OOTD : Past weeks

As the days are getting nowhere less busier, I've been enjoying taking OOTD pic with my phone. I just realized how good is my Iphone 5 camera O_O and also I found a pretty good app called "VSCOcam" to edit my pictures. Which is quite cool! I think I'll this kinda post a lot more often because it's just really easy and I like to read posts like these!

So here I present you my collective OOTD taken with my phone :

OUTER WEAR thrifted
SKINNY JEANS forever21
SANDALS road shop in Hongdae

this one is taken after a 'dangdut' kinda stage in somewhere in Busan. I performed BATAK dance and after that me and Jessica went to Seomyon to check out h&m and eat SUSHIII!! That's why my hair is like that because I just released my hair bun for the performance


TOP zara
CARDIGAN gmarket
SANDALS road shop in Hongdae
BELT h&m

This one is taken before I joined an event made by PR&Adv students for their class. That day is finally the start of autumn as the weather finally starts cool down and breezy. I took this in front of our Uni's Central Library in the noon - which surprisingly empty :o


So on a unrelated topic, when my friends are studying for the mid terms, I got bored and made some meme from EXO members' faces lol. And I also found some amusing one from Tumblr

basically, i was being a very very bad friend because I disturb their study a lot. lol.


SWEAT SHIRT forever21
JEANS point one
FLATS gmarket

this is my personal favorite! I was hyped went I finally found this denim jacket on a vintage store. But it was summer already when I purchased it so I keep an eye on the weather to drop and finally I could rock this jacket! 
This one is taken inside my library after I took around of walk with Jess #2 lol

TSHIRT gmarket 
CARDIGAN road shop in Nampodong
LEGGINGS bought in Indo
BOOTS gmarket
BAG zara

Can we please take a look on my t-shirt. GOSH. it looks like L'Arc~en~Ciel's "My Heart Draws a Dream" single cover jacket and I literally hold my breath when I say these. And I bought both colors, white and black. This T-shirt is definitely not the best quality, it's a cheap-ass tshirt with nasty print quality, but what can I say???
I took these nearby neighboring uni, Pukyong Uni after a cup of coffee with Jess #2. Anw, she took most of my OOTD pictures and I can't really say that her skill is nowhere improving. lol. kidding.


OK, you guys might know that I went to BIFF's blue carpet event. Blog post here. So here's some pictures I took with my phone, and to warn you, also a close up pictures of the stars that my hoobae took and she's really kind she sent it out to me! <3

the troops! 

too bad I didn't get to see Lee Joon because I was late *sigh* 


Next is random category! Things interesting I found in my phone!

One of my drapping project, I ended up draped a new one though. 

My favorite cleansing foam from Hadalabo and all of my backups! Review coming soon!

The day I watched "SPY" with Jess #2 and the cinema is basically empty because it was 10am in the morning! The film was good though, Daniel Henney you piece of hotness! <3

The biggest moon I've ever seen in my life. EVER. 

to close everything, here's my selca from a year ago and a month ago (the right one is my first uploaded selca in my instagram. lol). Funny I didn't actually lose any weight. Makeup is the bomb!

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  1. You look really nice!!! My favourite outfit is the first one!!


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