REVIEW : Missha "M" Vita B.B cream (Matte)

Yellow! Today I'm going to review something that I've had for sometime now and it's not new either, it's Missha''s M Vita B.B.Cream [Matte]

This B.B cream is not anywhere new in the market, and I've read somewhere that the 'Vita' B.B Cream line is the last B.B creams that Missha will ever make. And if you know me, I'll grab anything with 'Matte' written on them. I bought it on the store, and it retails for KRW 11.800 for 50ml. And the Vita B.B cream comes in 2 types, one matte and the other one is moisture and both only have one shade available.

It's also come with a box. No idea why I didn't take the box's picture.

And here's the decription from MisshaUS website :

"M Vita BB Cream Matte evens out skin texture and brightens skin tone with a moist and light finish. It calms sensitive skin, protects from UV rays and pollution, and helps maintain healthy skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

Vita Complex is comprised of 7 essential vitamins (Vitamin B3, B5, C, E, F, H, and Q) to improve skin and enhance skin vitality. Natural Protector (Fermented Soybean, Willow, Cassia Bark, Oregano, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Gold Extract) provides anti-pollution and soothing benefits for stressed skin. Also contains Grapefruit Seed Extract, Neem Tree Extract, Anti Shadow Complex, and Jewelry Complex for clear, radiant skin. Lemon Extract, Bergamot Fruit Extract, and White Willow Extract ingredients provide sebum control. 

Shade is comparable to M Perfect Cover #21 Light Beige"

And it's not written on the description but it's also SPF 20 PA++ and nothing special really about the packaging. It comes with a standard Missha BB cream tube and with a pump. 

exactly one pump! 

Also forgive me to not take the picture of the ingredients list. But I realized it contains mineral oil that some people might be concerned with. 

I usually used a pump and that's enough to cover all my face. And I like to use my buffing brush from Real Techniques brush collection to apply these. 

LEFT (on each hand) nothing, RIGHT with bb cream

The coverage. Which I don't expect at all. I was surprised to see that the Perfect Cover B.B cream have less cover power than this one. It even able to cover my dark circles that sometimes made me forgot to wear concealer. That's an amazing one. 

UP none; BELOW with bb cream

The price and the amount of product you get. This B.B cream is even cheaper than Etude House Mineral bla bla BB creams that I believe retail for KRW 14.000. And you get a great amount that I expect will last me months and months.

The packaging. It's simple, and with a pump. Can't even complain. And the pump pumps out the exact amount I need to cover my whole face.

Matte? They shouldn't have even bother to put 'matte' on these; because it's the less matte BB cream ever. It's still shines after I let it dry for some good minutes. That also says that this BB cream need the help of primer and setting powder to be able to stay on my oily-combination face. Without my matte primer, this BB cream only stays 1.5 hours shine-free.

Thick Consistency. Great coverage usually comes with thick consistency. What I'm talking here is not that this B.B cream felt heavy (it isn't that heavy) but it takes time for the B.B cream to settles down. Longer than my thicker foundation even. That makes applying this B.B cream with a regular foundation brush is almost impossible without making streaks all over your face. Well the solution that I propose is to blend the B.B cream with a makeup sponge (I do that) and it's streaks free!

Color Selection. I was lucky because the shade, even though it's not the exact match, works for me. But I'm sure a lot of people can't use this because of the poor shade selection. (Heck, it only comes in one shade. wut?). I'm actually shade #23 Perfect Cover and I think I can't use this B.B cream when the warmer season come. 

with the BB cream only. no concealer or powder.

Ok. honestly speaking, it's really hard for me to do this review. It seems that I listed a lot of flaws of this product, but I still use this almost everyday. And people on the internet seems to be either liked this B.B cream or super super hate it.
I didn't even bother that this B.B cream didn't mattify my face, because I always go full routine (moisturizer > primer > B.B cream > setting powder) and that routine did a good job keeping my makeup all day.

So, I'll give this product 3.5 out of 5. I just like the fact that this product is a one stop for my blemish and dark circle problem!

Have you ever tried this B.B cream? What do you think? :|

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  1. I've never tried Missha's BB creams before but I've heard a lot of raves about them. I usually don't like anything with thick consistency so not sure if I'm gonna give this a go... May be I'll consider a thinner formula from the brand :)


    1. Definitely don't go with this if you want thinner formula! :DD haha

  2. I like the packaging :D:D I am usually not a fan of matte foundations/bb creams but this one looks good...it's a pity that it doesn't come in more shades :/


    1. Yes!! It's also my biggest disappointment :(( More shades = more customer!

  3. I am looking for a good BB cream right now and a cousin of mine suggested one from Missha. But if this is the one I think I'm gonna pass. Yeah, I don't think this is a product that gives you matte finishes. Only one shade? Another minus point I guess. Oh, me too, is using that full routine. But instead of a primer I'm using pore balm. :)
    But nice review by the way. Looking forward to your next one! Have a great week ahead!
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

    1. Thankyou Mira! <3 A lot of people said that I'm "too much" but if it's not the full routine, with primer and all that jizz, Im sure all my makeup would erased away in the middle of the day :(

  4. Oh, I just knew about Missha M Perfect Cover! I think this one is great :)

  5. wow Fil, i can see that it has a great coverage! :O
    but i don't like matte product hihi :p

    yeahhh too bad you're in Busan and not in Seoul.. kalau ga kan kita bs kluar bareng hari itu T.T
    doakan aja ya aku taun depan bisa k Korea lagi jadi kita bisa ketemu.. aminnnn :D

    1. Iya banget cee coba pas lagi jaman liburan aku langsung banget meluncur ke Seoul deh :((
      Ini namanya doang Matte ce wkk


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