REVIEW : Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base

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Hello guys! Today I'm gonna talking about a new sunscreen that I'm obsessed with, Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence Water Base with SPF 50 PA+++. This is not something that I bought on my own, this is my... mom's

Ok, long story short, when my mom came to Korea, she brought with her this sunscreen and I was literally screams when I saw this. Because I'm sure I saw this product being mentioned a lot in Youtube, and HG to some of the beauty gurus (I forgot, really I tried to look for the video of this product being mentioned by a Japanese beauty guru..). Then my mom decided to give this to me because she want a sunscreen for the body (Of course this could also be used for body, but later my mom bought an Innisfree sunscreen and officially gave this to me lol)

Anyway, I didn't know the detail of the product, like the price (but I looked around the internet it costs around IDR 116.000++? My mom said she bought around IDR 50.000 - it's either she forgot or its on a clearance, Idk). I'm totally hyped up on the fact that this product is available in Indonesia. I love this product so much I don't have the heart to use this everyday. I haven't seen this product here in Korea, but if it did, I know it will costs a fortune because all Japanese skin care products here have crazy price.

I'm really gonna make this review short! So this product is very very watery, very light on the skin, and has a cooling effect, and smells like a citrus! Doesn't dry your skin, blends perfectly, so watery it's didn't leave any white cast, its just the best sunscreen ever!!! I totally understand why a lot of people raving about this product.

But the sad thing, I was browsing about this product's review and I stumbled upon Skin&tonic's Review. And I was quite shocked because she mentioned that this product contain alcohol and Sodium Hydroxide - which is a strong irritant and corrosive. She has a more detailed review, focusing on all the good and bad ingredients in this product, check out her review! 

Fortunately, my skin is not sensitive and prone to chemical things if they're so small in amount. I'll say I'll keep on using this product (on times only, I don't want to run out of this product before I got access to a new one!!) 

So that's it! Overall I love this product, and as fas as I used this product, I don't have any complain or irritation happened so that's a good thing. Have you ever tried this product? What do you think? :)

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  1. I love this product too. But I'm using it for body not my face, it's not sticky and feel moist. I bought it at Watson, Forgot how much the exact price, but I think it's under IDR 100,000

    1. I would love to use this for my body too but until I have to save it because I can't find it here in Korea :(
      Thankyou for reading x

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