TAG : Sweater Weather!

So I discovered a new "tag" that's been swirling around the youtube community, which has the cutest name EVER! "Sweater Weather"!
And I'm not being tagged from anyone, but I'll do this a "blog" way! Ha!

By the way, I'm doing the one that's been modified by "Missglamorazzi" @ youtube! Feel free to tag yourself and do the tag too!

Here we go!

          Favorite Candle Scent          

That would be, vanilla scent. Even though I'm not burning one, because I burnt out the vanilla scent that I have long before autumn even started! But if I have to choose one right here right now, I would totally go for vanilla. The candle I have right now is called "Bamboo Garden" that have a very clean soapy scent that I love too, sadly its scent is really faint :(

          Coffee, tea, or choco?        

Definitely coffee! I've been currently collecting stars for my Starbucks Reward card so that I could get the gold one, and that really helps my coffee addiction to reach it max. I was addicted to "Dolce Latte" for some time until it got put down and changed with "White Choco Mocca" (DAMN YOU STARBUCKS!). Anyway I'll choose coffee over anything now, I do like milk tea too, but I need the caffeine. Oh check out the cold cup tumbler I got from Starbucks the other day! It's the Christmas limited one, and this is my first one purchasing the Christmas tumblers! Check out the collection because it's definitely prettier than last year's

          Best Fall memory?        
It's kinda hard to choose really, because I've only enjoying Fall for the third time now. I can't say that I spend Fall for the other 19 years of my life because I literally lived in a super hot tropical country. Fall has been a 'break' after midterms and the finals. I must say I'm spending the best Fall in my life, right now. Because one, i don't have so much midterms or finals as I had before, and I'm hanging out with the best pals ever - much more often than we did last year.

          Dark Lips / Winged Eyeliner?        

I have to say both - but considering I wear winged eyeliner almost everyday, so Dark Lips it is! :D
Fall really gives me the reason the wear dark lips without felt being watched with 100 eyes. Totally rise my confidence up!

         Best Fragrance?        

As much as I like vanilla, I don't really want to wear vanilla scent everyday - So here's my choice, my new Marc Jacobs "Dot". I got them a while a go and been totally i love with the scents. All my other fragrance seems to be too 'sweet; for Fall so I really glad that I got this. I've been eyeing this for the longest - and now I'm saving (again) for "Honey" because it's also amazing! One thing though, this perfume seems to sprayed too much that it's felt 'wet' - I don't plan to waste on this really.. Is it mine that is strange or......?

         Favorite Thanksgiving food?        

As I don't really celebrate American Thanksgiving - I'll talk my favorite food for Fall as a whole! I don't really have a special food that I want to eat on Autumn, but I definitely craving for hot foods more. I have to go with "해장국" or Haejangguk, that is translated to "soup to chase over hangover". Yes it's a common food that people ate after a heavy drunk night to helpfully help them recover. I'll save sometime to explain, you can go to it's wikipedia page for more descriptions!

Anyway it tastes so good, I might be going to have one soon!!

        What is Fall like in where you live?       

In Busan, Fall will starting not as different as the Summer weather - but suddenly, after heavy rains and wind, the temperature will drops so hard that it felt like winter. Fall here in Busan is filled with beautiful colorful Fall leaves - yellow, red, green, brown, you name it. Fall is my favorite season ever because the view is so breathtaking and I could felt grateful enough that I could see it everyday on my way to classes.

        Most worn sweater?        

Now this is a very very hard question. But my current favorite would be these two. The stripped one is from H&M and I love it because it's cropped and it's so soft! I actually got back and get the cream one. The other one is I liked because of it's super fun pattern. It's from Argyle & Oxford and its thick and very very comfortable!!

        Must have nail polish?       

I must say it's Super Dark Red Polish. Because it's just awesome! Like it's look like black, but when you look closer, it's red! <3 I have to get a new one really, because the one I have is really old and it's getting super thick. That one I have is from "Skin Food" Nail Vita in RE106 - Black Cherry

       Football Games / Jumping in Leaf Piles?       

Definitely "Jumping in leaf piles" - I don't know what but I felt so overwhelmed when I first saw those yellow leaf pilling on the streets. I can't stop bringing myself to stop playing and kicking them! gosh..

       Skinny Jeans / Leggings?       

As much as I love leggings, I'm also digging the cropped sweater trend so I have to choose Skinny Jeans as they are giving more "protection" for my bums.

       Combat boots / UGG?       

Gosh, i love UGGs so much, but I have to go with the combat boots. I've been on UGG and Down Jacket fast for these past Fall / Winter. Just because I don't want to get lazy with my outfits! They're friggin' comfortable, but also the most lazy looking outfits in my opinion..
So the only combat boots that I have is from Forever21 and they're comfortable but slippery as hell!

       Is pumpkin spiced latte worth the hype?       

I SUPPOSED SO because I have never tried them and listening to people raving about it.. It should have been so amazing.. DAMN YOU STARBUCKS BRING THEM TO KOREA!

       Favorite Fall TV Show?       

I'm currently enjoying 'The Heirs' too much!! It's my guilty pleasure really. It helps me to took the stress out. I love love "The Heirs" and also most of all Korean because I swear everyone seems to talk about this drama - it felt like a common knowledge that you should know about the drama.

Please don't get me started on Kim Tan or Choi Young Do, because I would never could lock my mouth shut.

      Favorite Fall songs?      

Rather than talking about it, I'll attach my favorite songs of the moment so you can also enjoy them!

K.Will - 촌스럽게 왜 이래 (You Don't Know About Love)

Jung In's 장마 "Rainy Season"

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    1. hahaha taun lalu punya... maksa si xiao ming foto bareng haha

  2. I'll gladly get you started on Kim Tan and Young Do! Hahahaha!

    1. HAHA! I've been talking nothing else but KIM TAN AND YOUNGDO the whole day!!!! LOL

  3. omg, I love that K.Will's song too!


    1. I know right!! :D I can't stop listening to them!!

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