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So, 2015 has passed and here we are in 2016! I admit 2015 wasn't the greatest year for me personally, or for the blog. I swear I'm going to do better in 2016.


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 Now, I've compiled my most beloved, used and 100% will be repurchased if I somehow lose them. If I did the review for the following product, I'll link it to the review page! :)

1. Masami Shouko Pro Makeup Brush.

Ever since I take my makeup job professionally, I'm in an urgent need of more makeup brushes so I could use mine on rotation - means less cleaning time! I bought mine at Kat Collection store, I purchased mine in Grand Indonesia mostly. My favorite will be #40 eye blender brush, #38 blender brush and #41 pencil brush. 

They're not as light as the reguler brushes, they're firm and soft. You can make thousands of eyeshadow look with these, I totally recommend them! 

2. Tony Moly Gel Backstage Eyeliner in Black

When doing someone else's makeup, I prefer to use a gel liner more than other eyeliner types. And nothing beats Tony Moly's Gel Eyeliner in the term of longevity and smudge-free-ness. I've used MAC "blacktrack" before when I first jumped into gel liner bandwagon, and it definitely did not impress me. Since then, I've stopped using other gel liner until I find this product! 

The trick is I'm using a watercolor brush from Lyra that I got in local bookstore (aka Gramedia) - and with right amount of product, I can assure you it'll stay all day long. 

I'm so excited to purchase more shades like dark brown, or burgundy on my visit to Korea in February!!!

3. Maybelline Great Lash "Lots of Love"

The unique shape of the brush is what makes me want to try this mascara - and it was the cheapest one of of Maybelline's mascara that time so I guess I can just throw you if you mess up. 

I know I'm in love with this mascara almost immediately! Not only it's easy to build up, the formula itself is the perfect for my need. I hate waterproof mascara that can't be remove by the end of the day, but I still need something waterproof, and TADAAH here's the answer, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara! 

I prefer this mascara when it's half dried up, so that it's easier to build up the volume and less clumps. It's too liquidy when it's brand new :( 

4. EM scribble calligraphy liquid liner in tattoo black

I don't know why I got this product in the first place, because it's been years since I last use a liquid eyeliner. But anyway, I read a good review on the net and my friend at that time need someone to also buy the eyeliner (it was black friday 1+1 sale on EM) so I said why not.

This eyeliner is probably the darkest out of my eyeliner bunch, it's so dark and matte, it totally make my eyes pop. Recently I'm out of my Clio brush pen liner and I began to use this product again, I'm so impressed on how black and longlasting it is! 

I use to hate liquid because it makes my eyelashes clump. But this one, probably because of its felt tip applicator, it didn't pick up too much product so my eyelashes are free of eyeliner :) 

One thing is this product is soooo small and thin, I'm saving it up so I won't be out of this! :( 

5. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

If you're following Korean youtuber, you're most likely be very familiar about this product. I know how great this product is from the Great Ssinnim, and I bought it without any hesitation, especially knowing that the price is only KRW 5.000! 

They're small but they last so long, I'm still using my first tube (i didn't use it daily, but I use it A LOT - i have like 2 backups lol still unused). They're very blendable and last all day, so so so creamy. I always recommend this to those that are gonna travel to Korea ☺

6. 3CE Pore Silky Balm 

This is definitely a rediscovered love - I just realize how this primer works like magic combined with almost every foundation I have! One thing that definitely help is to control the amount of usage, the less the better! You only need a little bit of these to cover your pore and to make sure your foundation stays all day! Love!

Rather than using the sponge given, I love to use my fingers to apply the product. I already hit pan on mine, definitely purchasing another one on my next visit to Korea!

7. 3CE Natural Finish Loose Powder

Usually most loose powder gives a total matte finish to the face, but I find that this powder still leaves than natural glow that makes the whole look less cakey and thick looking. I use this powder a lot when I did someone else's makeup to make sure the overall look is set but not cakey!

8. The Faceshop's Ink Lipquid

"Ink" tint is something that is popular in 2015, and amongst the ink tint product I guess my favorite falls to The Faceshop's Ink Lipquid. I haven't do my review on these haha hopefully soon! 

I love the tint texture, and the applicator is the best! I have two shades now, I got it one from my sister and one from ci rini! Thankyou! 

9. Etude House Drawing Swan Eye and Cheek

Since my skin isn't fall in the "fair" category in Korea, most of Korean blusher didn't show up on my skin. But, this shows up perfectly on me! 

The best thing from this blusher is that it contain a little shimmers, definitely not overpowering, and it gives me a little highlight look without highlighter, it's 2 in 1! And the amount of product inside makes me wonder will I ever hit pan on these! 

10. Lush perfume, Lust.

Lush perfumes are the only perfume that stays on me even after hour - and among their perfume my favorite is "Lust".

Many people said it smells like aromatherapy massage oil - but like I care I loooooove the scent!

11. Aritaum "Pooyan" Lip and Eye Remover

I can't not try this remover after it was crowned as Get It Beauty "Blind Test" makeup remover. It almost always sold out 90% of the time, so it's only by this year I finally tried the product! Love hownon-sticky this is, and how effortless it is to remove any waterproof mascara with this product! 

The shades in this palette is neutral but in the same time still different from all brownish neutral palette that I have in my collection now. I do think I fell in love with this palette more than I should have! 

One bad point is that all the shades are medium to dark toned, I need other eyeshadow to fill in the highlight and lighter shade. Nevertheless, grayish tones are so in this year, this palette is my go-to palette this year! 

So, here's the compilation of what's best in 2015! Quick shout out to this my 2015 life soundtracks : 

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