REVIEW : Innisfree's Vivid Tint Rouge #13

I felt so uninspired lately.. hoam.

Hello! I'm finally is writing a review for this lip tint! It's Innisfree's Vivid Tint Rouge in #13 Maple Burgundy Pink! It's a part of the FW 2013 shades addition for the Vivid Tint Rouge. 

Vivid Tint Rouge is a glossy lip tint from Innisfree, retails for KRW 10.000 and have 13 shades selection. It contain 4.8ml of product.

I like the fact that they extend their present collection rather than making a whole new collection for the new season! I was planning to get the #12 - but #13 swatched better when I was in the store so I got it!

Maple Burgundy Pink is Innisfree's FW 13 main color. As it's also available in other products as well (Color Glow Lipstick & Glossy Lip Lacquer). And I don't think owning 3 same shade in different product makes me regret buying this - These 3 product have different finishes and a slight different in shade. The have different functions and I like to pair these with another lip products too! (And I personally thinks that I look good in this shade. lols)

But if you want to wear them all together - this is the layers that I would do :
1. lip tint --> 2. lipstick --> 3. lip gloss

from LEFT to RIGHT : Color Glow Lipstick, Vivid Tint Rouge, and Glossy Lip Lacquer. All in Maple Burgundy Pink shade.

The Vivid Tint Rouge promotes vivid color payoff, glossy finish, and long lasting properties. Also because it's Innisfree, I can be sure that it's made from natural ingredients.

There is nothing special about the packaging - just a normal Innisfree's standards packaging. And comparing to the lipstick and the lipgloss, the shade indicator is much smaller. The shade inside only shows up in a small line beneath the product name, it's also a good indicator on how much product you have left! -that if you store them vertically.

The applicator is also a standard one, though it's got narrower toward the end so that's a good news for you gradient lips fans out there! The tint has this sweet fruity scent - not in anyway overwhelming and doesn't have a weird bitter taste too! ha!

Here's a swatch on my lips, full on color!

LEFT no flash RIGHT with flash

Ok, color payoff, check! Glossy finish, check! Long-lasting, check! The tint practically does all that it stated will do.

Like other lip tints, it does make your lips drier than using lipsticks or lipgloss, but it definitely didn't accentuate my lip's lines and dryness. It just felt dry - so what I did is apply lip balm on top, or just reapply the lip tint!

from LEFT to RIGHT : with flash, no flash, wiped back and forth with cleansing water O_O

The glossiness stays pretty long, I can say for about 2-3 hours, then the glossiness is gone - but the color didn't. I was completely amazed by it, because after a brutal ramyon eating lunch time the other day, most of the colors are still there!

Also for a lip tint, I think it does contain a lot of product. And comparing to like water tints or gel tints, this type of tints are easier to apply and is allover easier to blend.

This part of the post is definitely hard to write because I basically pretty satisfied with my purchase. But after a few searches on Naver, I found some stuffs that might help you if you would purchase some.

The amazing long-lasting and staining power apparently only apply on the brighter color. The more 'neutral' shades didn't stain (almost nothing, really) on the lips. Also the color selections are broad (13 colors) but I noticed that a lot of the color are so similar to each other. Even the new additions #12 and #13 are pretty much similar.

The Verdict : I LOVE THIS! I've been wearing this color nonstop these days. But as I said before, the color selections are so similar one to another, and I was planning on purchasing the more neutrals one, but I think I have to pass. But overall, there's nothing I would complain for this particular shade and I think it brightens up my complexion.

I'm understand why a lot of people would go back and repurchase these though! :))

Thankyou so much for reading<3

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  1. I'm always excited to read reviews on Innisfree products.
    It has pretty colors selection. And seems really pigmented.
    Btw, you look beautiful as always. <3


    1. Thankyouu nella! I think I love Innisfree too much, it's not good for my wallet for sure :"))

  2. Wow, so pigmented and the color is such a pretty F/W color! It looks great on you :D Thanks for the review!

  3. OMG. You are always perfect and gorgeous with red lips dear :)

    1. thankyou Elin! That's like the nicest compliment ever :"))

  4. Cakeep warnanya >< semua lip product innisfree animal free kah? Soalnya di web cuman produk lama aja yang dikasih keterangan free ingredientsnya, thankyou!

    1. ini animal free! iya di botolnya ada tulisannya tapi pake hangul hehehe :))

  5. thanks for the review! thinking of purchasing this now :)

  6. One of the best tints i've used,
    I love your blog!


  7. Hi!
    I have a question about innisfree lipstick, do you feel that their lipstick taste bitter?
    I have two lipstick the cream mellow and eco flower, i bought them online and super love their color however it taste wierd and bitter also my lips look more darker after i used it maybe becaue it's dried my lips?
    Is it safe if the lipstick taste bitter ? Am worried :(


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