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School has started for merely 2 weeks but I felt like a whole month just pass by, I'm so freakin' tired. I have practice for out 'Indonesian Night' and meetings almost everyday now and fyi I'm someone that always complains at everything when my mood is destroyed even though i didn't mean it. And some people just kept shoving to me how they're 'busier' than me so i shouldn't even complain. Like, hello???? Anyway I do have priorities and fyi again i've regretted a lot of stuff ok. 

Heyho! Today I'm going to review a BB cream from Skin79 called Dream Girls BB that I bought around 2 weeks ago in Olive Young. Retail for KRW 15.000 it was on sale 50% off and Boom! I bought them.

Skin79 is definitely famous for their Super Beblesh Balm, I saw a lot of beauty guru from USA or Europe, Australia etc has been recommending this BB cream from some time ago. And I just discovered how many BB cream variation that Skin79 actually had because I've only see variations from the Super BB. (And they also has some skincare line, I reviewed their serum and eye cream HERE)

As you can see above, the Dream Girls BB doesn't have anti-wrinkle and whitening effect because this product is designed for teenager. But whatever I know my age range doesn't count as teenager but who cares! ha! Though compared to other products the SPF is rather on the higher side (SPF30 PA++) so that's a good one.

The product came in a tube, unlike the Super BB that come with a pump. The size of the product is quite on a smaller side - very travel friendly. It contain 43.5 g of product and the product clearly stated that this BB cream is suitable for oily skin, considering most of teenagers suffer from super oily and acne-prone skin. So I was drown with that, also because my skin have been acting up recently and I don't want to pat on some heavy-duty foundation to cover them everyday.

One people around me that actually recommend me about this product (and in fact we bought this together) is Saras. If you've read my blog long enough you'll know who Saras is. Her skin tone is definitely darker than me and she uses this everyday. Apparently this BB cream did a very good job on oxidation and sheer enough that it could matches her skin. She's been stocking up this BB cream like crazy and she had used around 3-4 tubes of this.

The texture of this BB cream is not as liquidy as I expect a sheer BB cream would. But once you blend them it is less creamy that other BB cream. There fore it's easy to blend. Again, the coverage is sheer, light - medium and also feel light on the skin, you can see on the swatch below how sheer it is. But it's enough to cover some redness around my nose, but I still need concealer for my problem area.

Unfortunately like other Skin79 BB creams this product only come in one shade. It has this nice scent, not too strong though. I can't describe the scent but I can say it's kinda flowery? For the application, I prefer to use my hand.

You can see on the swatch I made, the outside part oxidizes to a darker color.

Ugh. I'm sorry my skin is at its worst. But thankfully I could show you a decent example on this bb cream coverage. 

Even though it is said for oily skin, it has a shiny dewy finish. And because it's a light BB cream it's totally ok for you not to set it with powder because it'll sit nicely on your face without getting anywhere. But personally I dislike shiny and dewy finish. So I had to go for setting powder, and sometimes I went for a powder foundation to increase the coverage.

Overall, I like this BB cream! I like to use it on daily use, for days when I doesn't need extra coverage. And because my skin has been acting up recently, this light application gives some room for my skin to breathe. But I'll keep using this BB cream even after my skin cleared up. Even if I want more coverage, I like to double up the BB cream and uses concealer and powder foundation for extra coverage.

Though one BIG thing (outside the packaging) that i hate is how shiny the product is! Even after setting up with powder, the shininess shows up after 2-3 hours. Not my face oil, but the shine from the BB cream! I know a lot of people prefer dewy finish, but I'm not. I've tried several light BB cream but none of them gives other than dewy finish :( I found that this product is the least shiny than other lighter BB cream I've tried.

Any people with recommendation for matte-light-BB-cream? :|

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