Haul and My Winter Essentials!

Hi! Today I'm going to introduce my Winter Essentials! Since the day has getting colder and windier and definitely drier, I want to share some of my stuff that I use daily :

1. Victoria's Secret "Ravishing Love" hydrating body lotion - I used to have this one because it's really sticky, but I love the scent very much. I don't know what happened, but after a few months not using it, the texture didn't felt as sticky as the first times. I didn't think that the lotion's texture is changing but I think I'm getting used to the feeling. Its scent is fruity sweet and the scent lingers for some time.

2. Victoria's Secret "Such a Flirt" ultra moisturizing hand and body cream - This one is much thicker but definitely not sticky. This one has a very sweet floral scent and I like it for drier days.

3. Nature Republic "Asian Garden" Breeze in body lotion - Might be my favorite out of the bunch - very light and its scent like a herb floral? It's kinda hard to describe the scent, anyway it's my favorite! (It's my second tube, too!)

4. The Body Shop "Strawberry" Body butter - The body shop's body butter is like my all time favorite, and I think mot of you guys' too. It's very moisturizing, fast absorbing, great scent, and I can't spend winter without it.

Almost all of these are almost out, but I don't think I will repurchasing any of these. I want to try more lotions and try to search for better scents out there! (I see you, espoir!)

Now to the next items, hand creams! I've never even felt the need on hand creams, but recently putting on these just make my hands felt really great, and smells good! And why I need this many hand creams? I don't know! 

1. Etude House "Sunny Sunny Apple" Missing U (KRW 5.500) - Not only I think it has the best color out of the bunch, it also has the best scent! I didn't bring this everywhere, it just sits on my desk and I use it before I put my nail polish on.

2. The Face Shop "Baby Powder" Holiday hand cream perfumed edition (KRW 11.900 for 3) - This actually come in a set for 3. It's from The Faceshop Christmas Limited Edition last year and I gave out the other 3. I actually hated this one but I didn't have other to replace. But now I have a lot!

3. VDL "Dazzling Kiss" Hand fragrance (KRW 4.500) - This actually comes for free with my VDL purchases some time ago. I was suprised to see how much it retails! Anyway, this little fella smells so good too and it's small so it's all good! :)

4. Nature Republic "Grapefruit" Hand cream (KRW 6.600) - This is the newest hand cream that I bought recently. I love these! The scent is actually very fruity but also subtle.

5. Nature Republic "Vanilla" Hand cream (KRW 6.600) - This is actually 1+1 event so I got 2 hand creams. So I decided one fruity, one 'creamy'! Ha! A lot of people said to me that it smells like 'Dancow' milk powder? lol

6. Neutrogena Hand cream - my most moisturizing hand cream ever, sometime it felt uncomfortable because it's really really moist, but some time, it helps my hand real fast and good! :))

Next! It's my haul! It's from Innisfree and Etude House, obivously.

1. Innisfree 'Mini Tint Lipstick Best Collection"  (KRW 12.000) - it contain Innisfree's 3 mini sized Creamy Tint Lipstick, review definitely coming up! REVIEW is up! Click HERE! :))

2. Innisfree 'Eco Nail Color Collection" (KRW 7.500) - This set contain 3 'Christmas themed' nail polish and also nail stickers. Review also, coming soon!

1. Etude House "Minnie Wink Lash" 001 and 002 (@ KRW 3.000) - really looking forward to try these! They looked natural but still look 'falsies'; if you know what I mean.

2. Etude House "Nail Remover" extra power (KRW 2.000) - cheap, removes all, can't complain

3. Etude House "Baking Powder" Pore cleansing tissues (KRW 4.500) - Still trying these one out! :))

4. Etude House "Skin Mal:gem" clear cotton (KRW 3.000) - My favorite cotton pad, EVER. I love these, but they're kinda more expensive than other cheap dollar store's cotton pad. So I always got these on sale.

5. Etude House "Proof 10" Liquid Liner BR402 Coffee Brown (KRW 9.000) - This is my sister's, but she got this because she liked it after trying mine :)) So you can say that I like this too!

Is there anything that you want me to review first? :) Thankyou so much for reading!

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REVIEW : Innisfree's Vivid Tint Rouge #13

I felt so uninspired lately.. hoam.

Hello! I'm finally is writing a review for this lip tint! It's Innisfree's Vivid Tint Rouge in #13 Maple Burgundy Pink! It's a part of the FW 2013 shades addition for the Vivid Tint Rouge. 

Vivid Tint Rouge is a glossy lip tint from Innisfree, retails for KRW 10.000 and have 13 shades selection. It contain 4.8ml of product.

I like the fact that they extend their present collection rather than making a whole new collection for the new season! I was planning to get the #12 - but #13 swatched better when I was in the store so I got it!

Maple Burgundy Pink is Innisfree's FW 13 main color. As it's also available in other products as well (Color Glow Lipstick & Glossy Lip Lacquer). And I don't think owning 3 same shade in different product makes me regret buying this - These 3 product have different finishes and a slight different in shade. The have different functions and I like to pair these with another lip products too! (And I personally thinks that I look good in this shade. lols)

But if you want to wear them all together - this is the layers that I would do :
1. lip tint --> 2. lipstick --> 3. lip gloss

from LEFT to RIGHT : Color Glow Lipstick, Vivid Tint Rouge, and Glossy Lip Lacquer. All in Maple Burgundy Pink shade.

The Vivid Tint Rouge promotes vivid color payoff, glossy finish, and long lasting properties. Also because it's Innisfree, I can be sure that it's made from natural ingredients.

There is nothing special about the packaging - just a normal Innisfree's standards packaging. And comparing to the lipstick and the lipgloss, the shade indicator is much smaller. The shade inside only shows up in a small line beneath the product name, it's also a good indicator on how much product you have left! -that if you store them vertically.

The applicator is also a standard one, though it's got narrower toward the end so that's a good news for you gradient lips fans out there! The tint has this sweet fruity scent - not in anyway overwhelming and doesn't have a weird bitter taste too! ha!

Here's a swatch on my lips, full on color!

LEFT no flash RIGHT with flash

Ok, color payoff, check! Glossy finish, check! Long-lasting, check! The tint practically does all that it stated will do.

Like other lip tints, it does make your lips drier than using lipsticks or lipgloss, but it definitely didn't accentuate my lip's lines and dryness. It just felt dry - so what I did is apply lip balm on top, or just reapply the lip tint!

from LEFT to RIGHT : with flash, no flash, wiped back and forth with cleansing water O_O

The glossiness stays pretty long, I can say for about 2-3 hours, then the glossiness is gone - but the color didn't. I was completely amazed by it, because after a brutal ramyon eating lunch time the other day, most of the colors are still there!

Also for a lip tint, I think it does contain a lot of product. And comparing to like water tints or gel tints, this type of tints are easier to apply and is allover easier to blend.

This part of the post is definitely hard to write because I basically pretty satisfied with my purchase. But after a few searches on Naver, I found some stuffs that might help you if you would purchase some.

The amazing long-lasting and staining power apparently only apply on the brighter color. The more 'neutral' shades didn't stain (almost nothing, really) on the lips. Also the color selections are broad (13 colors) but I noticed that a lot of the color are so similar to each other. Even the new additions #12 and #13 are pretty much similar.

The Verdict : I LOVE THIS! I've been wearing this color nonstop these days. But as I said before, the color selections are so similar one to another, and I was planning on purchasing the more neutrals one, but I think I have to pass. But overall, there's nothing I would complain for this particular shade and I think it brightens up my complexion.

I'm understand why a lot of people would go back and repurchase these though! :))

Thankyou so much for reading<3

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REVIEW : Hadalabo ShiroJyun Ultimate Whitening Face Wash

Finally, I got to review my all time HG product : Hadalabo ShiroJyun Ultimate Whitening Face Wash!

I've use these (and almost nothing else) for 2 years straight now, and i don't feel the need to buy or try other cleansing foam. I bought these in Indonesia, you can find these in Watsons. I'm not really sure about the retail price. (I searched and it was around IDR 14.000 ~ 35.000). I believe it comes in 2 different sizes, the bigger on (100g) and the travel one (50g). And yes, I have both on stock \:D/

When I went back to Indonesia, I always stocked on these. Actually Hadalabo products are available in Korea, it even have more product variation. The problem is, the crazyyyy price. Because I know I could get these so much cheaper in Indonesia, i don't have the heart to buy with that price. (It's around KRW 14.000 - it's 10 times more expensive!!)

I've once 'cheated' on these and uses cleansing oils. I do like cleansing oil because it removes my makeup effortlessly. The problem is, cleansing oils always get into my eyes and left me with blurry vision. It doesn't particularly hurting or what, but it annoys me a lot. So in the end I didn't finish my cleansing oil and turned back to Hadalabo. Hadalabo FTW

So on the tube it's written that it contain High Purity Arbutin + Whitening Extract + Hyaluronic Acid. The Arbutin is bearberry extracts that supposed to reduced spots and discoloration, and Hyaluronic Acid is supposed to moisturize the skin. It's also fragrance free and colorant free.

I like to wash my face with a blob of this, and after that I'll do all my skin care routine. I don't particularly use any remover to remove my makeup before washing. The 100g tube usually last me for about 3~4 months. 

The product comes in a tube, just ordinary tube nothing special. And the product inside is a white pearl and a little bit goes a long way. It does produce normal amount of foams and felt really nice on the skin :)
After using it for 2 years, my skin has been improving a lot! Less blemishes and break outs, much cleaner and my face felt less oilier. I don't think that all the credits goes to this cleansing foam, but this is definitely the kick starter to my cleaner face. And with the price I pay for this, it's just the best ever.

I really want to turn back the time and throw this product to high-school me because that's just help my oily face A LOT. 

And as I stated before, I didn't use any makeup remover before because this cleansing foam already did it for me! It takes most of my makeup, maybe a little mascara and eyeliners on the waterlines were left over. So I usually take a cotton bud and removes anything that were left. 

None. Really almost none

One thing that I noticed back then is the scent, it's smells like a solidified tear drop. But I totally over that now.

And the other thing that maybe some people would kinda dislike is after washing my face, it dries my face out. However, I have a oily skin so that's great for me, and the dryness might also be caused by my skin care routine. My skin care routine has became my daily habit, so that if I skipped all my skin care and just wash my face, my face just went grumpy and felt really dry.

OVERALL, the best cleansing foam ever. I have a huge problem to sticking into one product, no matter how good the product is, I would definitely try to reach my hands into some other product to try. But nope, not this one. I don't even have the thought to change or try any other cleansing foam ever. I just don't want to take the risk, and yes I felt that the no.1 factor that brought my skin allover better is this product!

HAIL HADALABO! :D (and yes, I'll stock more and maybe try the other product from the same line! Do you have any recommendation for me?)

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TAG : Sweater Weather!

So I discovered a new "tag" that's been swirling around the youtube community, which has the cutest name EVER! "Sweater Weather"!
And I'm not being tagged from anyone, but I'll do this a "blog" way! Ha!


REVIEW : Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream

Yellow! Today I'm going to review a BB cream that have been around for some time, and I'm sure a lot of people tried and liked this BB cream! (Oh Oh! It's my 200th post! lol)


REVIEW : Innisfree "The Green Tea Seed" Deep Cream

Hello, Internet!

Today I'm going to review something that I actually had for some time now, it's Innisfree's The Green Tea Seed Deep Cream.


REVIEW : Holika-Holika's Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

Hey-Ho! Today I'm going to review Holika-Holika's Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner(s). I read about them first randomly from Rini Cesilia's blog post HERE and HERE and she gave 5 out of 5!

Honestly I didn't need anymore eyeliners, especially pencil liners because I don't use them a lot, I used them daily for lining my waterline only. But there's one color that I want to purchase which was the "Ballerina Pink" #17, and I stumbled upon Holika-Holika's Gmarket page and found out that they have an event buy 3 for KRW 9.900. So I bought 2 more colors!

Originally retails for KRW 4.900 - it is considerably cheap and they have a lot of colors selection. Plus, Promise Phan from youtube recommends these as Make Up Forever eyeliners dupe.

The colors I bought are #3 Lapiz Lazuli (Navy blue with glitters), #15 Burgundy Janet (Dark brownish burgundy) and #17 Ballerina Pink (Baby pink - matte)

I say they're living up to their claims : water proof, long-lasting, pigmented color, and smudge resistant. Also, they're very creamy and really easy to apply! Sometimes the problem with creamier eye pencil is that it needs to be sharpen all the time, but it's not happening to these! I've been using "Ballerina Pink" for sometime now and I haven't even sharpened it yet! (Yes, these are not retractable, you have to sharpen them)

ABOVE without flash BELOW with flash

I've actually done a test for their smudge proof and water proof qualities, and I thought I have to make a quick video to show you guys. Let them sets for a minute or so and it really does stays!! (Even the glitters aren't going anywhere!). For the water resistant point, I agree they have better water resistant quality than other eyeliners I have, but still, especially the #3 Lapis Lazuli's glitters, some are washed away after a few sweeps. Most of the colors stays though!

As for the colors, they're very pigmented. The "Ballerina Pink" turns out to be pinker than I hope it would - and I like to use it for my lower water line to give that brighter and clearer eyes. Both #3 Lapis Lazuli and #15 Burgundy Janet looks like black/brown from a far and I think I'm really satisfied with my choice! I think both are able to give softer looks but still with an edge (?)

ABOVE without flash BELOW with flash. RIGHT #3 lapis lazuli LEFT #15 burgundy janet. Both lower line is using #17 ballerina pink

Overall, I'm giving these a 4.8 out of 5! These eyeliners are not 100% smudge free for me, as they transfer to my eye bags after a few hours of usage. Especially if I line my upper lid with these only! (like the swatch above - but it's almost never happen, I only use my pen liner to do that daily!) Still, they're very remarkable and I look forward on purchasing more colors and maybe some versatile colors like black or dark brown for an everyday wear! Or maybe I'll try more fun colors because they do have a huge color collection! 

Good job, Holika Holika! :)

quick question here, anybody watched EXO's Running Man??? 헐 대박 I'm very proud of Lay's air time!!! That's freakin' a lot! <3

and I really have to insert this GIF because it's basically my favorite part second to Lay's

all pics are from tumblr! :)

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OOTD : Past weeks

As the days are getting nowhere less busier, I've been enjoying taking OOTD pic with my phone. I just realized how good is my Iphone 5 camera O_O and also I found a pretty good app called "VSCOcam" to edit my pictures. Which is quite cool! I think I'll this kinda post a lot more often because it's just really easy and I like to read posts like these!

So here I present you my collective OOTD taken with my phone :

OUTER WEAR thrifted
SKINNY JEANS forever21
SANDALS road shop in Hongdae

this one is taken after a 'dangdut' kinda stage in somewhere in Busan. I performed BATAK dance and after that me and Jessica went to Seomyon to check out h&m and eat SUSHIII!! That's why my hair is like that because I just released my hair bun for the performance


TOP zara
CARDIGAN gmarket
SANDALS road shop in Hongdae
BELT h&m

This one is taken before I joined an event made by PR&Adv students for their class. That day is finally the start of autumn as the weather finally starts cool down and breezy. I took this in front of our Uni's Central Library in the noon - which surprisingly empty :o


So on a unrelated topic, when my friends are studying for the mid terms, I got bored and made some meme from EXO members' faces lol. And I also found some amusing one from Tumblr

basically, i was being a very very bad friend because I disturb their study a lot. lol.


SWEAT SHIRT forever21
JEANS point one
FLATS gmarket

this is my personal favorite! I was hyped went I finally found this denim jacket on a vintage store. But it was summer already when I purchased it so I keep an eye on the weather to drop and finally I could rock this jacket! 
This one is taken inside my library after I took around of walk with Jess #2 lol

TSHIRT gmarket 
CARDIGAN road shop in Nampodong
LEGGINGS bought in Indo
BOOTS gmarket
BAG zara

Can we please take a look on my t-shirt. GOSH. it looks like L'Arc~en~Ciel's "My Heart Draws a Dream" single cover jacket and I literally hold my breath when I say these. And I bought both colors, white and black. This T-shirt is definitely not the best quality, it's a cheap-ass tshirt with nasty print quality, but what can I say???
I took these nearby neighboring uni, Pukyong Uni after a cup of coffee with Jess #2. Anw, she took most of my OOTD pictures and I can't really say that her skill is nowhere improving. lol. kidding.


OK, you guys might know that I went to BIFF's blue carpet event. Blog post here. So here's some pictures I took with my phone, and to warn you, also a close up pictures of the stars that my hoobae took and she's really kind she sent it out to me! <3

the troops! 

too bad I didn't get to see Lee Joon because I was late *sigh* 


Next is random category! Things interesting I found in my phone!

One of my drapping project, I ended up draped a new one though. 

My favorite cleansing foam from Hadalabo and all of my backups! Review coming soon!

The day I watched "SPY" with Jess #2 and the cinema is basically empty because it was 10am in the morning! The film was good though, Daniel Henney you piece of hotness! <3

The biggest moon I've ever seen in my life. EVER. 

to close everything, here's my selca from a year ago and a month ago (the right one is my first uploaded selca in my instagram. lol). Funny I didn't actually lose any weight. Makeup is the bomb!

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