REVIEW : Innisfree "The Green Tea Seed" Deep Cream

Hello, Internet!

Today I'm going to review something that I actually had for some time now, it's Innisfree's The Green Tea Seed Deep Cream.
Retail for KRW 22.000, it's a new addition to the "Green Tea SEED" line (not to be mistake with Green Tea "PURE" line - which I've mistaken before with my cleansing water, read here!).

The Green Tea Seed line is one of Innisfree's most famous line and I personally have been using their serum for sometime now. But I don't actually own anymore products from that line, until I purchase this!

As the weather cooling up, the daily moisturizer I used everyday is not enough to protect my skin against Busan's super strong drying winds. And the moisturizer I have is too sticky and too creamy to use during the day, plus if double it up with makeup, it will literally suffocate my face (It's NP's steam cream, Read review HERE).

I swatched these on the store, and I was like, finally.....FINALLY! A super moisturizing, thick and heavy cream but didn't felt oily and sticky at all!! I was super excited but a still contemplating on purchasing or not, but in the end I got back there and bought the cream!

In the box it stated :

"This powerful (wow) moisture cream contains Jeju green tea seeds to thoroughly
replenish moisture and nutrients from deep within your skin.
Formulated to create a powerful protective barrier to prevent moisture loss
 from your rough skin caused by cold and dry weather conditions
while leaving your skin feeling sleek and dewy"

And as Innisfree is famous for its natural ingredients, I'll just believe that it wont contain stuff that are bad for your skin and health (5-free-system)

The product itself contain 50ml but Innisfree efficiently used the jar to its maximum; I assume to reduce the usage of plastic for the jar's production? :)

Unlike the serum that has a strong scent (that I like, definitely not a green tea scent, floral-and-sweet-with-a-super-little-sprinkle-of-green-tea kinda of scent) this cream almost didn't have any scent at all. It does have a very faint scent similar to the Green Tea Seed Serum but it's not recognizable.

As I said before, this deep cream is very thick. I do need to use this generously because it's kinda hard to spread as it's so thick and also very easy to absorb by the skin! That's the super good thing about this product, even though it's heavy and thick, it gets absorbed to the skin almost instantly and didn't make my whole face felt thick or felt like using a lot of product.

Some of you might be concerned for the hygiene as you have to scoop out the product with your fingers. Feel free to scoop them out with a cotton swap as it didn't come with a scooper / spatula or that kinda stuff.

Overall, this is 5 out of 5 for me! It's puuuurfect for this autumn / winter season to prevent dryness + I'm pretty sure my blemishes decreased after daily usage. It does cost me a fortune :( and I have to scoop out more product than i would usually with my other creams. But, since I only wear it in the day, (still wearing the NP's steam cream in the night!) i think it could last me for months or so! :)

Thankyou so much for reading! :D

P.S the reason I didn't write the review asap is because I don't want my blog to be filled only with Innisfree products :( although I really love them :( haha

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  1. Wow, so it's a 5 out of 5 starts product from you. I've been kinda curious to try it.
    Thank you for such a great review! ^^


  2. I have been wanting to try out this green tea seed line.
    Great review.
    Glad it works for you.


  3. Ugh I now have a passion for Innisfree! *o* This cream sounds absolutely amazing and I'm dying to try it haha~ Innisfree is an amazing brand!

    1. hahaha try it June and make a review so I can read what you think! :D

  4. I love anything Green Tea! from drinks to mask sheets. Love them all! I tried TheFaceShop Waterfull Green Tea line samples before and love it. Though I don't need powerful moisturizer such as this one, but I sure do on exceptional days where I spent over 8 hours in air-cond lecture halls. Definitely will try this once I ran out of my Etude House Flower Moistfull Cream.
    Thanks for sharing this nice review, dear!
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

    1. I used to stay all day in the air cond rooms but my skin never felt dry at all! But since I'm in Korea my face is like dry and oily in the same time ._. Tell me what do you think if you do try them! xx

  5. I've been looking for a review on this! I currently have the Green Tea Pure deep cream and Green Tea Seed Cream and they are pretty good. But may be this will be better for the coming winter :)


    1. yes! I'm ready for winter, winter here I come! :D

  6. hahaha full of innisfree review ya fil XD XD
    well the weather must be getting drier now, and this one seems like a good product.
    and up until now, i haven't used my green tea seed serum, omg.. hahahha XD

    1. iya nihh cee parah innisfree molooo hahahaha!! ayoo pake cee tapi cece mah mukanya engga merah2 :s aku parah sih merah2nya dulu hahaha

  7. Does Green Tea extract works well on your skin?

    1. YES! definitely, my skin have improved alot since I started using the green tea line from innisfree, I don't have break outs as harsh as I did before and also my redness and blemishes are reduced alot! :)

  8. As a matter of fact, coffee is used in most of the beauty products nowadays. It has natural chemical which prevents skin diseases and make the skin soft and rejuvenate the dead cells in some cases.

    Finn Felton

  9. kayaknya product2 innisfree bagus ya kakk? aku blm pernah coba masa >< i think i'll give it a try! is it a bit expensive?bcs im already too broke recently lol


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