REVIEW : (Christmas Set) Innisfree Eco-Nail Color PRO

Continuing the Christmas spirit........

I'm going to review Eco Nail Colors from Innisfree. It's recently been reformulated and had a complete face off! Retails for KRW 2.500 each for the normal line, and the Chirstmas Nail Collection retails for KRW 7.500.

Once again, if you purchase their Christmas Limited Edition kit, KRW 500 automatically goes for 'Save the Children" campaign. And yes, this is limited edition.

Most of Korean Brands have a complete set of Nail care items, Innisfree is not an exception. Innisfree literally have almost everything. So it's like one stop to purchase all your nails may need! 

I've been liking their nail polishes , plus their Gel Top Coat is my Nail HG. And the color variations are just so huge, also they frequently update their nail collections.

Although the bottles became "slimmer", I prefer the new bottles over the new one. Because the new one have a shorter, broader brush that makes it easier to apply your nail polish without fuzz.

This time I'll show you the Christmas Edition and also the basic neutral colors I picked the other day. 

First, the Christmas Set! It's a very good deal, considering each bottles of the regular line cost you KRW 2.500 and the set of 3 (+ nail sticker) cost the same as buying 3 bottles (KRW 7.500). It's a good present to give too, I know a lot of girls isn't into makeup, but nails?? Come on, you can't resist them! 

The bottle packaging looks similar with the Lipstick Tint Set, Christmas deco on the cap, and polkadot on the bottle.

        #36 별빛 내린 선물 꾸러미       
"starlight came down to a bundle of gifts"

gold sparkle with larger snow flake sparkle piece nail polish

          #37 산타클로스의 마법        
Santa Claus' Spells

red glitters (this is my favorite)

          #38 12월, 눈내리는 마을        
December, in a village where the snow falls

combination of red, green, white & gold sparkles

All the colors are very festive and I loved it <3
I prefer this one over the last year's because it comes in full size. But I prefer last years stickers too, this year's are just too tacky for my taste. And it's like a sticker not a nail sticker that is softer and easy to buff.

Next is the basic and neutrals! (My all time, daily favorite. I literally just rotate them every other week)

I have
 #5 바람 부는 날 - Windy Days
#29 흐릿한 기억 - Hazy Memories
#30 깜깜한 밤 - Pitch Black Night

I just love how Innisfree took time to each named their nail polish. I also took my time to translate them tho. These polishes stays a good 2-3 days no chipping without top coat. With my HG top coat, and if I apply it the right amount, sometimes it could goes on for a week!

Thankyou so much for reading,
Happy Holiday, folks! <3

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  1. love love the red color! so christmas-y! XD

  2. Wow they really scream christmas! Nice colors and soo glittery :D

  3. You are so lucky !
    I couldn't find them in any Innisfree store :(
    The colors are so pretty and the whole line is so nice to resist!

    1. They're still available in the stores near me tho :((

  4. The red glitter one is gorgeous. <3

  5. Omg, that christmas set... I need this in my life. *___* What a deal!

  6. I really like how the nail polishes now have a longer cap. The Christmas nail polishes set looks very pretty.

  7. How are they when you want to take the varnish off? easy or hard to??

    1. well glitter nail polishes are always harder to take off! But I use Etude House's Extra Power nail remove and it's quite easy to remove! :D

    2. I know... T__________________T my nails seem to became more thinner because of it, I need to buy something to make them stronger.

  8. oooh beautiful shades :D

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  9. Omg, those nail stickers are so cute! But yeah, I don't think I could wear them either haha.

    Beauty Challenged

  10. Hi,
    I tag you for Versatile Blogger Award


  11. hello! just wanna ask when the cosmetic brands (innisfree, etude house etc...) start releasing their christmas-fied products and the approximate period of their christmas sale? I'm going to korea this dec so i'm interested to find out :) Thank you!

  12. probably around mid Nov - some brands do Christmas edition faster though... I supposed if you're here in Korea by Dec you can already purchase the Christmas edition by then! :))


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