Everland, the Halloween Theme Park!

Gosh. I already left them in the folder to blog about it, but still.... procrastination 1 : filia 0

It's been a while, but if you remember, around September or so, Korean celebrate their Thanksgiving day or more widely known for Chuseok!
Detailed explanation click here (cr: Allkpop.com)

And fortunately, Western people or more to American are also celebrating Halloween!

Most time in Chuseok, Korean spends time with their family. And foreigner? It's just a golden weekend for us! (Really really tired explaining to Korean why the heck we're not coming home for Chuseok. Because NO, WERE NOT CELEBRATING IT. Believe me, the question comes out so much that you could thought.)

So Everland, a theme park in Seoul have this online foreigner discount ticket! Just because most of people that will hang around to play during Chuseok is, US the foreigner. Which is a total wrong concept. Because in modern day apparently celebrating Chuseok in Everland is becoming one of their tradition! Nayyyyy for long friggin' queue.

Or maybe we just picked the wrong day to go to the Theme Park.

You can check the ticket pricing in their site AND scroll down to print their SPECIAL FOREIGNER DISCOUNT! I believe I pay less than the price stated on the site, because it was their Chuseok / Halloween special I guess.

What you have to do is just click the 'print this page' button on the discount page and bring it to the counter. Notice that the counter for people with this coupon is different, so try and ask the staff if you have difficulties finding it.

As a theme park, of course they have to have a THEME!
That time it was their Halloween theme! We got so excited because in Indonesia, we don't celebrate Halloween, in Korea they also not. So Everland, good job on choosing Halloween over Chuseok, because I rather to see a huge jack-o-lantern everywhere rather than 떡 (ddeok : a rice dumpling?) everywhere.

They also have many Halloween and accessories. Which is nice because you wont see much in Korea during the Halloween season. And the most exciting thing in Everland on Halloween season is...........

Oh yeah, HORROR MAZE promoted by 2PM and Miss A Suzy! For travelers, I must caution you this attraction only open for several weeks, during their Halloween period. So make sure to check their website is the attraction still available on your visit! 

To enter this attraction, it will cost you KRW 5.000 (not included on the entrance fee). Honestly speaking, I'm too afraid to get in. And to spend KRW 5.000 walking in the dark and be scared and screaming and stuff I don't think it's worthed lol. But really we spend a long long long time to decided whether or not we get in or not
According to my friends that have been there, It is scary. Because the ghost would literally scaring you, like surprise attacking in front of yo face!! Dude. Did you ghosts are not afraid to get punch in your face? What if, imagine, a boxer got in an it is his reflect to punch someone in their face if he is surprised? Dude. don't.
I also heard that they'll give you a mission choice, you could choose either the long ones or short ones, but I heard there were 5 missions you can choose. But never actually got in there. Can't guarantee it's true. 

Did I said that Everland is also a ZOO???
Oh yeah I did, just now. Everland is also a Zoo. I don't know nothing about that, I almost thing I got into this secret passage to a nearby Zoo :/ 
Not only real animals, FAKE ANIMALS TOO! 
Sun Go Kong? is that you???? 

Speaking of theme park, Parades is also the one to look forward too! 
I don't think Everland have their own, mascots. Or even a theme songs that played trough out the park until you sick of it but once you hear it you'll think of the theme park. You feel me?
So the parade is just foreigners dressing up as colorful things I don't really recognize with a huge LED lights all over the vehicle. And seeing the Halloween Parade, it just gets to us that the Halloween stuff is actually for the kids.... so the parade is just meh... kids stuff! 

... a LED Planet with tentacles? ..............

My tips on going to Everland :
  • Dress comfortably. Because Everland is HUGEEEE. 
  • If you want to check out the parades, they have A LOT of parade. So there's this big board somewhere in the park, where they put every parade schedules and places. Also waiting time for every attractions, so be sure to check on that
  • If you're not a first timer, but you still want to go back to Everland, just make sure the second time you're going they have a different theme going on! It's Christmas theme right now!! 
  • Loose your pocket!! I mean meals on theme parks are EXPENSIVE. But standing and walking all day could really exhaust you, so rather than faint over heat + tiredness, eat whatever you want there! My recommendation : Churros sticks!! 
The one that you should take note if you're using public transportation is to check on their schedule and their last schedule!! Because Everland is map-wise already outside Seoul, so taking a taxi could really be a burden. Make sure you check out the bus and train to match your schedule!! 

more pictures ;))

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