REVIEW : Innisfree Mini Tint Lipstick Best Collection (limited)

Hello! Today I'm bringing you some 'Christmas' delight review!

It's Innisfree's Mini Tint Lipstick Best Collection!

This kit retails for KRW 12.000 and it contain 3 mini size of their "Creamy Tint Lipstick" in the 3 best selling color through out the years. And plus, if you purchase their Christmas Limited Edition kit, KRW 500 automatically goes for 'Save the Children" campaign. And yes, this is limited edition.

I wasn't going to pick these out before, because I thought they were lipbalms. And they don't exactly have any tester opened, and the staffs were not an helpful either. But I got back to the 'Innisfree' store the next day or so, and the staff just got 100x more friendlier and kindly shows me the lipstick testers. Sooo to keep the long story short, I GOT THEM. lol

The lipstick packaging is simply irresistible. Each lipsticks have different colors but still are complimenting each other. There's Christmas tree decoration and snow flakes on the cap and polkadots on the bottom part. I like that it's very simple and I personally liked the middle one the best :)

So inside the lipsticks are :

1. Creamy Tint #1 꽃봉오리 핑크 - Pinkish Berry Red

2. Creamy Tint #2 달콤한 칵테일 핑크 -  Bright Fuchsia Pink

3. Creamt Tint #12 산들바람 코랄 - Orangey Coral 

lip swatch from #1, #2 to #12 

I like that this kit actually give me a 'budget' option to try out more color from the 'Creamy Tint' line. I had one before and well, a girl can't never have too much lipstick, can she?

Of course the packaging, I can't complain anything about them. It's classic Christmas theme - Red and White. Simple prints. Love them. This is a perfect present for Christmas, because the kit actually cost the same as 1 Creamy Tint Lipstick in the normal size. So you don't have to worry about getting someone this kit because surely there's at least one shade that the person would like :)

And talking about the product itself, Creamy Tint Lipsticks are very vivid, great color payoff and as the name says, creamy. It had a matte finish but it's not at all hard to apply like some of matte lipsticks out there. And let me tell you, these Creamy Tint Lipstick will last you forever, you didn't need much really. Also it's lasting power is also pretty great, as it would slightly tint your lips.

Apparently a lot of people are furious on how small it is. So here's a comparison :

I admit I was really surprised when I first opened the kit. Because the amount of product isn't what I expect it would be. But after I thought about this issue again, the 3 minis cost the same as the full one. And I'm sure if you melt those 3 minis and mix it into one, you could get 1 full size one.
(mini : @1.1g ; full size : 3.5g)

Yes I think the packaging is slightly 'too big' for that little amount of product, but I can't imagine how uncomfortable it will be to apply lipstick from a tiny-bity tube.

I personally don't have a huge problem with the amount of product, so it's still a good deal for me.

About the product itself, I found out that these 'Creamy Tint' products are too drying for this time of the year. I can still get away with some lipgloss and lip balms too, so things are under control I guess.

And personally, I don't really like the color selection. I like them, but I don't think I could get a lot of wear on this festive season as the colors are too 'summery and springy'. Creamy Tint line is released during SS 2013 so most of the colors are bright and don't really go with Autumn/Winter colors.

If I could design the kit, I probably will pick FW colors rather than the best selling colors. And I don't really get on why choose the best selling colors? I mean if it's "best seller" there are high chances that most people already have it and made them not wanting to purchase them! I just don't get it. For now I could only wear the #1 :(

But I don't have any of the colors so yeay good for me.

So yeah! That's my review on the Innisfree's Christmas Kit! I do have the nail polish Christmas kit too, but I've decided not to do anything Christmas-y until December. So maybe tonight I will try the nail polishes! :)

And I don't plan on getting more Christmas Kit.. but if you have suggestion.. maybe I'll check it out :]

See you on my next post! xx

And PS. you lucky Indonesian that get to see Hyde's VAMPS performance on the 29th. Is it weird that I got jealous over Tukul because he got to see Hyde up close?????? :(

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  1. Aw, You always looks gorgeous on red x)

    Stay fab ce Filii <3

  2. nyesel ga beli ini pas d sanaaa T.T abisnya toko nya d Myeongdong rame bgt, susah mau liat2, trus ga k toko innisfree lg T.T
    tp krn creamy tint aku jg agak mikir2, seandainy ini color glowww.. >.<
    cm aku suka bgt sm design christmas nya innisfree, Fil, kyny paling ok :D

    1. iya sih cee aku juga sbnrnya prefer color glow banget. tapi kalo color glow seupil gini pasti habisnya cepet banget haha kalo creamy tint kan rada 'keras'an dikit haha

      tp eyelinern kitny jg kayaknya okkk ciiii >_< bingung coba duit itu unlimited hahahaha

    2. iy jg sih Fil,, klo color glow bakalan cpet abis ya hahaha XD
      aaaa eyelinerny wrna apaaa? iy cb ada hujan duit ya *ngayal bgt sih ini :p

    3. hahaha iyaa kann! yang eyeliner itu gel liner #2 Pink Champagne, #7 sama #8 --> burgundy yang satu kecoklatan yang satu kemerahan hahaa tertarik ce? :D

  3. OMG mini lipsticks! Red's your colour ^_^

    Followed you; follow each other?

    Miss Bojangles

    1. Thankyou for your lovely comment! :))
      You have an awesome blog, I followed you!

  4. The color is very much pigmented :D

  5. Oww ya ampun I want thaat >_<! haha
    Btw salam kenal, I always love your review

  6. aku salah satu yang nonton hyde kemarin! *gagalfokus*

    1. CURANGGGG ga tau lagiii huhuhuhuhuhu D:
      pasti seru pasti suaranya bagus pasti gantenggg D:

  7. Awww,your review makes me want it so bad right now !!!! Tanggung jawab :p

    1. hiakakakakk keracunan itu tanggung jawab pembaca!! :D :D :D

    2. Kecewaaah,baru aja mau place an order, masak di web udah ilang ajaaaa...klo di store nya sendiri masih ada gak yaa?

  8. merahnya cakep bgt d kmu fillll
    dan baru mlm in ngerasaain anehny pake merah d indonesia ><
    pake merah dliatin tante2 satu undangan TT pdhl itu d merried nya org. aplg klo d mall TT

    1. Hahaha padahal bendera Indonesia merah-putih cee *jayus* hahahaha

  9. The colors are pretty but like you said, not really something for winter. Too bad they are quite drying as well :S

  10. I really want this! I love that shades ♥

  11. The packaging looks awesome but like you said the colours are more suited for the summer but i guess there are the most popular shades! i think the red would kind of suit the festive season!! thanks for sharing!


    1. Right :( But It's just so cute I can't stop myself for buying these<3

  12. 3 colors are so adorable….. love all of the colors


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