March Favorites♥♥

This is my first ever attempt to do a March Favorite so bear with me!
Since I've never made this kinda blogpost before (and It's kinda awkward just because it have been a while since I post something) SO some of the things I mentioned could be my whole-life-time favorites.

Yep things do get escalated quickly

These are some make up products that I have been enjoying these past months, and almost all of them I bought in 2013! First stuff that is the newest were my blue metallic make up pouch from MIXXO. I believe MIXXO is a Korean brand, one of the biggest S.P.A Brand available in Korea, similar like Forever21 or H&M, a fast-fashion brand kinda brand? (you get me)

Moving forward to the products, 

1. Revlon Colorstay for Combination / Oily Skin in 180 Nude -- Foundation for oily skin might be the hardest one to find among Korean Brand because most of Korean have drier skin & they totally digging in 'Glowy' look for their makeup. Which I could only saw as 'Dude-did-you-just-fried-your-face-or-did-somebody-just-threw-you-their-fried-tempura!!' make up look. As a NON fan of bling-bling oily face, when I saw this product being raved in youtube I swear to myself to get one of these. Bought this in Indonesia and totally LOVING it. But since I cannot find Revlon in Korea (which I actually did but it was ridiculously priced) I only use this once in a while. 

2. Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara, Hello Kitty limited edition -- I've once tried this mascara, but totally not liking the dramatic result. But recently I really dig in dramatic, long and curled super black mascara look so I've been using this non-stop! Just one thing, this mascara is really difficult to clean!! Now I tried to take turn with my other mascara, and use this only for dramatic-lash-appropriate days. My eyes need love too

3. NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige -- I bought this lipglosses in a package of 3, Kiss the Stars set. And among those 3, I really loved this one and I always put this in my makeup pouch. A punch of pink is never wrong! 

4. The Face Shop Care Pen Eyeliner -- This is totally the blackest felt tip pen eyeliner that I have. Although it does not last long enough (sometimes it melt down to my eyes inner corner. Not cool. So I refrain using it too close to my inner corner and just wink up my outer liner) but it was really pigmented and easy to use. I bought one just before the winter break started and totally loving, BUT I lost mine in Jakarta. It was really similar to a pen so it might have been slipped through somewhere so you guys be careful! :( But I re-purchase it so it was ok. Price is about KRW 12.000.

5. Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry -- This lip balm might not be the one that is very moisturizing, but its really compact and the packaging just really cute. Bought this back in Indonesia just because Korean Baby Lips price is just freakishly high (About KRW 4.500? Indonesian price is 1/3 of it!) 

6. L.A Girls Pro Concealer in Pure Beige - I got this in my trip to Singapore last February and completely liking it. But after spending almost a month in a dry and cold weather in Korea my skin have become fairer comparing to when I was in Indonesia.. So this concealer is kinda too dark for me right now but I was completely in love and can't wait to use it in summer!!!! (It is weird to ask for my skin to be darker right now? lol)

7. L'oreal Shine Caresse in Venus -- Again youtube got me.. After a lot of beauty guru raving about it I was so dedicated to get these! Got 4 of these in Singapore (1 in Malaysia actually, after realizing how much I liked this lip product) and my favorite color was this one. Korean also raved about these and almost the time I went to drug store here this products was not on stock, despite of the funny priced (KRW 18.000. wtf) it actually sells really well here I guess.

Next is my daily face wash, Hada Labo's Ultimate Whitening foam which is totally love love love since last year. I have to stock up these baby just because even though they have it here in Korea BUT, again, ridiculously priced. I bought back like 4 tubes and might have to restock it again. This product cleans your make up, not at all drying, and somehow helping my acne scarring? It do have a funny smell (really chemical kinda smell.) but after 5 tubes I've used to it.

And body product I love is Victoria Secret's 'Such A Flirt' hand and body cream. At first I don't have any high expectation because I've once use the hydrating body lotion and totally not loving the texture (TOO moisturizing for me) and the scent that I chose was not the best smelling as I bought those online. But this one, not only I bought these in the store (I could smell the scent, not just figuring it out from the  descriptions because somewhat it's kinda lead you differently) the moisturizing power is just perfect for me and I can't wait to try the other scent!! 

for fashion item, I've been loving my black beanie. I got this from H&M, it was on sale for KRW 3.000. I never had any simple beanie like this and the fabric was so much lighter than the other winter knit hat that I had. Recently I've been too lazy and always going for a monochrome look, but luckily black and white are never out of style

Again supporting my black and white movement is my Black Lace Oxford shoes! This is actually a re-found love as I've not wore this for a long long time. The detail is really pretty and fits really well, making my huge ass feet look skinny! Ha! And this shoes almost goes with everything so I've been abusing these baby a lot. I should stop wearing these nao. Got these almost a year ago in a Korean street shop.

Graphic Tee is a super comfort and great foundation to every look and this T-shirt is the best foundation ever to my looks recently. This is a H&M sleeveless T-shirt I got some weeks ago for KRW 17.000. COme in two colors (and still considering to buy or not the white one) Not only the fabric is really really comfy, the design THE WINGS really is the biggest decision point to get this shirt. The price is I think kinda expensive for a belel T-shirt, even I wore this to sleep, but still is really a nice piece to rock! 

Congratulation you've reached the bottom of this long ass blog post! 
Thankyou for reading I'm trying to update as often as I can! 


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