REVIEW : Holika-Holika's Luminous Silk Aura Pact

Finally, the summer has finally end. The fall semester began and i've started my first week of school with hell-ish homeworks already. I've planned to make pre-written makeup review so that I could post them little by little by the week, but I'm so busy even in the weekend, I felt like I can't even breath! Anyway I went to Sanchong on Saturday, somewhere outside Busan that took 2++ hours trip for a 'Cultural Experience' for the whole day (Read : stuck-with-a-crappy-ahjumma-guide-but-to-afraid-to-wander-around-alone-because-the-expo-is-too-big) and on Friday and Sunday I went to the International Travel Expo in Bexco to fill in the Indonesian Traditional Dance (Batak Dance) and felt like a celebrity for a day, then continued with a meeting with Cinema Club members and Kecak Dance practice afterwards. I was dead-tired and I'm still alive with the power of caffeine. Tomorrow is supposed to be my off-day but I have to do all my homeworks because I can't do any on my weekend. fml.

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Hi! Today I'm gonna review something that I purchase a couple weeks ago, Holika-Holika's Luminous Silk Aura Pact (SPF 25 PA++) in #1 Light Beige. Retail for KRW 13.900. According to the website this pact gives a light and smooth lustrous skin as silk, anti-darkening, and brings velvet, moist silk-texture finish. Also it had 2 shades only #1 Light Beige and #2 Natural Beige.

I bought them one my last trip to Seoul after I stupidly left my powder pact in Busan so I had to get something up. This is a repurchase product, I first tried and purchase it last year and I've got a great experience with it so I had no worry at all. It's an emergency so I don't need any grab-and-try product.

The first thing that drawn me to the product is of course, the packaging. If you read my blog for long enough, you'll know that I adore simple-classy packaging rather than lovely-cutey-flowery one. And this one is I think an exception. I love the idea of combining metallics (pink) with white lace, and don't forget that they also printed the motives in the powder too.

Funny thing is, I actually picked up the wrong shade. Last year I was using the #2 Natural Beige and another funny thing is I notice it just, like, now.... seriously, when I was editing the pictures I just realized that I have the #1 shade. Means that the two shades didn't have a big difference in the color, even though it's quite pigmented.

I remember I've featured this product a long time ago in my blog post, but I can't really took a good picture of the lace print because I had a very suck camera. But I could now!

If you see the product description above, you might wonder isn't this powder is more likely for people with dry skin? - yes, I think so too. However as long as it had no sparkle, I'm quite open for a product trial. Even my oily-combination skin has been receiving the product quite well. I like to use this powder mostly for touch ups as the coverage is amazing. I also do set my makeup with this powder for the days when I want more coverage and flawless finish.

Though you have to be very careful around your under eye and your smile line if you use the powder for setting up because it could settles in. The key is : blend, blend and blend. As it says, the product gives a velvety finish and the pigmentation makes it could be use on it's own on days when you don't want to wear to put on thick makeup.

Ofcourse, the powder have to come with a (big enough) mirror and a separator between the puff and the powder, makes it even better for travel. One thing about the powder, last year when I was using it I get through it so much faster than any other powder I ever used before. And I could only think of 2 reasons : One, it had less product than other similar powder pact products (in which I doubt it), or Two, the consistency is so creamy so that puff/brush picks more products (in which is might also the reason why it settles easily on face lines.)

Anyhoo, I like this product, mainly for touchups only. I do like the look I got when I set my face with it, but it could only hold in for like, an hour, and after that it settles down in my face lines and my oily skin started to get annoyed and thus I look like a just fried human tempura. But again, it does a great job for touch ups, it adds coverage and get rids of excess oil better that when used as a setting powder.

(Plus the SPF is quite high for a powder and the packaging, can't get any better!)

So have you tried it? Or do you want to? x

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  1. Oh really cute the package, looks like a cool product, I love it Holika Holika and I really want try this product.

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  2. The packaging is uber cute.


  3. this is my favourite pact!
    but now i'm lazy to use pact, i haven't finished it yet >.<



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