Haul and My Winter Essentials!

Hi! Today I'm going to introduce my Winter Essentials! Since the day has getting colder and windier and definitely drier, I want to share some of my stuff that I use daily :

1. Victoria's Secret "Ravishing Love" hydrating body lotion - I used to have this one because it's really sticky, but I love the scent very much. I don't know what happened, but after a few months not using it, the texture didn't felt as sticky as the first times. I didn't think that the lotion's texture is changing but I think I'm getting used to the feeling. Its scent is fruity sweet and the scent lingers for some time.

2. Victoria's Secret "Such a Flirt" ultra moisturizing hand and body cream - This one is much thicker but definitely not sticky. This one has a very sweet floral scent and I like it for drier days.

3. Nature Republic "Asian Garden" Breeze in body lotion - Might be my favorite out of the bunch - very light and its scent like a herb floral? It's kinda hard to describe the scent, anyway it's my favorite! (It's my second tube, too!)

4. The Body Shop "Strawberry" Body butter - The body shop's body butter is like my all time favorite, and I think mot of you guys' too. It's very moisturizing, fast absorbing, great scent, and I can't spend winter without it.

Almost all of these are almost out, but I don't think I will repurchasing any of these. I want to try more lotions and try to search for better scents out there! (I see you, espoir!)

Now to the next items, hand creams! I've never even felt the need on hand creams, but recently putting on these just make my hands felt really great, and smells good! And why I need this many hand creams? I don't know! 

1. Etude House "Sunny Sunny Apple" Missing U (KRW 5.500) - Not only I think it has the best color out of the bunch, it also has the best scent! I didn't bring this everywhere, it just sits on my desk and I use it before I put my nail polish on.

2. The Face Shop "Baby Powder" Holiday hand cream perfumed edition (KRW 11.900 for 3) - This actually come in a set for 3. It's from The Faceshop Christmas Limited Edition last year and I gave out the other 3. I actually hated this one but I didn't have other to replace. But now I have a lot!

3. VDL "Dazzling Kiss" Hand fragrance (KRW 4.500) - This actually comes for free with my VDL purchases some time ago. I was suprised to see how much it retails! Anyway, this little fella smells so good too and it's small so it's all good! :)

4. Nature Republic "Grapefruit" Hand cream (KRW 6.600) - This is the newest hand cream that I bought recently. I love these! The scent is actually very fruity but also subtle.

5. Nature Republic "Vanilla" Hand cream (KRW 6.600) - This is actually 1+1 event so I got 2 hand creams. So I decided one fruity, one 'creamy'! Ha! A lot of people said to me that it smells like 'Dancow' milk powder? lol

6. Neutrogena Hand cream - my most moisturizing hand cream ever, sometime it felt uncomfortable because it's really really moist, but some time, it helps my hand real fast and good! :))

Next! It's my haul! It's from Innisfree and Etude House, obivously.

1. Innisfree 'Mini Tint Lipstick Best Collection"  (KRW 12.000) - it contain Innisfree's 3 mini sized Creamy Tint Lipstick, review definitely coming up! REVIEW is up! Click HERE! :))

2. Innisfree 'Eco Nail Color Collection" (KRW 7.500) - This set contain 3 'Christmas themed' nail polish and also nail stickers. Review also, coming soon!

1. Etude House "Minnie Wink Lash" 001 and 002 (@ KRW 3.000) - really looking forward to try these! They looked natural but still look 'falsies'; if you know what I mean.

2. Etude House "Nail Remover" extra power (KRW 2.000) - cheap, removes all, can't complain

3. Etude House "Baking Powder" Pore cleansing tissues (KRW 4.500) - Still trying these one out! :))

4. Etude House "Skin Mal:gem" clear cotton (KRW 3.000) - My favorite cotton pad, EVER. I love these, but they're kinda more expensive than other cheap dollar store's cotton pad. So I always got these on sale.

5. Etude House "Proof 10" Liquid Liner BR402 Coffee Brown (KRW 9.000) - This is my sister's, but she got this because she liked it after trying mine :)) So you can say that I like this too!

Is there anything that you want me to review first? :) Thankyou so much for reading!

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  1. i don't like strawberry body butter from tbs, it's too sticky >.<
    and i saw those innisfree christmas edition on their store and i didn't buy it! now i'm regretting my decision :'(

  2. definitely the innisfree mini tint lipstick best collection..been eyeing on it since it's launched but it's so hard to get it on Indonesia

    1. yeahhh I hope that Innisfree could open their shop in Korea, or onlineshops actually update their collection :((

    2. Now I want it so bad......btw is the lipstick itself way too small? I heard people commenting about how small it is?

    3. Yes it's definitely smaller than what I actually expect they should be!! :(

  3. nice blog! would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know :)
    kisses, Marlena

  4. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those Minnie Wink Lash look so awesome! did you already tried them?? make a review of them, please!! ^^ <3

  5. hey there babe, just want to say that i enjoy reading all of your hauls and reviews :)
    keep it up!

    if you do have time, do check out my blog? I am from malaysia :)

  6. the hand cream from faceshop ! too cuteee ♥


    1. Yeah they're cute but it didn't felt nice :(( thankyou for coming by btw! :)

  7. Nice haul!! So many interesting products!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Please check out my blog post for more info.!

  8. FILIAAAAA stop posting korean hauls *mana bisa* haha
    Can't wait to see the minnie lashes in action! ;D

    1. AHHAHAHA lol iya pengen pake itu mini2 tapi kayaknya sayang banget...... :p

  9. Nice haul on your post.

    May I ask, how you take these photos? By professional camera DSLR, phone cam or

    pocket camera?


    1. Hello :) I took most of my pic with DSLR Canon D600 and edit most of them on PS5 :)


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