How-to : Simple Eyes + Dark Red Lips!

"Bye summer, it's Autumn Again.."

Anyway hows your week everyone!? Mine is hectic because....... I got sunk in Chuseok holiday now I'm left with all these works that I supposed to do on Chuseok. Damn procrastination! (Damn you Korea for your fast internet!)

So, I've been taking these pictures of my eyes for a tutorial, but I realized that the coloration turned out really weird because I have to use flash for all the pictures! I've tried to fix them in photoshop and this is the best I could make! (I really considered to not uploading these really...)

This look is inspired by Get it Beauty SELF by BEG Gain for Espoir. The look is very simple but alluring, of course it is real easy to re-do! I did not use the exact product and I even make it the way I prefer them to be. In the video tutorial, her lips is more to rosy pink - I changed that into dark vampy red, but of course you can go with rosy pink, nudes, red, or whatever you prefer because the eyes is really simple!

I've already applied my VDL's Perfection Wear Foundation, 3CE's Full Cover Concealer and Innisfree No-Sebum Powder and also did my eyebrows. So here's the step by step! (All eyeshadows are from The Balm's Nude Tude Palette - I only use two colors and you can use whatever you have!)


First I applied 'Snooby' from the Nude Tude Palette and it's a sparkly gold color all over my lid. Just make sure you apply the color on the lid only, don't go over the crease line. 


Next, not like I usually do this, but I'm doing my eyeliner first. I use an eyeliner pencil because I'm going to smudge them later. Instead of making a cat eye, I don't flick the end but making them follow the natural line of my eyes. Draw the line about 0.5cm - 1 cm longer than your natural line to give and illusion of bigger eye. 

And you want the end to be pointy, so make sure your eyeliner is sharp.


Then, I'm taking a matte deep burgundy-brown color "Sexy" from the Nude Tude Palette with a pencil brush or a smaller size shadow brush, I'm just applying the color right above the eyeliner I just applied. Don't drag the color over your crease! 


After that, I take a fluffy brush and blend the harsh line with the same color as the lid color I applied before. If you want the look to be smokier than this, the take a brown color and sweep that over to deepen the look. 


This step is completely optional, but I'm taking the 'Sexy' again and using an angled brush to elongate the 'wing'. If you're satisfied with the length just skin this step! 


Again, to deepen the look I'm taking the eyeliner from before and line my waterline. After that taking a smaller brush dipped into 'Sexy', I'm also smudging the lower lash line.


Last step! Mascara! Apply your favorite volumizing mascara on both lower and upper lashes!
I'm using Nature Republic's Provence Mascara


For the lips, I first covered my lips with a concealer and then applied the vampy red lipstick only in the center and blend them together! I personally don't prefer gradation lips look - but to recreated the look I did this gradation lips! 

And I'm sure a lot of you prefer gradation lips too (?)

The lipstick I'm using is Nature Republic's Petit Cherry Rouge in H11 Real Black Rose

And I'm finished! :D

The funny thing is, as I look back through the pictures I realized the color didn't really showed up when I opened my eyes! lol. But that's Korean makeup style for ya! And I do think it's much more alluring if I posed with my eyes closed :p

The look is simple, easy, and I only used 2 eyeshadows! You can re-create this look with any dark colored shadow that you want! I just think burgundy is perfect for Autumn, that's all! :D 

Oh yeah! Almost forgot, for the blush I'm using 3CE Blusher in #Gold Beige 

What do you think? :) 
Have a great autumn ahead!

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  1. It looks really cool, I love how you did the lips! It looks wonderful on you!

    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

  2. pretty, Filia! dark red lips is so trending for this fall (though i don't experience it here :p ) but i want to try to do this look :D

    1. thankyouuu ce! <3 hihi I'm sure dark vampy lips will look good on you!

  3. aww this tutorial is really useful for me really >< besok dicoba ah hihi. i really like the gradient lips! duh ga in muka nya cling2 bgt iri ;-;

  4. lipsticknya bgs, suka skali aq dgn wrna2 ky gitu


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