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Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday is finally here! And instead of writing blogposts I was doing almost nothing (well I did took pictures of some product I hauled for the last week) but still! So anyway, me and my friends get to FINALLY watch 'The Conjuring' - I know this movie is kinda 'old' but what I can say it just got in to Korea like last week ago. And seeing how a lot of people 'encourage' me to watch it I got curious. But really the anxiety to see when the ghosts will jump out and scares me tires me out. Like when you got in line for a roller coaster, only the waiting tires you but when you actually rides the ride, it's just a adrenaline burst in a minute and ends right there. So please remind me not to watch horror movies, even if I'm so so very curious about the story line. I admit 'The Conjuring' has a nice story line. Since I watch the movie behind my cardigan 50% of the time, i can sleep well tonight I guess (with koyo patches on because I think I almost broke my whole body in my Batak dance practice last last night) 

And hey! Sooooo, I bought another lip tint, like I need more tints (I don't). However, i have this very very important reason why I purchased this tint (Which I will explain it after the review). This tint is from Nature Republic 'BY FLOWER' Triple Volume Tint in 04 Tulip. Retail for KRW 10.000.

This product is a new lip tint line from Nature Republic for the S/S 2013. Even before I got into these lip tints craze I always attracted with its pretty packaging! I think it's really nice to make the bottle half transparent / half flower pattern. And the transparent part, ofcourse, shows the color of the tint. The tints come in 6 different shade, and I believe only 01 is quite neutral, the others are very vivid.

I picked 04 because it's one of their most selling color? (Another colors have tons of stock, but 04 only has 2 on stock soooo?) And I was quite thorn between 02 and 04 but I got this 04 instead. I don't understand why on the picture above (lips swatches) 04 is a pink? Because how much I look 04 is truly more to a warm orangey red! I also don't get how 'matte' the lip swatches are because it's definitely not a matte finish, especially when you apply it all over your lips. The pictograph is definitely misleading.

Anyway, the 'triple volume' word on the product's name stands for 3 touches that will increase the pigmentation of the lip tint.

"One Touch" will gives a lively look to your lips, like a lip tint.
"Two Touch" will gives a lustre, glowy look to your lips, like a lip gloss
"Three Touch" will gives you a vivid color to your lips, like a lipstick

If 'Touch' means application, I beg to differ. Because the pigmentation of this product is amazing, one layer will give you the exact color in the tube!

So in my understanding, 'Touch' probably mean on how you apply the product. One touch = apply it only on the center of your lips. Two touch = apply it lightly all over your lips and blend it well. Three Touch = apply them all over your lips!

I like how the applicator is shaped like a teardrop because it does make the application easier. Especially I like to apply the product all over my lips, it helps to define my cupid bows! But if you love the gradation lips look, of course it also helps to keep the color only in the middle of your lips.

The lip tint has a watery liquid, but it doesn't drips everywhere or settles into my lips line as easy as Peripera Water Tint. This product have a quite strong scent, very sweet really remind me of those Marjan Syrup! The scent disappears as the tint applied though.

After applying the product sets into this rather sticky feeling in my lips. That's sometime gets really annoying because I really hate that 'sticky' feeling, feels like I'm wearing an old lipstick or something. I supposed to leave it alone, but I ended up clamping my lips together all the time to at least make it less sticky.

The tint also does a great job on staining my lips. After some hours passed after first application, the gloss and the vividness of the tint might disappears, but the stain remains and made my lips still look pretty with a slight orange-red color on. The color did transfer a little bit, but it doesn't make any big difference in the pigmentation.

Overall, I like this product despite the fact that I pick this product in such a hurry. This lip tint is very pigmented and didn't set into my lips line, even when I made those gradation lips look. And it has a glossy finish and the staying power is great! Although it might get sticky on your lips after application, I'm sure you can get rid of the stickiness by layering a clear/similar colored gloss over. It has a quite strong sweet scent, but worry not it disappears quickly after application. Let's not forget about the pretty packaging! I just hope that they could release a F/W trend colors for this tints because I just love the formulation, but not the color selection!

Annnnd that's my review! 

As I promised I'll tell you the story on why I got this tint. So Nature Republic's new brand ambassadors are GG's Taeyeon and EXO. You guys might know my fairly new EXO obsession. So NP is giving away posters for purchases over KRW 10.000 for the big one, and KRW 5.000 for the small one. Ofcourse we had to go there and shop for something!! 

I aim for the bigger one, ofcourse, so I purchased this lip tint. Because it was also on sale so I got it for KRW 8.000, and I'm KRW 4.000 short - I also purchased a mascara (review soon!). Then I change my mind (right in front of the cashier counter) that I shouldn't get the bigger one because it's too big, so I got the smaller one.

Honestly, I never hang any posters in my room (Even L'Arc~en~Ciel, my ultimate obsession), but I had to stick this EXO one on. So I did. (Also did Saras) (And maybe Wanda did too) 

I stick them right above my pillow. In hope for that EXO would suddenly shows up in my dream. LOL. (Now Nature Republic giving away new EXO poster, dang it I have to get back again because the other one is better!!)

Thankyou for reading (the review and my rambles!) x

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