REVIEW : Lovely ME:EX You & Face Blusher (05 Pink Affair & 09 Cinnamon Dream)

Hi! Today I'm going to review products from The Faceshop that I know a lot of you might already see them almost every where, it's Lovely ME:EX You & Face Blusher in 05 Pink Affair and 09 Cinnamon Dream. They cost me KRW 5.900 (OOPS! KRW 4.900!) each and definitely one of the cheapest blusher out there.

The packaging is so simple. Didn't come with a box, just with a plastic seal. It's really small and didn't contain anything outside the product itself. I like the packaging, it doesn't use so much space. Suggested by the numbering, I supposed there are 9 shades or more, but I only found 8 shades on the site.

I think they contain a decent amount of product (4g) despite of their small packaging. I prefer to apply them with my Real Techniques 'contour brush' just because the size fits perfectly! Once again, you do need a blush brush because it doesn't come with one.

"Pink Affair" is a shimmer light baby pink which I would never go for a blush - but since I'm looking for a new blusher and always tend to get the similar color, I said to myself why not try something new? I don't realized that it has shimmer, because it's very subtle and from the plastic packaging it looks like it is matte.

"Cinnamon Dream" is a matte contour shade I supposed. It's the darker color out of 2 contour shade. Even though it looks pretty dark but I never hold my hopes too high for Korean Brand blusher because I never find products that is quite pigmented, especially for contouring.

Both of them has a very nice texture. It's smooth and 'creamy' for a powder product. I can feel how smooth it is when I glide my fingers over it. Both of them has this 'powder' scents, which I love actually (because it remains me of my mom's makeup).

For the pigmentation, GRAH, 'Pink Affair' look almost like nothing at first, I have to really really layer it for the color to actually show up. It's the same with 'Cinnamon Dream' - but I found out that 'Cinnamon Dream' make a very subtle contour, especially for the sides of my nose. I like it for day contour, I don't have to use lighter hands because it is light already.

please note that my face is darker than my arms!

please tell me you can see the difference. 

Overall, I will maybe repurchase 'Cinnamon Dream', in case I won't find better bronzer until it is empty. And 'Pink Affair' (or both, really) is definitely designed for someone with fair skin, I have a pretty light skin (MAC NC 25-30) but it doesn't really work, unless you have time to layer it again and again.

Though I really liked the texture and the subtle look it gives, I still use them for my daily look. (I think I wasted my time to apply the blush, really.)

with flash (looks a bit better right?)

Anyway I'm very very busy recently. I felt very restless and the school works just got on my nerves. And everytime I got some time free, instead of actually blogging (believe me, i got a lot of stuff stored!) I just sometime stared blankly at my macbook and did nothing. Or sometime I just catch up on some tv shows. Please Wednesday come faster I want to watch 'Heirs'.  Now please I have to sign off to go to my weekly 'Batak' dance practice.

Thankyou for reading! <3

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  1. I don't personally like to use bronzers or blushes but the colours are gorgeous and the packaging is really adorable! I like how they made it look like cassettes tapes hehe :P
    I love the face shop ^^

    1. yes! I love the simple packaging too :D hehe thankyou Fifi! x

  2. I love the packaging, haha! I don't use bronzer on an everyday basis (too much work for lazy me, hah), but I like the blush! It's a bit too light though, so maybe it'll work for me in the wintertime hehe. ^_^
    Thanks for the review, Filia!~ (And yup, I can definitely see the difference in the pictures haha)

    1. I also love the packaging! that what drives me the first time into purchasing lol! Thankyou June for being very kind for telling me there's a difference TT_TT
      I have a very round and chubby face, contouring is like my instant workout every morning to lose some fats ;))

      thankyou June! xx

  3. i'm thinking of buying the bronzer but theres no review on it
    so glad you review it!! thanks for the review~


    1. thankyou dear! ahaha even though it didn't really look like a 'contour' for my skin color ha! but I think it would work better on your skin tone!

  4. *.* i would like to be good with contouring :3 but...i'm not -.-" so i san clearly see the two shade when i do it -.-" you are sooo good *.* kisses

    1. I definitely not good at contouring! lol I just use bigger brush to blend them and add more powder to blend the harsh line! :D
      thankyou dear! x

  5. i want to watch Heirs too!! *.*
    Jinhyuk and Minho <3 <3

    kliatan kok Fil bedanya d foto.. tp itu yg kliatan blushnya, klo bronzernya engga :O
    apalagi yg pas km senyum, aduh cantik bangettt :D

    1. aiguu cece bronzernya iya ya engga :( tp kadang siang2 di idung gitu keliatan ce untungnya.. ga sia2 banget laa hahaha

      aduh ceee itu efek selca aja senyumnya hihihi cece lbh cantik lg :*
      Heirs itu must watch banget!!!! Setiap rabu kamis aku degdegan episode baru :DDDD

  6. Such a pretty bronzer~ The packaging is cute as well. ^_^

  7. that pink blush is really good on you, it gives you a healthy glow
    plus packagingnya lucuk banget hihi <3

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