S'mmr 2013!

Today is literally the last day of my summer break. Where did those 2 months went anyway?

Goodbye, summer :"

Many things happened this summer : Family visit (2 families to be exact.). My Seoul trip with my girlfriend. Completed 'I hear your voice' and 'Game of Thrones' - 3 season marathon, life can't be better. Fell in love with EXO (quite hard, really). Attended Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin's fansign, turn out to be canceled. Got a part-time job that only requires internet connection. Wasting my parent's money by buying un-important-but-i-super-need-those stuffs (which happen all through out the year!). Saras' birthday surprise party! Addicted to Starbuck's Dolce Latte. My mother's birthday (8th of August - officially 50!). Made a cover to Ran's Pandangan Pertama in Korean. Did a couple of photoshoots - as the model and the makeup artist. 

So here's my photos compilation that summarize summer 2013! I did an individual post about my trip to Seoul with my friends here!

 Selfies before we played in Haeundae Beach in Busan!

 a street in Nampodong filled with Bibimnengmyon ahjumoni

One of the best brunch menu, "Cheese Big Omelette" from Caffe @ G 

the crowd at 'Lee Jongsuk & Kim Woobin' fansigning event. Held for 50 people, 5.000 people came. It got cancelled afterward.  

 Gwanganli Bridge at Night

Saras' Surprise 21th Birthday Bash! 

 Black Bean Noodle "Jjajangmyeon"

 Pictures I took from Indonesian Traditional performance in Busan Tower

True Burgers! 

Busan's proud : 씨앗호떡 (SSiat Hoddeok) literally had to queue for 10+ minutes to eat a friggin' hot food under hot weather. Very yummy tho! 

berry patbingsoo and mango patbingsoo (with out the 'pat' or the red bean)  

Must see tourist attraction : Gyeongbok Goong Palace 

Cutest Little Devil!<3 

Namsan Tower in Summer Night 

달리는 KTX안에서 사진 찍기!

Family Selfies 

B1A4's promotion poster is huge at Hongdae Station. One of the most creative poster I've ever seen from a K-pop idol. 

'Jiyuugaoka' Cafe @ Garosu-gil. Meeting up with 지영언니!  

A k-pop merchandise ahjumma in front of our hotel 

 Smilling Buddha

계란빵 - the egg bread. One of Korea best street food!

So there's my picture diary of my 2013 Summer. I've very very un-motivated for the new semester which I know it's not good. And I'm pretty sure this semester will be a hell busy semester, but I have a lot of projects and plan in mind so I'll try to keep everything excited! 

until the next post! xx

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  1. My holiday is almost over too. I'll miss my holiday time for sure.


  2. omg jae wook oppa, so handsome XD
    so sad why doesn't he become the main actor on who are you instead of Taecyeon >.<

    btw Filia, i want to ask you something about Korea, do you mind if I mail you later?
    thank you ^^

    1. I KNOW RIGHT grrr I hate to skip most of Taec's part in the drama (which like, 80%?)

      sure! mail me anytime! filiaparamita@gmail.com and i'll reply asap! :D

    2. yess, he is too childish and really not gentleman, unlike park soo ha on ihyv, although he is younger, but act like a man -_-

      I have mailed you, please check it, fil..
      Thank you ^^

  3. How is the drama "i hear your voice"? right now i'm watching "i miss you "( almost finish *.*),"goddess of fire" and "her legend".
    kisses Mary

    1. I love ' I hear your Voice' not only because of the casts that are amazing, but the story line is just right at my taste! (I don't watch many K-drama anyway, I just watched dramas that are good in my opinion) I mean, it's not all about mushy-mushy drama romantic love story only, but it also about laws and attorney stuff, i might actually got more knowledgable by watching this drama! A must watch! x

    2. oh really *.* i will watch it too !!! sounds really good and also good for me ...i'm a law student so maybe it will be helpfull ^.^
      thank you !


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