Balm, they have almost the same consistency, though Aritaum's have a larger shade collection so you can probably opt between and look for shade you like. I found that Aritaum's didn't have a darker shade, so that's why I wanted to give this a go! 

I prefer to apply the product heavily, but it's totally up to you :) I think either way will look good! 

Thankyou so much for reading! Have a great weekend! 

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REVIEW : Missha's Stay All Day Stick Eyes #2 and #6

Introducing one of quite new Missha's new product, "Stay All Day" Stick Eyes. It's been out for a while and I've had this for a while, but it's just now that I realized I haven't review these ._.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Stay All Day Stick Eyes"

      type of product      
stick eye shadow 

#2 Beige / Chocolate
#3 Plum / Violet

KRW 8.800
(refill) 4.500

missha site (korean)

I was taken interest to these because of its cheaper price comparing to other similar products by other brand. Recently I see some Korean brands coming out with a new stick eye shadow products, and seeing that this product is also a unique one I just can't stop myself from buying it. This product all come with 2 shades on each side, each shade compliment each other. 

The stick shadows are retractable and the stick shadow is shaped like a highlighter pen, slanted on both side. I personally think the bullet shape is perfect for everything, turn in to the side and you can get a more detailed application, and the wider side for when you're filling in the lids. 

#2 Chocolate / Beige shade is shimmer vanilla beige and brown taupe shimmer.

#6 Violet / Plum shade is purple taupe and deep plum, both shimmer. 

Plus! It can be refilled! When one of the shades are all used, you don't have to buy the 2 again, but just pick the refill for the specific shades. 

In the other hand, the product itself isn't a lot, it's like only 2cm long. (AND I have this problem where the bullet keep coming off the tube ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ) 

Now, this is probably the LESS creamy stick eyeshadow I ever have. It doesn't feel like it when I swatched it, but when it goes on the lid, it's definitely tucking my lid quite harshly. The darker shades are better in texture, but definitely compared to other product I have it's still ranked the worst in creamy-ness. 

Other than that the pigmentation are great, and the lasting power is pretty awesome! Watch gif below :

The harshness doesn't mean that you can't work with it at all. Since the shades are definitely compatible with each other, it's easy to create a look out of this product. 

#2 Chocolate / Beige

#6 Plum / Violet 

I thought this product would be great for those one who just starting out on eyeshadows, since it came with 2 shades in one and are probably easier to work with, the harsh texture on the lid are probably hard to handle for first-timers. Since it's also sets up pretty quickly, blending is another problem I encounter while using this product. 

I don't recommend this for people with sensitive eyes. Well honestly I won't recommend this to anyone at all. 

Overall, other than its unique innovation and it's cheap price, I don't find other things that I like out of this product. The harsh texture is the biggest deal breaker for me, I was going to give this to my mom but I guess she'll hate it too. 

It does have a great lasting power and can get through water and rubbing, but seriously, taking hours to blend isn't making up all of that. 

But, the price point (KRW 8.800 per stick, and you got 2 shades) is pretty affordable, so it won't that huge of a loss if you do end up purchasing it, I don't like it but some probably love it. I say the risk isn't big. 

That's all folk for today's review, I'm feeling quite down lately. So, I'll end my post with this aja deh : 

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REVIEW : Laneige's BB Cushion (Pore Control)

This review is sponsored. The product were give to me for free but ALL OPINIONS are my own! 

Hey! Today I'm reviewing Laneige's BB Cushion (Pore Control) in 23 Sand Beige. The product is given for me from Ibuybeauti.com for review purposes. Ibuybeauti.com is a Korean cosmetic retail site, they ship worldwide and they're based in Korea, 100% trustable! The packaged arrived to my doorstep around 2 weeks after they said they have shipped my orders. 

The service is great and personally their site is too easy for makeup browsing since they have these tags that can cater you to your beauty needs and match you with a matching product for you. For example, you can just check "Oily", "Acne/Pimples", "Matte Finish" and TADAH products that are in those category will shows up and you can just browse! 

Honestly, it's the first time I encounter a site that actually caters and care about your beauty problems. Hats off! Head over to the site so you can see what I'm talking about. After reading this review of course! :*


      PRODUCT NAME      
"BB Cushion (Pore Control)"

      type of product      
Cushion BB 

#23 Sand Beige

KRW 27.000

laneige official site

Like most of other cushion products, the design isn't really different or unique, by now I'm sure you have been accustomed to a lot of cushion products since every brands seems to have their own! Right now I probably have around 5 cushion products from various brands lying around! 

Recently, not a lot of cushion product came with the actual refill for them. It's nice to see that Laneige still keep the "buy one get one refill" rule. It does take a while to finish a whole cushion, but it's always nice to have a backup! 

The product itself came in 4 different shades and #23 Sand Beige being the darkest one. Laneige itself has several cushion products on their collection, so if you're getting one, make sure it's the blue one! 

Favorite activity - so satisfying! 

If you've been around, I'm always go for #23 or the darkest color for face product in Korean brandm and now you can see #23 is the exact match for my skin. LIKE super MATCH, because you can hardly see the difference between the left and right side, right? I can say comparing to other products, Laneige's BB Cushion Pore Control #23 is a level darker than other #23 shade cushion. Here's a shade swatch comparison to my other cushion products :

Some people asked me in my various post, that if they're MAC NC30, will it match #23 shade? I say for other brands #23 might be too light for people with MAC NC30 above. But, this product probably your safest bet to get if you can't try them for real. As the shade is not only a shade darker than other general #23, it isn't pink or yellow, it's neutral. I just realized on the site, Laneige actually recommends for people that uses #23 on other brand, should purchase #21 in their product. 

The difference between the swatches look so far stretches, but once it sets and oxidises the other 3 products is slightly darker than in the swatch. So, still matches my skin! :) I'm MAC NC 25-30 btw. 

For the finish, it may look super matte on the swatch, but in real life it does keep a slight sheen to make your skin look more natural, so it doesn't look anywhere cakey. The coverage goes from medium to buildable. 

This product does have a photoshop-pore-blurring-effect when applied, crazy surprised when I see my skin is definitely a lot more smoother after application. Oil control is super great, I never need my primer when using this (another shocker here.). 

Although it's stated "Pore Control" - it definitely doesn't mean only for people with large pores. Upon using I see that this product is great for people with oily / oily combination skin. If you have large pores issue as well, than it's a 1+1 solution for ya! 

In general, cushion products are great for on the go, they're less hassle and great for touch ups! Since I'm moving back to Indonesia, the humidity and hotness of this tropical country isn't a big problem for my makeup to stay on. All thanks to this product! Plus, the high SPF is definitely helping for staying in this 365-days-of-summer country! 

I probably sound not as exciting, but here I go, this product is my cushion HOLY GRAIL. There. I said it. 

Starting from the total match shade with my skin, to great coverage and lasting power, no primer for me, I can sell my soul for this cushion. This is my everyday wear and never once I found a bad point to deduct from this product. 

Everything that it claims to do is pretty much all done. Pore Control? Check. Semi-Matt Finish? Check. Long lasting? Check. UV Protection? Check. Cooling Sensation? Check. Pore Coverage? Check! Can't get anything wrong. 

This cushion have thrown my Innisfree's Long Wear Cushion from the HG throne, mainly because 1. this doesn't get cakey even when layered. 2. Better lasting power and oil control. I do still like my Innisfree's Long Wear Cushion, but it has moved to the second place in my heart. 

I am forever in debt to ibuybeauti for letting me trying this product. Unless I would probably not purchasing this on my own until forever. Don't forget to visit their site! 

Thank you so much for reading this post! I promise I'll find you guys again soon :* Questions? Down Below! Don't forget too I'm hosting a giveaway HERE

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