2013 Kyungsung University Fashion Show

Hello gais! It's really been a while since I actually sat down here and writing something that almost pointless. Recently I've been writing review and review and review and blah. Now I'm going to sit down and write some blabbers, don't worry it won't be pointless at all!

So I just got back from Centum City, that's an area name in Busan, isn't it pretty? And attended University Fashion Festival (대학패션페스티벌) which is held annually. This festival is an event for universities in Busan respective fashion major to show off their creations to the public eyes. Simply, it's a fashion shows from several universities in Busan.

Usually held on the weekend, and in the Fall semester, you can say it's a graduation ceremony for the seniors because only the 4th year students get to be in the fashion show. And Kyungsung University (my uni) ofcourse took part in the festival. All the student and of course the uni chipped in for the model fee, booklet, posters and many stuffs to bring the best performance. Usually our uni is placed on Sunday / Saturday night because a lot of people apparently love our designs!

This time the event is held in Shinsegye Department Store. The festival usually held in Bexco until last year but this year it's in Shinsegye. The stage got much smaller and so many audience didn't get to sit.

Our uni is not a uni that focused on fashion, fashion is just like one of the major. So we only get to do fashion show once, which is for out graduation project. And since our major has so many people (atleast 50+) we have regulations for the show; students have to make groups and make a whole collection within the group.

Anyway, watching the show made me realized how much time has passed. I watched the show in my first year, skipped the second year, and now I sat there watching the fashion show for the 2nd time in my 3rd year, and NEXT YEAR IS MY TURN. Gosh. GOOD GOD. I'm not ready and I'm scared really.

I was planning to post everything about my preparation and plan for the fashion show, like the image making, designing, the fabrics and the process to keep me focused and spirited. Oh yeah, we decided to make a collection with Indonesia theme! We'll try to design modern silhouettes combined with traditional pattern, and of course something that is traditional too!

Ok that's been boring, now it's time for pictures!
(Btw, I am a Kyungsung Uni student in Busan, my major is Fashion Design and I'm in my third year as I stated before.)

So what do you think? The variety of the collection is super big, some are really haute-couture-ish and there is also some that are wearable and the color palettes, fabrics, concepts are very unique! I personally really enjoy the show and I wish I've watched the other universities' shows too but I couldn't :(

Anyway here's the OOTD of the people I went with and mine too

Also a FOTD because apparently now I'm a beauty blogger?


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  1. Are you a fashion major? That's awesome! Loving your blog, and your videos! Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes I am (even though I don't look like one :/) thankyou so much! :D


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