[updated] REVIEW : Tony Moly's Easy Touch Waterproof Eye Brow & Coloring Browcara

I'm so glad that I actually can 'steal' some time to write this review. Believe me I got some more products to review but it's just life has been so so hectic and my school works just got so hard and consumed so many of my times more than I expect. And the other time I just don't have the concentration to write stuff - I've tried to but the words just didn't come. I thought I would be so much recharged after seeing EXO and many others on BIFF but it didn't happen because that back lashed on me. I got extremely tired after that and I'm out of my Salonpas and I don't have any other freakin' idea to relieve my back ache - if only I could go to Bersih Sehat and got a full body massage - that would be like in heaven.

Anyway - Hello! Today I'm going to review my eye brow necessity that I got both from Tony Moly - It's Easy Touch Waterproof Eye Brow in #2 Black Brown and Party Lover Coloring Browcara in #1 Light Brown. Both retail for KRW 6.000 and I bought them in their store.

I don't have any particular reason why I picked these up - the eyebrow pencil that I have and brow mascara (From EH's - color my brows) is out already and the pencil didn't actually matches my hair color. I wanted to check out TM's Tattoo Eyebrow - but when I swatch it the lighter color came out green and didn't change into brown even after a while. Is it like that or I supposed to wait longer? Idk.

Then the shop assistant recommend me these and said she uses these for her eyebrow - and her brows look amazing!

First, talking about the eye brow pencil! It's said on the packaging "Define brow shape by pencilling along with light feather strokes. Fill in and shape for perfectly define brow. Use the brush side of the pencil to gently brush brow hairs up and sweep into place." - did they just copy-paste these informations from other eyebrow pencil? Because these one definitely didn't has any 'brush' or 'spoolie' - so that just didn't make any sense.

The product is retractable and it didn't has that much product inside - like about 4-5 cm long? The formulation is on the creamier side of eyebrow pencil. I found that the creamy texture helps me to blend the front part of my brow so it looks more natural. In the other side, the creaminess make I use more product. I bet this product wouldn't last long for me.

Also the pencil has a pencil shape - means it had larger applicator so over-applying could happen anytime. Plus, the creamy consistency also adds up with that. I suggest to take a little-tiny-bitty-sharperner from similar product - like gel eyeliner pencil - to sharpen this pencil once in a while.

Talking about the waterproof - once it sets. it sets. Tried to scrub it back an forth while it's wet, it doesn't move. It also has this wax to help your eyebrow in place and making it last longer. I don't have much trouble with brow fading from the start so I didn't really took this into account - but seriously it didn't budge at all!

Overall, I don't recommend this if you're just starting to fill in your brows - the applicator and the texture might be easy for you to over apply. If you're new to brows you might want to look for the one that has a smaller/angled applicator, plus with a spoolie. But if you have mastered your own eyebrow, and looking for a eyebrow pencil that is waterproof, then definitely check these out!

Next is Tony Moly Coloring Browcara! This is a mascara-like-eyebrow-filler that suitable for filling in the sparse area & gives color to your brow & set your brows in the same time. I see recently a lot of western brand made their own brow-mascara like these.

Anyway, this is a must have for me because you see, I dyed my hair and I need to match my natural hair color (black) that grows in my eye brow to my hair. I usually used Etude House Color My Brows, for sometime now even. I can't say their the best but I don't see the need to color my brow - BUT I SEE THEM NOW. It looks kinda awkward seeing my super black eyebrows. Especially under sunlight.

The brush is slightly bigger than EH's Color My Brow - but it's easier to use! Because one side of the brush is longer, makes it easier to comb through the hairs and colors the hair more evenly. And the other shorter side, I like to use it to set my brow after I got everything.

Even though the formulation is quite wet (I like brow-mascara that are slightly dry, because it wont clump the hairs.) it doesn't really clump or gave chunks of color awkwardly. But you want to really brush the excess away before every application.

For this type of product - you will really appreciate waterproof formula. Not only you want the color to stay, you also want the product to be able to keep your brows in place. And this browcara, once it sets, it sets great! Even when its wet, it stays put - But you might don't want to scratch heavily when its wet because it's still coming off.

Overall, I like this product - still it's not the best one and I'll keep looking for other eyebrow-mascara to try after I finish this one! For the time being, I'm using this product every day and I don't encounter much problem in general. I

LEFT filled with brow pencil RIGHT sets with browcara 

LEFT eyebrow pencil RIGHT browcara

These product is satisfactory, but I didn't close the chance of meeting with better and nicer brow product. I might really try the Tattoo eyebrow because I really want to try it really!! 

Oh and Tony Moly's staff is really nice. This is my first time shopping in a Korean Cosmetic store and got socks for free! :)

  [  UPDATE  ]  

the eyebrow pencil DID come with a spooly!! It's on the other side of the pencil, and the cap is real tight! I accidentally discover it few days ago :| 
I'll take whatever I said before about the spooly! 

sorry! :(

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  1. "Once it sets, it sets" that sounds kinda scary as well what if i end up with a pair of fierce eyebrows lol but it sounds good as well bc i have very oily skin. For the browcara..........lol i dont have any eyebrow hair so yea......................very sad i know


  2. umm, did you get "left and right" mixed up? because the one on the left seems like the pencil and the right is the browcara to me .__. I envy your brows T____T mine are sparse and uneven

    anyways, I've always loved your photos! I'm a new reader. I'm guessing you live in South Korea? I have a friend who's currently living in Busan too :D


    1. eh ternyata temennya nindy? xD

    2. YES I TOTALLY GOT THEM MIXED UP!! D: thankyou thea! hahaha

      iya aku teman nindy, kita bahkan satu jurusan! :DDD

  3. sudah ku isi kesionernya :) semoga lancar ya kuliahnya :))

    wah waterproofnya oke banget ya? jadi kepengen kan >.<

    1. terimakasih!! :D iyaa ini temen aku punya lagi ikut lomba gitu jadinya nyebarin kuesioner! :D

  4. aku jg penasaran fil sm tattoo eyebrownya! :D
    yg km blg ijo itu bneran? ga kebayang alis warna ijo fil ._.
    aku ga bs kyny pake yg pensil, lebi bisa pake yg crayon gt lho hihi :3

    1. haha iya kak? crayon?? iyaa ce antara itu samplenya keracunan apa apa, tapi ijo banget dan ga berubah warnanya aku tungguin juga.. aku pikir bakal berubah gitu kan.. haha padahal udah penasaran mau beli.....

  5. cool post!
    best eyebrows pencils ever!


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