REVIEW : Hadalabo ShiroJyun Ultimate Whitening Face Wash

Finally, I got to review my all time HG product : Hadalabo ShiroJyun Ultimate Whitening Face Wash!

I've use these (and almost nothing else) for 2 years straight now, and i don't feel the need to buy or try other cleansing foam. I bought these in Indonesia, you can find these in Watsons. I'm not really sure about the retail price. (I searched and it was around IDR 14.000 ~ 35.000). I believe it comes in 2 different sizes, the bigger on (100g) and the travel one (50g). And yes, I have both on stock \:D/

When I went back to Indonesia, I always stocked on these. Actually Hadalabo products are available in Korea, it even have more product variation. The problem is, the crazyyyy price. Because I know I could get these so much cheaper in Indonesia, i don't have the heart to buy with that price. (It's around KRW 14.000 - it's 10 times more expensive!!)

I've once 'cheated' on these and uses cleansing oils. I do like cleansing oil because it removes my makeup effortlessly. The problem is, cleansing oils always get into my eyes and left me with blurry vision. It doesn't particularly hurting or what, but it annoys me a lot. So in the end I didn't finish my cleansing oil and turned back to Hadalabo. Hadalabo FTW

So on the tube it's written that it contain High Purity Arbutin + Whitening Extract + Hyaluronic Acid. The Arbutin is bearberry extracts that supposed to reduced spots and discoloration, and Hyaluronic Acid is supposed to moisturize the skin. It's also fragrance free and colorant free.

I like to wash my face with a blob of this, and after that I'll do all my skin care routine. I don't particularly use any remover to remove my makeup before washing. The 100g tube usually last me for about 3~4 months. 

The product comes in a tube, just ordinary tube nothing special. And the product inside is a white pearl and a little bit goes a long way. It does produce normal amount of foams and felt really nice on the skin :)
After using it for 2 years, my skin has been improving a lot! Less blemishes and break outs, much cleaner and my face felt less oilier. I don't think that all the credits goes to this cleansing foam, but this is definitely the kick starter to my cleaner face. And with the price I pay for this, it's just the best ever.

I really want to turn back the time and throw this product to high-school me because that's just help my oily face A LOT. 

And as I stated before, I didn't use any makeup remover before because this cleansing foam already did it for me! It takes most of my makeup, maybe a little mascara and eyeliners on the waterlines were left over. So I usually take a cotton bud and removes anything that were left. 

None. Really almost none

One thing that I noticed back then is the scent, it's smells like a solidified tear drop. But I totally over that now.

And the other thing that maybe some people would kinda dislike is after washing my face, it dries my face out. However, I have a oily skin so that's great for me, and the dryness might also be caused by my skin care routine. My skin care routine has became my daily habit, so that if I skipped all my skin care and just wash my face, my face just went grumpy and felt really dry.

OVERALL, the best cleansing foam ever. I have a huge problem to sticking into one product, no matter how good the product is, I would definitely try to reach my hands into some other product to try. But nope, not this one. I don't even have the thought to change or try any other cleansing foam ever. I just don't want to take the risk, and yes I felt that the no.1 factor that brought my skin allover better is this product!

HAIL HADALABO! :D (and yes, I'll stock more and maybe try the other product from the same line! Do you have any recommendation for me?)

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  1. I want to get those too and on ebay I find the cheapest deals, but I'm scared there may be fakes of Hada Labo products -_- But sites that sell 100% authentic products of HL takes so much money for shipping to my country, urgh!

    1. Ugh shipping! :(( I'm pretty lucky because Hadalabo products are available in my home country's drugstore ahaha

  2. Thanks for the review, too bad I live outside asia so I cannot get them easily, but I will definitely by them next time I visit Asia!! thanks!


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  4. Karena di produksi di indonesia makanya harga nya jauh bgt dr harga yg dijual di korea yg di impor dr jepang lgsg. Secara harga skin care jepang kan mahal mahal >.<

    1. iya aku juga mikir kayak gitu hahah sayang deh variasi produk2nya sedikit :(

  5. Ahhh! I have the same exact one! :) I love it so much, it is my HG face wash - it doesn't dry out my skin and doesn't make it oily for me either. After I wash my face it's always so soft and bouncy hehe. I actually bought a whole box of this because I'm moving overseas soon HAHA (yes, I love this product that much). And it's really affordable too!


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